Best Weight Bench Reviews

A whole body exercise is never complete without a good deal of bench presses, squats, and weightlifting. So, whenever you’re considering turning your lounge into a private workout space, you will need one of these things called weight benches – any expert will tell you that. The FID bench or more commonly called weight bench or workout bench are a relatively new addition to the workout equipment category, but they have been an integral part of the gyms and health clubs ever since.

FID stands for flat/ incline/decline and this is simply what it does. However, the declining facility is not needed when you are only working out your upper body muscles and thus, are not available on every machine. But be assured, these benches are comfortable, efficient, very well built and adjustable according to any shape and size – and these adjustable inclination and declination capacity helps to lift enormous amounts of weight with somewhat less monstrous effort and results in better workout statistics.

Why Buy Workout Benches?

Before there were weight benches, people used to act upon their pectoral muscles by lying on a floor, which was known as supine presses. The fundamental difference between a bench press and a supine press, as you can imagine, is the difference in comfort level– while on one hand, you have the cushioning of the bench to comfort your back, on the other, you are annoyed with an unpleasing experience of a flat, hard surface. Moreover, you can adjust your weight benches accordingly to get the more of it.

Weight lifting is not just about muscles anymore, it makes up for a complete body exercise and the angular inclination – declination compatibility makes sure that every muscle is worked upon. Sometimes the flat surface of the floor doesn’t allow the trainer to act upon all the muscles, mostly due to the inflexibility of the muscles in a lying down position. The workout bench lets you choose between sitting and lying down – a perfect blend would let you have access to most of your muscles while exercising, and a chance to develop them as per your wish.

There are more and more people getting interested in fitness training, and to tell you the truth, it might hurt a little in the beginning for those out of shape. These work benches, thus, are a perfect, easy-to-figure-out, multipurpose device with which you can get started. The bench will help you to stabilize your posture and will provide your back muscles with the cushioning they might need. By letting you keep the posture straight, it also acts upon the back muscles and improves your core stability. The weight bench is a utilitarian product carved out by a necessity, and if you think you’re only getting a bench where you can lie and lift the weight, you’re gravely mistaken.

Your money does not come out of your pocket for nothing, and the multi-dimensional utilities of the bench might astonish you. You can use these benches for step ups, push ups, and other core workouts as well, making them an invaluable component of your private backyard gym. The supportive aspect of the weight lifting bench lets you be introduced to new exercises without a chance of falling over. And if you’re seriously considering some workout, but clueless at the same time, the workout benches are a comfortable entry point and will provide you with intermediate lessons like how to maintain proper posture, accurate exercise technique and adequate respiration which might prove useful for you in the future. So, this is the basic workout for dummies, and also, very effective.

Things That Matter When Buying

You’re ordering a workout bench online for your personal hassle free fitness training experience, and while you are considerably into muscle development and fitness training, it’s not your profession, neither is it going to be in the distant future. So, you might keep a budget in mind, and also pay heed to some important aspects.

Firstly, to avoid confusion, you should have the knowledge that there are two kinds of workout benches, i.e. utility benches and benches with racks. While the utility benches are bereft of any racks and are used mostly for minor workouts like exercise with dumbbells, the benches with safety racks are used specifically to lift the weight. Utility benches without racks involve fewer components and thus, the price tag is a little light. So, decide your purpose and set your priority straight.

Price – There are a plethora of products in the market ready for you, and not two of them cost the same. Again the price largely depends on your requirement and usage. If you are a professional in this field and are determined to lift a huge chunk of weight every day as a routine, a cheaper one would perhaps not suit you. On the other hand, if you are a rookie, and just buying it because you think it’ll help you go through your midlife crisis, probably then you won’t have to spend a lot of dough.

Position – If you have a clear picture in mind about the kinds of exercises you’ll be doing, then you should consider the positioning of the weight bench. While some companies promise a handful of adjustable positions, some are a bit constrained. Think if you need those extra levels of incline to work on the minor, not-so-flexible muscles. Also, every bench doesn’t have the declining utility, so if you have to work your leg muscles as well, you should find something that has it.

Quality – Whether you’re buying a high-end professional model or a basic model for minor weightlifting, you are spending your hard earned money. And you might want to invest the money into a sturdy well-built machine, something which would feel reliable, and would be in for a long run without heavy maintenance. There are separate ends of the market for both kinds of customers, and if you’re not buying it to fill up the empty space at your house, you should make absolutely no compromise with quality.

Safety – Whenever you’re exercising with some workout bench, it is always supposed to involve lifting some amount of weight. And as long as you’re a living person and not dead meat, safety matters. The ones with racks prove to be safer, thanks to the safety catch attached to the racks. If your exercise involves lifting some heavy weights, you should opt for the safer version.

Space and Portability – If you are thinking of installing your weight bench in a constraint space, the question of size, foldability and portability will inevitably arise. If you have a house already packed with a lot of furniture, you might want to have a clear idea about where and how you are going to install your weight bench. A bench with a comparatively less width would fit in a small space, while a foldable bench would let you have the option to store it somewhere and bring it out only when you need to. However, some heavy duty benches are hard to assemble and once installed, it might take some effort to move them around, and some of them can’t even be folded. So, better be cautious.

Aesthetics and Design – Within the design lies the key to your muscle development, and whatever people may tell you or you may tell yourself, looks do matter. The companies are giving more and more importance to the aesthetic department, and whatever you may gather from the reviews, the first impression is always formed from looking. The aspect of adjustability also comes under the heading of design. The workout benches are supposed to provide you with a number of adjustment levels, and the more the level you’ll have on your bench, the more options you’ll have at hand, and the merrier it will be for you.


The Best Weight Benches

xMark Commercial XM-7630 Adjustable Weight Bench

The xMark Commercial XM-7630, as a weight bench, aims to provide its customers with supreme durability and comfort. The ergonomically built FID (Flat – incline – decline) design makes sure that you get the maximum amount of workout done while investing minimum effort. With a back pad with extra cushioning, an adjustable ladder back with seven positions and an astonishing weight bearing capacity of 1500lbs- it makes sure that the user gets the most of it. The assembly is a child’s play so that it won’t cause you much trouble. However, this bench means business, and thus falls under the above average end of the spectrum – if you’re not into serious weightlifting, you might not consider buying this.

