A Review of Yes4All Deluxe Neoprene Dumbbells

These Yes4all Neoprene Dumbbells, as the name suggests, have been crafted to meet the need of both beginners and trained professionals. The product is available in the sets of 1, 2, 3 and 4 pairs. You can combine different sets of different weight and use them for various exercise programs. The soft grip, no-slip and multi-hued neoprene coating give the dumbbells a stylish appearance and solid protection. This brand has singlehandedly ruled the fitness industry for several years and continues to do so. The current sales rank of this product is the testimony of this fact. These versatile dumbbells have all the features required for both light exercise at home gyms and intense workout at professional fitness centers.

Brief Description

The Neoprene dumbbells have a unique design that prevents rolling. The neoprene covering serves to multiple purposes- it keeps the vibrant colors intact and scratches away from the hand weights, provides a comfortable grip to sweaty hands. Iron, which is the chief component in the body of the dumbbells, adds necessary weight to the equipment for muscle build-up and strength improvement. These hand weights are extensively used in general fitness training and aerobics.


Exercising with Yes4All helps you to focus on every major muscle groups including your arms, shoulder and back. The manufacturers have coated the cast iron dumbbells with neoprene to expand the durability and look of the dumbbells. The neoprene covering with a matte finish makes the dumbbells non-slippery and gives a strong grip. The fine cushioned finished, secure fit reduces the chances of dropping the dumbbells from hands accidentally.

The Yes4all neoprene dumbbells are available in multiple tones, making it visually striking. This is why these types of dumbbells are widely used in aerobics classes. The protective coating of neoprene also guards the dumbbells against nicks and cuts. It’s not practically possible for home gym owners to buy large racks to store their dumbbells. In such cases, leaving the equipment on the floor remains the only option. The smooth material of Yes4All neoprene dumbbells keeps the floors, tables undamaged unlike most other coverings.

Another plus point of these dumbbells is its water-resistant quality. Since neoprene is a synthetic rubber, it resists the cracks often noticed in standard plastic dumbbells during the monsoon. Yes4All neoprene dumbbells are ideal for group exercises, light training, boosting the stamina and muscle shaping.

The original colour of the product remains intact for several years. These dumbbells won’t start to clank within a few months. It produces a very little noise compared to the common metal or vinyl dumbbells. Neoprene dumbbells don’t roll on the floors, thanks to its hexagonal shape.


The limited weight is a little on the downside for the hardcore professional body builders. Some customers have also complained that the grip is not ergonomically designed and seems to be a tad larger for people with small palms, especially women.

My Views

If you are looking for compact set of lightweight dumbbells for general exercises, aerobics and calorie burning, the Yes4All will not make you regret your selection. The weather-resistant, rust-proof neoprene coating will deliver a life-long service no matter how much you use them. The weight range is great for multidimensional exercise programs. The colors are aesthetically pleasing as well. Overall, a great value for money for average exercisers.

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