Confidence Power Plus Motorized Electric Treadmill Review

If you are looking to get in shape without spending a fortune, the Confidence Power Plus motorized electric treadmill may be just the ticket. This entry-level fitness machine comes with a decent 600W motor for running on different speeds – from casual walks to vigorous runs – paired with a two-ply belt for running comfort.

There is also a handy console with LED screen that comes with the set, so you can change settings and monitor your progress on the go. Other winning features of the motorized electric trainer are the foldable design and wheeled bottom for effortless storage after use.

A closer look at the Confidence Power Plus motorized electric treadmill

Run with confidence

At the core of the Confidence Power Plus is a 600-watt motor that delivers speed ranges from 1 km and 10 km per hour, with increments of 1 km per hour. This makes it a great choice for people who are new to running or those looking to burn a few extra pounds.

It will help you improve your fitness levels from walking then progress up to running at your own pace. The machine also offers low-impact workouts that are suitable to those who need to exercise after an injury.

Comfortable training

Working out shouldn’t be hard and heavy all the time, that’s why the Confidence Power Plus was designed with some cozy features to boot. The motorized electric treadmill has a 38.5-inch by 14-inch runway size to provide ample room for long strides.

The tread belt consists of a PVC layer that’s sandwiched by two rubber layers with nylon support to slide over the deck smoothly. This way, the running surface ensures a gentle landing for your feet, while staying firm enough to prepare them for takeoff.

Ergonomic user interface

This Confidence Power Plus is not just affordable but easy to use as well. Right on the front of the machine is the easy-to-use console that offers complete control over the settings. This will let you make the necessary adjustments for enjoying quick brisk walks or challenging yourself with long and intensive runs. Simply press one button to decide how long your workout will be then press another button to determine your speed and you’re good to go.

For easy viewing at a glance, the console features a large LED screen that provides data on running speed, time taken, distance covered, and calories burned. These pieces of information are all essential for monitoring your progress and achieving your fitness goals.

Space-saving design

Although the Confidence Power Plus has the size and strength to accommodate a 250-pound user, it’s still light and compact enough to be used anywhere in the house without taking up too much space. Thanks to the machine’s foldable design, it can be taken down easily and hauled effortlessly with the set of wheels at the bottom. By folding it flat, you may even slide the treadmill under the dresser or bed and simply pull it out when it’s time to exercise.

Additional information

The Confidence Power Plus motorized electric treadmill measures 49 by 11 by 24 inches (L x W x H) and tips the scales at 53 pounds. It comes complete with curved handles on front and at the sides for staying upright and balanced during long workouts. The treadmill is covered by the manufacturer’s 5-year warranty for the motor and a 1-year warranty for the frame.

Last thoughts on the Confidence Power Plus motorized electric treadmill

This entry-level treadmill is ideal for those that just need an affordable machine to use at home to get some daily exercise. It is available in black, white and even a pink model, so you will be able to choose the one best suited to your requirements. The Confidence Power Plus motorized electric treadmill offers a lot of quality for the money, and will certainly provide a good exercise platform to use at home.


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