Bowflex SelectTech Adjustable 3.1 Weight Bench

Bowflex SelectTech is a brilliant entry-level weight bench and comes with four adjustable positions compared to SelectTech 5.1’s six, which can be used for over 30 kinds of workouts and a further decline position, which is an added feature. The most attractive feature, however, is the leg hold-down brace, which assures your safety while working out in the decline position. Every fitness enthusiast could buy and try it out as a beginner. The assembly of the components are easy and doesn’t take up a lot of time. But, when it comes to weight capacity, this bench is pretty moderate. Moreover, after the installation, the whole bench takes up a noticeable amount of floor space. So, if you’re thinking of buying the 3.1, you should clear out some space.

Ironmaster Super

Ironmaster is a known name in professional fitness training industry and has a line of reliable products to sell. A sturdy, comfortable and trusted workout bench, the Super delivers what it promises. It has eleven customizable positions ranging from zero to eighty-five degrees, and also includes the flat and decline position. This is a very popular option that you may consider, and coupled with a line of compatible attachments like a crunch sit up, chin up bars and dip bar handles , this is an invincible choice that you can’t simply overlook. For a quality built product, it weighs surprisingly light 60lbs, and thus, is easy to move around the room. While you might feel that the height of the work bench is a bit too high, it won’t be a problem if you are moderately tall. Also, you have to buy the attachments separately and that could be a little saddening.

Marcy Utility Flat Bench

We move on from the fancy side of the market to the utilitarian side, and the plebeian Mercy SB-315 is a sturdy, well-built utility work bench that proves to be perfect for light exercise. This is a utility bench and does not come with a safety rack and other components which you might find in an average model. Made from 14 gauge steel, this utility bench can support a maximum weight of 300lbs. The assembly is super fast and will not cost you hours. Within a negotiable price range, this is a product on which users can trust.

Body – Solid Powerline FID Folding

For those of you who are just too eager to act upon a workout routine, the Body – solid Powerline comes preassembled and is determined not to cause you any trouble in the portability department. There’s a reason why this weight bench is the only foldable bench on the list. As ready as it gets, this product also packs durability and comfort and seven adjustment options including the decline. This work bench gets a straight A in the field of portability, and comes with wheels and the lifesaving option of folding and packing so that the users can install and uninstall it whenever needed. However, there is a complaint that the cushion comes off very easily. If you dream high but suffer from space constraints, this could be the perfect option for you.


The basics are the key and the work bench is the foundation to any exercise session. The work bench, as I already pointed out, not only increase the efficiency of your workout but also allows your trainer a greater hand at guiding you through the subtle nuances of cardio exercises. So, like any product when the basic question of whether a personal work bench is worth the investment in money and space arises, I would recommend that you procure one of these. A work bench is, after all, one of the basic things that you need to buy to get those muscles bulging and chiseled ! So what are you waiting for? Go, get one today!

Best Rowing Machine Reviews

Who doesn’t want a slim-trim, fit and healthy figure all year round? I bet nobody will say no to it. Well then, there is a solution to it – a rowing machine. I am sure most of you are familiar with this fitness machine. It is a multi-purpose machine that helps, in addition to weight loss, to increase strength and stamina; in toning muscles all the way from your arms to your abdomen, right down to your calves, lowers the chances of heart diseases, reduces stress and what’s more, it is suitable for people of all ages. More of the details later, let us now check out a few of the best rowing machine in the market.

Best Rowing Machine in the Market

Basically, Rowing Machines work on 4 different resistance mechanisms – Air-resistance, Water-resistance, Magnetic resistance, and Hydraulic-resistance. Below, I have given detailed reviews about a few of the A-listers in the market.

Concept2 Model D Indoor Rowing Machine

This product comes in a sleek, beautiful and a very efficient ergonomic design. It is, in general, considered to be the best rowing machine out there by almost everyone. It is an indoor rower and the machine works by inducing air baffles to form resistance while a nickel-coated chain tugs at the flywheel, which creates a very high pressure and helps you get the proper work-out by pulling the paddles. On the plus side, it makes exceptionally less noise. It runs extremely smoothly without a hitch and has a long life-span. The handle grip is very firm.

The machine has a maximum weight capacity of 500 pounds, the seat can rise up to 14”. Also, it comes with a PM5 performance computer-monitor that displays your performance either in terms of your total workout (distance, pace, speed and calories) or how your performance differed between two set points, the latter is known as ‘splits’. The PM5 monitor also calculates and displays the drag factor (the measure of fan load), thus providing you with the real statistics of your effort, regardless of damper adjustment or any change in the air in the room.

You can also play games on the monitor during workouts and since it is wireless, you can hook it up to your tablet or phone or even your television, or store your previous data in a USB card for later reference. The rower, along with chain oil for lubrication, comes with a 5-year warranty for the frame itself and a 2-year one for the PM and other moving parts and is quite affordable if you are into fitness seriously.


Stamina Air Rowing Machine

If you want a simple, efficient and economic rower then this is the one for you. It works on wind resistance mechanism that responds to each and every stroke you make, thus giving you the control over the resistance, as it is higher during an intense workout whereas the resistance is lower when your workout is less intense. The wind resistance provides an extremely smooth run. One of the most fascinating features of this machine is that even being so economical, it is equipped with an efficient digital monitor that displays not only time and distance but also speed, the number of strokes per minute and calories burnt too.

Moreover, it has a folding frame and built-in wheels that make it very dependable, portable and storage friendly too. Firm stands beside the wheels also have floor protectors that protect surfaces from getting scratched due to regular intense workouts on the same spot. The machine has a steel frame and a nylon strap connects the handle and the damper together.

The seat is slightly over-sized which actually becomes a plus point when you are working out for a long period of time and need to adjust yourself on that seat. The foot plates are large enough. Its maximum weight capacity is 250 pounds. All in all, it is an extremely economical rowing machine- efficient, durable and dependable all at once.

Concept2 Model E Indoor Rowing Machine

The latest product of Concept2, it is an improvement upon Model D. It has all the features of Model D like the PM5 performance computer monitor, the sleek and efficient design that makes it run smooth as butter. And as an improvement, it also contains certain upgraded features. The main change brought into the machine is that the seat is 6” taller than the previous model. Other modifications include an upgraded performance computer monitor, a higher and more comfortable seat and best of all, a low-maintenance chain.

This too comes with the 5-year warranty. But, the hitch in the drive, for a few out there, may be that the price is a bit more than what is reasonable. Although, if one is really serious about one’s fitness and health, then a little more investment should not be a problem. All in all, this machine is a standard rower for all the fitness enthusiasts out there. It just doesn’t get better than this.

WaterRower Natural Rowing Machine

WaterRower brings you the realistic experience of water rowing along with the real sounds, in dry indoor conditions because of tha resistance technique it uses. The machine is handcrafted with ash-wood that makes it look so classy, it is almost impossible to walk past it without a second glance. The mechanism comprises of a water flywheel inside a water tank. Each time you pull during a workout, the flywheel moves through the water rhythmically, thus creating enough resistance to make your workouts worthwhile. Since the mechanism uses the water’s density to create resistance, the drag factor is always present due to which the harder you pull, the more resistance you create. This type of exercise is excellent for joints and toning muscles.

The seat of this machine is extremely comfortable and provides a lot of room to adjust. It comes with a wide series 4 performance monitor that displays your performance thoroughly in terms of intensity, stroke rate, heart rate and more. The maximum weight capacity is 1000 pounds. The purchase is definitely worth it when you consider the features you get with it along with the fine and sturdy ash-wood frame that is maintenance-free.

Velocity Exercise Magnetic Rower CHR-2001

This super fine machine works on magnetic resistance technique. It provides a very quiet and smooth run and comes with 12 different program settings that will keep your workout techniques varied and challenging enough. The magnetic resistance can be controlled electronically by you, thus giving you power over your workout pace and strength. The cushioned seats of this rower, padded with molded foam gives you a pain free experience as it averts the stress on your lower back. The body is sleek with a comfortable seat and slip resistant foot rests.

There is a top quality LCD compatible monitor that is placed at the base of the machine and displays time, distance, pulse rate, the number of strokes and the pace of your workout.

The machine is additionally equipped with a strap-on heart-rate monitor. The magnetic drum resistance of the machine makes it virtually silent, and the outer body is durable, sleek and dependable. The machine has foldable parts that make it portable and storage friendly. But it is not the ideal machine if you want serious and intense workouts. It is an economical rowing machine that is ideal for use at home or in the gym.

WaterRower Club Rowing Machine

This is a variation of the WaterRower Natural Rowing Machine from above. It has all the qualities that make its cousin favorite among users. The realistic feel and sound of water rowing in perfectly dry and indoor conditions with the use of water resistance system, a water flywheel that creates the necessary resistance for each stroke inside a water tank, the hand-crafted ash wood body that results in it being extremely sturdy and strong-everything is at par with the brand’s standard.

The only clear-cut difference between the Natural and the Club Rowing Machines is that this one has been manufactured specifically for commercial gyms where there is a lot more chance of eventual wear and tear or damaging of the body with rough, careless and regular use for such long periods per day. So, it is more rugged and sturdy in design, the body and rail of the machine have a better finish to resist damage, while also rendering it with much cooler looks overall.

Stamina Body Trac Glider 1050

This one works on a hydraulic-resistance technique. It has a very compact build, the frame is made of steel, the rail is made of aluminum, and overall, the machine is very light and meant for those with a space crunch. It is an affordable machine which is best for beginners. It gives a realistic experience of water rowing with oars, with adjustable rowing tension.

The digital monitor displays time, the stroke count and amount of calories you burn off each workout session. On the downside, the seat provided is not well saddled and thus, can be a little uncomfortable for long sessions of the workout. But if you are a beginner and want to try rowing exercise on a daily basis to maintain your fitness, this machine would be a very good choice, given its low price, easy to use functions and realistic rowing experience.

Stamina Avari Magnetic Rower

In the group of magnetic-resistance rowers, it doesn’t get better than this. This comes in an efficient, sleek and compact design. Made up extruded aluminum, the rowing beam is very sturdy and the overall rower provides realistic rowing experience. The frame is space saving, thus being easy to store. There is a LCD fitness monitor included as well. It has 12 pre-installed programs or levels, 7 of which have auto-adjusted resistance.

The monitor is top quality and PC compatible and can display time, speed, count, distance, pulse rate, stroke rate, calories burnt and watt. It has a chest strap that determines the increase and decreases in your pulse rate during your workouts. The foot plates are large enough to ensure comfort. The only drawback would be that the seat is not as comfortable as you would need for a long session, otherwise, it is reasonably affordable and durable for home use, given you are not into serious muscle building for which you have to choose a better and more powerfully resistant rower.

Kettler Favorit Rowing Machine

This is an advanced rowing machine that comes with multiple features and benefits, which make it an outstanding choice for fitness enthusiasts out there. A sturdy product, it is simple, advanced, yet well within average budget. It works on piston-resistance technique and has not one, but two hydraulic cylinders that result in better and more level of resistance for each pull. One of the features that make it so special is that the machine has got pre-marked resistance levels on the oars that let you that give you a broader resistance range and a more challenging one as well.

The seat is well saddled and has ball bearings in it that make it slide to and fro easily without a hitch. It comes with a top-quality digital screen that displays time, distance, speed, strokes and calories burnt. Additionally, it is equipped with a special ‘ear-lobe’ piece that monitors your heart rate during workout sessions. Foot plates are comfortable and movable with straps to hold your feet firmly while exercising. It also has safe and firm floor protectors that hold the machine still in one place during workouts and prevents scratching of the surface. All in all, it is an affordable, durable, easy to use and dependable rowing machine for home use.

LifeSpan RW1000 Indoor Rowing Machine

Extremely quiet during use, this rowing machine has a foldable, compact frame that is portable and easy to store in small spaces. The machine is so efficient and easy to use that it can be used by people of all ages and conditions. It works on eddy current drive technique equipped with a flywheelof 16.5 pounds. There are 5 levels of excellent resistance that you can opt from. It has a sleek and ergonomic design with ample foot plates with straps to keep feet still while working out and a foam-injected comfortable seat.

The monitor is a three part LCD console that displays time, distance, speed, stroke count, strokes per minutes, and calories burnt. The screen runs on battery as well as the electricity generated during the workout sessions. The machine has excellent resistance, which, along with it low price, makes it a praiseworthy rower with users.

Types of Rowing Machines

Rowing Machines works on resistance. When we pull or ‘row’, a certain resistance is created that result in the exercise of our muscles, lattices, and heart. To create this necessary resistance, different machines use different mechanisms.

Air-resistance – The most popular and probably the most efficient technique present, an air-resistance machine works by creating resistance via the flywheel that moves through the wind each time we pull the handle. These types of machines are the most popular among home as well as gym rowing machines and are best for beginners.

Water-resistance – This technique is more preferred by professional fitness rowing enthusiasts. This mechanism works when a flywheel set in the water tank on the machine, moves through the water creating resistance with each pull or stroke by the user, giving the feel and sound of real water rowing.

Magnetic-resistance – This technique probably costs the least and is very easy to use, with ample control over the level of resistance one wants. It uses electromagnets to create resistance that in recent machines can be controlled by computers. But, this technique is not enough for full-body intense workouts. It is best for users who are into light rowing exercise.

Hydraulic-resistance or Piston-resistance – This mechanism is found on low-budget beginner machines. In this technique, hydraulic cylinders are attached to handlebars, which use a piston to generate the necessary resistance when the handlebars are pulled. It generally provides cardiovascular exercise and some of the upper-body exercise.

There are ample techniques and tips to get a perfect and worthwhile workout session, which you can find on the internet or health and fitness magazines. One of my most favorite rowing procedure that I regularly apply is to set a few of my preferred upbeat songs on shuffle for a certain period of time, say 30 minutes, or in my case, 1 whole hour and workout on their beats; I have to admit, I never get bored since I get to listen to my favorite songs while seeing calorie after calorie just burning away.

How to Choose the Best Rowing Machine for you

It is great that you want to invest in a rowing machine. Of course, you want to get in shape and keep up your health and there is no exercise better than rowing since it provides full-body workout along with working as a cardiovascular machine. But that does not mean you can buy any product from the market thinking, what difference can it make? The answer is- a lot. A wrong machine can have adverse effects on your health, not to mention the monetary loss, as it is a big investment. And even if you prefer or have enough time to go to a professional gym, you should check what kind of rower they have there. Keep in mind that your rower should be compatible with all your needs.

First and foremost, you have to decide what type of resistance you want in your rowing machine, whether you will fare better with an air-resistance rower, which are in fact the most popular type used by regular users, or a water-resistance rower, that is a better choice if you are into fitness seriously or professionally; or a magnetic-resistance rowing machine that is best for mild users who just want to work out on a regular basis to stay fit. Or would you like a piston-resistance rower that would be better if you are only a beginner with low budget and just want to try rowing temporarily at first? Each of the above types has their own benefits as well as liabilities and different levels of resistance, and it would better to be clear about what you want.

Next up, you have to consider what features you would prefer in your rower, like type of monitor (whether PC compatible, etc.), comfortable and large seat that is always better for longer workout periods, large foot plates and other adjustable features like compact and sturdy frame, level of maintenance, seat height, distance of monitor from seat, durability and maximum weight capacity of the machine (especially if you are overweight), warranty periods and so on should be looked up before you ‘pay the price’ (pun intended!).

Noise is, in general, considered a factor to be avoided. But, some users, including me, believe that the noise produced by the machine during workout acts as a motivating faculty and gives the feeling of satisfactory exercise experience. Both kinds of machines are available, but recent advanced products have been manufactured with less or no noise as a special feature because it has been observed that excessive or irregular noise during the workout can also act as a distraction.

The very next and very important point to be considered is the amount of space you would be able to spare for the machine. Compact, storage-friendly machines are abundantly available in the market but you also have to have at least a decent space to have the workout session without any mishap like colliding with walls or other solid things nearby.

Overall, it is a big enough investment. Even so, there are variations in the prices of different rowing machines, depending upon their features, quality, brand values and other such factors. Among the ones reviewed above, there is a mixture of cheap and efficient as well as relatively expensive and more than efficient products. Personally, I would advise you to choose a product from a trusted and popular brand, as it always comes with a long and satisfying warranty period and there is no additional tension of not being able to find replacement parts in the market, as there always is in case of products of lesser brands.

There are ample techniques and tips to get a perfect and worthwhile workout session, which you can find on the internet or health and fitness magazines. One of my most favorite rowing procedure that I regularly apply is to set a few of my preferred upbeat songs on shuffle for a certain period of time, say 30 minutes, or in my case, 1 whole hour and workout on their beats; I have to admit, I never get bored since I get to listen to my favorite songs while seeing calorie after calorie just burning away.

Benefits of Rowing Machines

Rowing is probably one of the few exercises that present the solution to every one of your problems with fitness, all at once. It provides a full-body workout by having effects on almost all groups of muscles in our body including the lattice build-up and of course, the benefits of rowing as a cardiovascular exercise are well and widely known.

A 120-125 pound person can burn up to 1000 calories in an hour if his/her rowing workout is intense enough! The main work of a rowing machine is to tone your muscles and burn up as much calories as your workout deserves. But, it does have a few key areas of work which show results only when supplemented with a balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle.

If losing a few extra pounds is what you want, make your workout sessions worthwhile. An interesting fact about rowing exercise is that if a session is intense enough, the user continues to burn calories for a few hours even after he/she is done for the day. Proper and regular workouts on a rowing machine can result in giving you the proper weight suitable to your height and age.

For people interested in muscle build-up too, rowing machine has a lot to offer. Alongwith burning extra calories, with regular and vigorous workouts, in sync with exercises on other machines as well, rowing can bring a helluva difference to you lattices, and the muscle clusters on your calves, legs, arms, and wrists, making it wider; while toning the muscles in your shoulders, waist, belly and so on.

Dos and Don’ts on a Rowing Machine

Every exercise has a different set of right and wrong ways to do it. Do it the right way and you have a way to go, but make one wrong move and you can end up with serious injury and adverse effects. The best way to sit on a rower seat is at an upright position of 90 degrees to the slider bar. Keeping balance between the amounts of pulling to be done by arms, legs and the back is to kept in mind. Stressing on any one region too much can result in terrible muscle cramps – most of the pulling should be done by the legs, whereas most newbies end up exerting too much pressure on the arms and back, rendering the whole session a waste of time, in addition to getting new muscle cramps. Bending too far forward over the sliding bar may cause injury to the lower back as well as pull muscles in the abdomen and chest. Doing not only this one but any vigorous exercise with a full stomach is a grave mistake you do not want to make.

One of the most common mistakes people do while rowing is to not pay attention to the damper setting, it is very important that you start at a lower intensity of resistance at first, thus giving yourself the appropriate warm up time and adjust your position and sitting posture before increasing the intensity. Do a proper vigorous exercise – starting at a high resistance scale right from the beginning will tire you up pretty soon, hampering the whole session you planned.

Another common mistake made is to let the force of the machine complete each row, i.e. when there is too much resistance, our muscles tend to tire too soon, making us feel drained out and unable to put our own force when coming forward with the machine’s own pull, we let its momentum propel us forward like a ragged doll. This again negates the good results from our workouts.

Sitting in an upright posture, in the beginning, is not enough. Maintaining the 90-degree posture throughout the session is one very important way to ensure getting desirable results from it. The best way to row is a few short steps – while holding the handlebar firmly, push with your legs, thus sliding your seat back, lean slightly backwards while sliding away, go as far as your leg takes you.

Now as your body moves, pull the handlebars to go along with your body, when you have reached the farthest you could go with your legs, slightly release your overall pull to slide forward but do not leave the pull completely or else you would jerk right ahead and cause some kind of accident. Thus, the above few things are very important to be remembered while rowing, and also for using any other heavy fitness machinery.

Wearing proper clothes and shoes during workout sessions are a must. Clothes that let your body breath and let you be as free and flexible as possible and yet not so loose fitting as to get caught between machine parts are the best. As for shoes, heels or slippers are a strict no-no. Feet covering, rubber bottomed sports shoes are ideal for rowing, or for that matter, any kind of vigorous exercise. Also, slight maintenance of your machine can’t harm, in fact, it will increase the life of your rowing machine considerably.

The Final Showdown

I do hope I have been able to help you in your search for the ideal rowing machine for you. In addition, I have also taken the liberty to mention basic guidelines one has to follow while rowing, myself being a huge fitness enthusiast. The 10 products that I have mentioned are among the most sought after rowing machines in the market, having been repeatedly reviewed and recommended. You can also look up other quality products and their reviews online to make an even better informed and knowledgeable decision.

As for myself, I feel that whatever brand of rowing machine it may be, the techniques and procedures you apply in your workouts matter, as does a proper balanced diet and healthy habits on a regular basis.In conclusion, the best rowing machine for you is the one that suits your fitness needs, fits the space you can avail of it, is within your budget and most of all, stands up to your expectations and demands. Also, choosing one with a PC or tablet or smartphone compatible monitor is, according to me, a wiser decision.

Best Treadmill Reviews

Treadmills have been an indispensable part of commercial gyms with the many physical benefits and modern comforts that they bring. Just imagine the freedom of getting a light or intense full-body workout in an instant – without having to worry about the heat or the rain outside. Because of this, many people aim to purchase this exercise machine for home use.

However, with today’s heavily-saturated market, choosing the best model can be pretty confusing. If you’re one of the fitness buffs who are looking for a quality treadmill without spending your entire savings, then you’ve came to the right place.

When it comes to treadmills, the competition really picks up in the mid 3-figures price mark. Add to that the fact that there are many cheap knockoffs in this range, which only exist to make a quick buck off unsuspecting customers.

However, it is still possible to get a reliable, quality machine without settling for junk or breaking the bank. To help you with the selection, here’s a round-up of the best rated treadmills:

Confidence Power Plus

Designed with the home user in mind, this motorized electric treadmill combines agile productivity with compact storage. It features a low profile that’s not just ideal for traditional walks and runs at home, but is also compatible with standing desks for office use.

The handle tops are removable to accommodate the dimensions of traditional standing desks, thus encouraging users to exercise as they work on the computer. The machine weighs in at only 53 pounds and can be moved effortlessly from room to room thanks to a set of wheeled feet at the bottom.

Although it’s light, the treadmill’s large and strong enough for a user of up to 250 pounds. And for the specs, the Confidence Power Plus comes with a decent 600-watt motor, a belt length of 34.5-inches, and a large LED screen for viewing stats and adjusting settings on the fly.

Weslo Cadence G 5.9

The Weslo Cadence G 5.9 is one of the newest in the series and is the step-up model to the R 5.2. This treadmill packs a solid punch with the functionality it brings. It has a quiet-running 2.25 HP motor that delivers a maximum speed of 10 miles per hour (with increments of .5 mph), while the two-position incline can be adjusted manually for added variety.


The running deck is 16 inches wide by 50 inches long to suit users of average height and below, and is padded with the exclusive Comfort Cell Cushioning system for workout comfort. It boasts a total of 6 preset workouts, which are designed by certified pro trainers to ensure a robust training session.

Like the abovementioned model, this treadmill supports 250 pounds and has an easy fold-away design for simple storage.

Proform 6.0 RT (Currently not under $500)

Another budget-friendly workhorse is the smooth-operating 6.0 RT Treadmill from Proform Fitness. Built with a 2.5 Continuous-Horsepower Mach Z motor, this machine can reach speeds of up to 10 mph – perfect for light and moderate intensity workouts.

The incline level is adjustable to a maximum of 10 percent if you want to take your cardio exercise to the next level. Both of these settings can be toggled and viewed via the central control panel, together with the 8 preset workouts, distance, speed, and calories burned.

Plus, you may monitor your heart rate as you move, made possible by the EKG Grip Pulse built into the handlebars. The company was also kind enough to integrate an Intermix Acoustics 2.0 Sound System into the console, so you can run to the beat of your favorite hits.

Top it all off with Proform’s industry-leading 5-year warranty on motor/frame and 90-days on parts/labor, and you have a versatile machine that’s centered on long-term performance.

Proform 505 CST treadmill

This machine is specifically tailored to give you optimum comfort, safety, and entertainment as you exercise. Under the bonnet is a 2.25 CHP Mach Z motor with self-cooling drive that lets you use the treadmill on prolonged sessions, and extends the motor’s service life at the same time.


The 55-inch by 20-inch tread-belt is designed to run quietly and smoothly, and topped with the ProShox Lite 3 Cushioning to protect your joints from discomfort or injury. You may choose from 15 pre-loaded workouts, or log into the web to run and train for races online using the iFit Live app powered by Google Maps.

There’s also a 6-inch backlit display for tracking your progress, while the compatible music port allows music playback from your iPods and MP3s.

Horizon Fitness T101-04 treadmill

The award-winning T101-04 from Horizon Fitness is a great choice for new fitness enthusiasts and athletes-in-training alike. It features an impressive selection of 30 preset programs that will let you enjoy different workouts for every day of the month.

The 2.25 CHP motor ensures a smooth and quiet ride even when running on its 10-mph cap, and the 55-inch belt is long enough to accommodate taller users. The weight cap on the other hand is also generous at 300 pounds, while the Flex Deck Cushioning system prevents achy joints and sore backs from running on bare concrete and asphalt.

Additionally, there are two hydraulic shocks in the unit that allows you to fold up the machine vertically and save up on storage space.

LifeSpan TR 1200i Folding Treadmill

Well-built and affordable, the LifeSpan TR1200i is brimming with features for an affordable price. It boasts high-performance specifications like the 15-level adjustable incline and variable speeds of up to 11 mph, but also pays careful attention to its new console design.

There are 17 preset programs, two heart rate control programs, and two custom programs for variety. It’s also compatible with the LifeSpan Fitness Club, which means that members can download custom workouts online. You may even store essential workout data to your USB and keep a close watch on your specific fitness goals.

Audio entertainment is not to be missed, with the iPod port, headphone jack, and hi-fi speakers built into the console. Plus, the TR1200i not only gives runners more room to stretch with its 20-inch by 56-inch tread-belt, but also helps save space as the deck can be folded up easily after use.

Wrap up

While outdoor fitness equipment like trampolines are obviously better for a whole-body workout, it’s not always possible to go outside for your workout sessions. A quality treadmill saves the day and helps with your cardio if you got to stay inside.

Many people have been accustomed to the thought that one must be prepared to spend more in order to obtain a high-quality product. However, the best treadmills are out to prove that it’s not really necessary to reach deep into your pocket just to find a good running machine.

From straightforward simplicity to space-saving utility, these models will help you stay in shape without burning a hole in your wallet.

Getting a good exercise machine doesn’t automatically mean paying a higher price. As opposed to what most people are led to believe, the best treadmills are actually loaded with options which cater to the demands of fitness enthusiasts on a budget.

While the features on these affordable models are not as great as its high-end counterparts, these dependable exercise machines are more than capable of giving a challenging workout in the privacy and comfort of your home.

Effective Lightweight Dumbbell Exercises for Women

Being in possession of a perfectly toned figure is a dream of every girl. And why not? After all, a well-shaped physique doesn’t only make you attractive, it reflects your inner confidence on your body language as well. Sticking to a bland diet won’t be of much help, you need to team it up with adequate exercise so as to attain your fitness goal. This article features some of the most prolific lightweight exercises exclusively for women, with the help of easy to grip dumbbells. These workouts will help you to focus on the most important muscle groups in your body.

Arm exercises

If you think exercising with dumbbells is just a guy thing, allow me to burst this myth. Working out with dumbbells is equally fruitful for women as well. You can achieve subtly chiseled, slim arms as well some real good strength with the help of these simple, effective arms exercises with dumbbells.

  • Sit on a mat cross-legged and lift up your arms. Extend them at right angles to your body, keep the elbows bent at 90o and palms facing forward with dumbbells tightly gripped in your hands. Lower your shoulders and bring both elbows towards each other as close as possible. The level of your arms should be perpendicular to your shoulder. Hold on to this posture, do 10 counts and repeat for three sets.
  • Your prop for this exercise would be a pair of 3-5 pounds dumbbells. Take a dumbbell in each hand and kneel on a mat. Lean forward at the waist with your palms facing your torso. For the starting position, form a 90o angle between your upper and forearm. Hold your weight by pointing your forearm towards the floor. The upper arms should be extended backward. Keep your head up all the while. Hold this position for a few seconds. Repeat the movement for 10 reps.

Back and chest exercises

  • You need a pair of 2-3 lbs. dumbbells for this exercise. Put them securely on the top a flat bench. Lie down perpendicular to the bench with your face up. Make sure hips legs are bent on the floor firmly. Grab the dumbbell with both hands and make your palms press against the end of the dumbbell. Keep your arms straight and slowly lower the dumbbell toward the floor behind the head as long as you feel a stretch in your chest. Bring the dumbbell back to the starting position for one repetition. Check your dumbbells thoroughly before using them for the pullover. If the plates are not tightened enough, they might fall on your face and injure you terribly.
  • Lean on the mat grabbing a dumbbell in each hand. You can keep your knees bent and feet flat on the floor. Hold the dumbbells at your chest height making your elbows roughly touching the floor. Push the dumbbells securely off the floor and pull over the head. Bring the dumbbells back to the starting position to complete one rep.

Legs exercises

  • You shouldn’t use a heavy dumbbell for leg is because while holding bulky weights in your hands, there will be an additional strain on the legs. Perform squats with 4-5 lbs. dumbbells in your hands. Bend your elbows, position the dumbbells at the shoulder height and continue doing squats in way for a couple of times for each leg.
  • For toning your inner and outer thigh muscles, hold the dumbbells in each side. To raise the calf, raise 2 feet with your right foot and 2 feet to your left with your left foot to complete the squat.

Summing it up

Dumbbells aren’t unique to a man’s workout program, and this article should be able to confirm that for you. There are numerous effective lightweight dumbbell workouts that women of most ages can perform. Each of them targets a different portion of the body, thus reaffirming the belief that a pair of dumbbells are really all that you need to get your body in shape.

An Honest Review of Bowflex TreadClimber TC 10

The Bowflex TreadClimber is a highly advanced, three-in-one fitness equipment for abs building and strength boosting. This product merges the best features of a treadmill, elliptical and stair climber. The minimized exertion delivered by this cardio machine will reduce the stress on your joints during the workout. As a result, any fatigue or tiredness will hardly prompt your concentration. If you are in search of a worthy alternative of a traditional, bulky treadmill, the Bowflex TreadClimber deserves your attention. Let’s dive into my detailed review of the Bowflex TreadClimber TC10.

First of all, let’s take a quick glance over the main product features:


  • Bowflex TC 10 model has integrated the best elements of a treadmill, stair climber and elliptical which helps you to gain optimum results with low impact exercises. The two long pedals, also known as treadles support an incline upto 40% and reduce the “perceived exertion”.
  • It weighs 300 lbs. and has a dimension of 30.3 x 52.3 x 50.6 inches.
  • It helps you to burn up to 3.5 times calories as quickly as any traditional cardio machine or treadmill would.
  • Bowflex TC 10 features a crystal clear LCD display which lets you get an accurate read-out of time, speed, distance, calories burned and heart rate.
  • The ergonomically designed console has a water bottle container.
  • It also comes with transport wheels for easy mobility.

The Good

The benefit of three in one

The movable belt allows you to tread forward like a treadmill, the simultaneous up and down movement of two treadles is equivalent to the function of a stair climber.  Lastly with each step, the pedals rise to the level of your feet like replicating the Elliptical motion. The innovative design of Bowflex TreadClimber TC 10 model is powered by G.O CoachTM  technology that helps you to maximize the impact by minimal effort. Working out on Bowflex TC 10 will shape your leg muscles, quickly melt excess belly fat, improve bone density, heal back pain and elevate the level of HDL in the blood.

Cutting edge technology

The new model of Bowflex TreadClimber TC 10 can reach up to the speed range of 0.5-4 miles per hour. An LCD monitor keeps you constantly updated about the speed, time lapsed, distance covered and calories lost during the exercise. A special credit goes to the G.O coach console that keeps track of the overall progress achieved over a week towards a 90 minutes target. The Quick Start feature lets you to start the machine with a mere push of a button and lastly, not to forget the ergonomic console that comprises of a bottle and magazine holder.

Eliminates space issue

The footprint of Bowflex TC 10 is equal to the size of any standard treadmill. It can be easily fit into in-house gyms. Furthermore, you can effortlessly carry it from one place to another with the help of the attached transport wheels.

The Bad

According to a few sources, the treadles don’t move swiftly after a certain amount of time. In such case, occasional greasing is likely to sort out the problem. The limited speed range that can exceed not more than 4 mph isn’t a good choice for running. Consider Bowflex TC 10 for light to medium paced walking.


The TC 10 should live up to the expectations of consistent exercisers. For users who want to avoid all the bells and whistles, however wish to stay in shape, it has to be a great value for money considering the host of features it offers for a decent price. It is tough to find machines like TC 10 that combines the best of treadmill, elliptical and stair climber without burning a huge hole in the pocket. The comfort level while working out deserves an honorary mention as well.

A Review of Yes4All Deluxe Neoprene Dumbbells

These Yes4all Neoprene Dumbbells, as the name suggests, have been crafted to meet the need of both beginners and trained professionals. The product is available in the sets of 1, 2, 3 and 4 pairs. You can combine different sets of different weight and use them for various exercise programs. The soft grip, no-slip and multi-hued neoprene coating give the dumbbells a stylish appearance and solid protection. This brand has singlehandedly ruled the fitness industry for several years and continues to do so. The current sales rank of this product is the testimony of this fact. These versatile dumbbells have all the features required for both light exercise at home gyms and intense workout at professional fitness centers.

Brief Description

The Neoprene dumbbells have a unique design that prevents rolling. The neoprene covering serves to multiple purposes- it keeps the vibrant colors intact and scratches away from the hand weights, provides a comfortable grip to sweaty hands. Iron, which is the chief component in the body of the dumbbells, adds necessary weight to the equipment for muscle build-up and strength improvement. These hand weights are extensively used in general fitness training and aerobics.


Exercising with Yes4All helps you to focus on every major muscle groups including your arms, shoulder and back. The manufacturers have coated the cast iron dumbbells with neoprene to expand the durability and look of the dumbbells. The neoprene covering with a matte finish makes the dumbbells non-slippery and gives a strong grip. The fine cushioned finished, secure fit reduces the chances of dropping the dumbbells from hands accidentally.

The Yes4all neoprene dumbbells are available in multiple tones, making it visually striking. This is why these types of dumbbells are widely used in aerobics classes. The protective coating of neoprene also guards the dumbbells against nicks and cuts. It’s not practically possible for home gym owners to buy large racks to store their dumbbells. In such cases, leaving the equipment on the floor remains the only option. The smooth material of Yes4All neoprene dumbbells keeps the floors, tables undamaged unlike most other coverings.

Another plus point of these dumbbells is its water-resistant quality. Since neoprene is a synthetic rubber, it resists the cracks often noticed in standard plastic dumbbells during the monsoon. Yes4All neoprene dumbbells are ideal for group exercises, light training, boosting the stamina and muscle shaping.

The original colour of the product remains intact for several years. These dumbbells won’t start to clank within a few months. It produces a very little noise compared to the common metal or vinyl dumbbells. Neoprene dumbbells don’t roll on the floors, thanks to its hexagonal shape.


The limited weight is a little on the downside for the hardcore professional body builders. Some customers have also complained that the grip is not ergonomically designed and seems to be a tad larger for people with small palms, especially women.

My Views

If you are looking for compact set of lightweight dumbbells for general exercises, aerobics and calorie burning, the Yes4All will not make you regret your selection. The weather-resistant, rust-proof neoprene coating will deliver a life-long service no matter how much you use them. The weight range is great for multidimensional exercise programs. The colors are aesthetically pleasing as well. Overall, a great value for money for average exercisers.

A Detailed Review of StairMaster Pair of TwistLock Adjustable Dumbbells

The fitness industry is developing, remodeling, reinventing the exercise tools to satiate the demand and fit into the budget of every potential customer. The latest range of adjustable dumbbells from StairMaster is steadily replacing the several costly cast iron and rubber dumbbells in the limited area of home gyms. The StairMaster Pair of TwistLock Adjustable Dumbbells offer you interchangeable weight plates for variable impact.

The StairMaster designers have cleverly crafted the dumbbells after the fashion of professional gym style dumbbells. It is well-suited for home gyms where space is a huge concern. The advanced technology used in TwistLock enables you to adjust the weight within just a couple of minutes. All you have to do is twist the handles. No need of moving the knob or sliding the lever. There is also a readout window which helps you to keep a check of the increment accurately.


  • The minimal design makes the tool fit into any tiny corner of your in-house gym. By purchasing a pair of TwistLock instead of several expensive dumbbells, you are able to save a massive amount of space and money.
  • The contoured dumbbell handles provide a firm grip during the workouts.
  • This pair of dumbbells supports an increment from a small 5 lbs. to a whopping 50 lbs., making it suitable for light to moderate weight training programs.
  • The aluminum cradles ensures maximum safety for the users. The weight adjustment is possible only when the dumbbells are docked with this cradle.
  • You can make smooth transition of weights without even having to take your hands off the handles. Just dock, twist and you are all set!



Compared to the weight changing system of the regular dumbbells, shifting the load with StairMaster kit is much quicker, simpler and safer. The sturdy steel plates don’t fall off while making the transition. Moreover, the weight can be changed only when the handle is neatly placed in the cradle.


The perfectly balanced TwistLock dumbbells provide the exact standard size of its gym counterparts. It means any pound size you select will be equivalent to the commercial style dumbbells used in gyms. Mounting and dismounting the plates won’t require you to align any pin or twist any knob. The cutting edge technology lets you shift the weight quickly while working out.

Strong structure

The huge fan base of StairMaster includes a host of celebrity fitness trainers. The solid steel frame and innovative design make these dumbbells an integral part of weight lifting training sessions.


The non-slip handles deliver a strong grip to even sweaty hands. TwistLock dumbbells also feature a weight selection window which allows you to monitor how much weight you are lifting. These adjustable pairs can be fruitfully used for rows and squats, dumbbell curls, lungs etc.


The StairMaster adjustable dumbbells have rarely received any major complaints from its user-base. Only a few have reported to experience cracks on the dumbbells after a few months after purchasing. The relatively high price can be eye-popping for many average customers. If you are running on a tight budget, this piece is definitely not an option for you.

My views

Despite of the heavy-pocket pinch, the unique design, compact size and extremely efficient weight adjustment system will make your investment worthwhile. This is one of the best alternatives you can find to multiple traditional dumbbells. This kit is designed to maximize the comfort and safety while weight lifting. The weight limit of 50 lbs. allows you to perform exercise in various angles.

A Comprehensive Review of Bayou Fitness Adjustable Dumbbells

Dumbbells and fitness training are synonymous to each other. Bayou’s adjustable dumbbells have become a favorite companion for body building exercises in the recent years. Bayou is one of those very few dumbbells currently available in the market that enable you to focus on your arms, shoulders, back muscles, chest and legs simultaneously. You can customize your workout programs comfortably with a variety of weights. You don’t need to build giant dumbbells racks the limited area of your home gym. This dumbbell set offers a beautiful storage tray in which you can stack all the dumbbells securely.

Product Description

  • The entire dumbbell set has two 50 lb. adjustable dumbbells which closely resemble the basic size of a traditional pair of dumbbells used in most professional gyms.
  • The minimal design and easily alterable weights eliminates the need of purchasing several dumbbells.
  • The solid chrome plated, stainless steel construction give the product a long shelf-life.
  • The standard size allows the users to follow multidimensional fitness routines such as flat fly, decline chest press, flat chess press to strengthen the muscles of the chest. Coupled with shoulder exercises viz. lateral raise, shrugs, standing shoulder press, rear delt row along with flying trunk rotational crunch, calf raises, dead lift, side lung and many more.
  • It allows a weight adjustment from 10 lbs. to 50 lbs. in 5 lbs. increments. You can shift the weight simply by moving the knob.
  • The innovative slide adjustment system devises an excellent weight lifting experience for beginners and professionals alike.

The Good

Easy adjustment

The Bayou fitness pair of dumbbells comes with a storage tray on which you can arrange all the weight plates in an ascending or descending order. This will help you to change the weight quickly after completing one set. Your task is only to slide the metal locking pin along the central track of the dumbbells to modify the weight.


You can buy a pair of Bayou’s dumbbells without burning a hole in your pocket.  Slash down the cost of purchasing additional fitness equipments, yet experience exercise on various resistance levels for optimum result.

Eliminates the space issue

These adjustable dumbbells are sold like hot cakes among the customers who want commercial quality gym equipments for their personal gyms. Having plenty of dumbbells in small gym rooms leave the space cluttered. It also makes your workout experience uncomfortable since you can’t move your body freely. With Bayou’s adjustable dumbbell set, say sayonara to space problem.

Balance control

You can balance the dumbbells efficiently by moving the levers on each side. The balanced dumbbells deliver amazing flexibility in all angles while you perform different exercises.

Strong structure

Bayou Fitness Pair of Adjustable dumbbells have a heavy duty stainless steel frame that makes the tool rust-resistant and durable.

The Bad

Some customers have complained that the handles are not ergonomically built, rather they are straight which results in somewhat uneasy grip on the handles.


Bayou’s adjustable dumbbell kit is a versatile equipment. It can equate multiple exercise tools used for various workouts, whether it’s bicep curl, abdomen exercise or shoulder press, you can perform all of them with these stylish pair of dumbbells. The slide adjustment system is really the most striking part of the product. The smooth levers lock the weight plates tightly and release them quickly when not required. You are certainly going to be proud of your selection once you start using these dumbbells.

A Comprehensive Review of SPRI Deluxe Vinyl Dumbbells

SPRI is undoubtedly a leading name in the fitness industry when it comes to manufacturing the most technologically advanced, professional quality fitness apparatus. The revolutionary concept of rubber resistance was first introduced and successfully incorporated into fitness products by SPRI almost three decades ago. The largest professional athletic training centers and gyms across the globe put their trust on this brand. In this article, I am going to review SPRI Deluxe Vinyl Dumbbells which is considered by many health gurus to be a star product of this brand. It has remained a top choice for ardent workout lovers looking for quality dumbbells without burning a hole in the pocket.

The SPRI Deluxe Vinyl Dumbbells weigh approximately 1.9 pounds. These dumbbells are coated with a layer of no-slip vinyl allowing the users a firm grip over them. The protective covering also prevents the product from scratching and discoloration. SPRI deluxe dumbbells are available in a wide weight range of 1-20 lbs. that are color-coded for quick identification. It makes selecting a product according to the body weight easy for the customers. These are highly advisable for strength training, jogging, aerobics, power walking, general exercise, physical therapy, cardio workouts and yoga therapy. The Deluxe Vinyl is a perfect workout buddy for every fitness devotee.

Summary of the features

Let’s take a quick look at some of the important technical features of SPRI Deluxe to have a better understanding of its credibility:

  • Easy to grip, thanks to the no-slip vinyl finish.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Color co-ordinated by amount of pound.
  • Color-coded weight markers on every product.
  • Long-lasting.
  • Particularly beneficial for muscle toning, aerobics.
  • Customize your routine with a multiple variety of weight and stylish tones.
  • Ideal fit for weight-loss programs.


The SPRI deluxe vinyl dumbbells have been a popular tool for both individual and group workouts. You can hold the dumbbells in hand while working out for burning calories. The custom resistance routine adds intensity to the exercise, helps to sculpt muscular biceps and triceps. These finely crafted set of dumbbells are an integral part of aerobics.

SPRI dumbbells are available in a variety of pound sizes. The customers who require different pairs for different routines can select one piece from each set to create a custom-made set. The vibrant colours are another striking feature of these dumbbells, the pink shade is a massive hit among women exercisers. An internationally recognized brand like SPRI has never compromised with their standards. Perhaps this why you are sure to find SPRI Deluxe dumbbells in almost every well-known gym centre in your city.


Some people have reported to experience an initial stench in the dumbbells which is probably due to the oil coating. Nevertheless, the smell lasts for only a few days. You can also wash the set with clean water after unpacking to overcome this unpleasant odor.

My Views

The excellent number of weight options allows the users the freedom to create their personalized dumbbell set for different workouts. The no-slip vinyl layering helps you to have a powerful grip on the dumbbells even in sweaty hands. I would personally recommend SPRI Deluxe Vinyl dumbbells exclusively for home gyms.