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A whole body exercise is never complete without a good deal of bench presses, squats, and weightlifting. So, whenever you’re considering turning your lounge into a private workout space, you will need one of these things called weight benches – any expert will tell you that. The FID bench or more commonly called weight bench or workout bench are a relatively new addition to the workout equipment category, but they have been an integral part of the gyms and health clubs ever since.

FID stands for flat/ incline/decline and this is simply what it does. However, the declining facility is not needed when you are only working out your upper body muscles and thus, are not available on every machine. But be assured, these benches are comfortable, efficient, very well built and adjustable according to any shape and size – and these adjustable inclination and declination capacity helps to lift enormous amounts of weight with somewhat less monstrous effort and results in better workout statistics.

Why Buy Workout Benches?

Before there were weight benches, people used to act upon their pectoral muscles by lying on a floor, which was known as supine presses. The fundamental difference between a bench press and a supine press, as you can imagine, is the difference in comfort level– while on one hand, you have the cushioning of the bench to comfort your back, on the other, you are annoyed with an unpleasing experience of a flat, hard surface. Moreover, you can adjust your weight benches accordingly to get the more of it.

Weight lifting is not just about muscles anymore, it makes up for a complete body exercise and the angular inclination – declination compatibility makes sure that every muscle is worked upon. Sometimes the flat surface of the floor doesn’t allow the trainer to act upon all the muscles, mostly due to the inflexibility of the muscles in a lying down position. The workout bench lets you choose between sitting and lying down – a perfect blend would let you have access to most of your muscles while exercising, and a chance to develop them as per your wish.

There are more and more people getting interested in fitness training, and to tell you the truth, it might hurt a little in the beginning for those out of shape. These work benches, thus, are a perfect, easy-to-figure-out, multipurpose device with which you can get started. The bench will help you to stabilize your posture and will provide your back muscles with the cushioning they might need. By letting you keep the posture straight, it also acts upon the back muscles and improves your core stability. The weight bench is a utilitarian product carved out by a necessity, and if you think you’re only getting a bench where you can lie and lift the weight, you’re gravely mistaken.

Your money does not come out of your pocket for nothing, and the multi-dimensional utilities of the bench might astonish you. You can use these benches for step ups, push ups, and other core workouts as well, making them an invaluable component of your private backyard gym. The supportive aspect of the weight lifting bench lets you be introduced to new exercises without a chance of falling over. And if you’re seriously considering some workout, but clueless at the same time, the workout benches are a comfortable entry point and will provide you with intermediate lessons like how to maintain proper posture, accurate exercise technique and adequate respiration which might prove useful for you in the future. So, this is the basic workout for dummies, and also, very effective.

Things That Matter When Buying

You’re ordering a workout bench online for your personal hassle free fitness training experience, and while you are considerably into muscle development and fitness training, it’s not your profession, neither is it going to be in the distant future. So, you might keep a budget in mind, and also pay heed to some important aspects.

Firstly, to avoid confusion, you should have the knowledge that there are two kinds of workout benches, i.e. utility benches and benches with racks. While the utility benches are bereft of any racks and are used mostly for minor workouts like exercise with dumbbells, the benches with safety racks are used specifically to lift the weight. Utility benches without racks involve fewer components and thus, the price tag is a little light. So, decide your purpose and set your priority straight.

Price – There are a plethora of products in the market ready for you, and not two of them cost the same. Again the price largely depends on your requirement and usage. If you are a professional in this field and are determined to lift a huge chunk of weight every day as a routine, a cheaper one would perhaps not suit you. On the other hand, if you are a rookie, and just buying it because you think it’ll help you go through your midlife crisis, probably then you won’t have to spend a lot of dough.

Position – If you have a clear picture in mind about the kinds of exercises you’ll be doing, then you should consider the positioning of the weight bench. While some companies promise a handful of adjustable positions, some are a bit constrained. Think if you need those extra levels of incline to work on the minor, not-so-flexible muscles. Also, every bench doesn’t have the declining utility, so if you have to work your leg muscles as well, you should find something that has it.

Quality – Whether you’re buying a high-end professional model or a basic model for minor weightlifting, you are spending your hard earned money. And you might want to invest the money into a sturdy well-built machine, something which would feel reliable, and would be in for a long run without heavy maintenance. There are separate ends of the market for both kinds of customers, and if you’re not buying it to fill up the empty space at your house, you should make absolutely no compromise with quality.

Safety – Whenever you’re exercising with some workout bench, it is always supposed to involve lifting some amount of weight. And as long as you’re a living person and not dead meat, safety matters. The ones with racks prove to be safer, thanks to the safety catch attached to the racks. If your exercise involves lifting some heavy weights, you should opt for the safer version.

Space and Portability – If you are thinking of installing your weight bench in a constraint space, the question of size, foldability and portability will inevitably arise. If you have a house already packed with a lot of furniture, you might want to have a clear idea about where and how you are going to install your weight bench. A bench with a comparatively less width would fit in a small space, while a foldable bench would let you have the option to store it somewhere and bring it out only when you need to. However, some heavy duty benches are hard to assemble and once installed, it might take some effort to move them around, and some of them can’t even be folded. So, better be cautious.

Aesthetics and Design – Within the design lies the key to your muscle development, and whatever people may tell you or you may tell yourself, looks do matter. The companies are giving more and more importance to the aesthetic department, and whatever you may gather from the reviews, the first impression is always formed from looking. The aspect of adjustability also comes under the heading of design. The workout benches are supposed to provide you with a number of adjustment levels, and the more the level you’ll have on your bench, the more options you’ll have at hand, and the merrier it will be for you.


The Best Weight Benches

xMark Commercial XM-7630 Adjustable Weight Bench

The xMark Commercial XM-7630, as a weight bench, aims to provide its customers with supreme durability and comfort. The ergonomically built FID (Flat – incline – decline) design makes sure that you get the maximum amount of workout done while investing minimum effort. With a back pad with extra cushioning, an adjustable ladder back with seven positions and an astonishing weight bearing capacity of 1500lbs- it makes sure that the user gets the most of it. The assembly is a child’s play so that it won’t cause you much trouble. However, this bench means business, and thus falls under the above average end of the spectrum – if you’re not into serious weightlifting, you might not consider buying this.

Bowflex SelectTech Adjustable 3.1 Weight Bench

Bowflex SelectTech is a brilliant entry-level weight bench and comes with four adjustable positions compared to SelectTech 5.1’s six, which can be used for over 30 kinds of workouts and a further decline position, which is an added feature. The most attractive feature, however, is the leg hold-down brace, which assures your safety while working out in the decline position. Every fitness enthusiast could buy and try it out as a beginner. The assembly of the components are easy and doesn’t take up a lot of time. But, when it comes to weight capacity, this bench is pretty moderate. Moreover, after the installation, the whole bench takes up a noticeable amount of floor space. So, if you’re thinking of buying the 3.1, you should clear out some space.

Ironmaster Super

Ironmaster is a known name in professional fitness training industry and has a line of reliable products to sell. A sturdy, comfortable and trusted workout bench, the Super delivers what it promises. It has eleven customizable positions ranging from zero to eighty-five degrees, and also includes the flat and decline position. This is a very popular option that you may consider, and coupled with a line of compatible attachments like a crunch sit up, chin up bars and dip bar handles , this is an invincible choice that you can’t simply overlook. For a quality built product, it weighs surprisingly light 60lbs, and thus, is easy to move around the room. While you might feel that the height of the work bench is a bit too high, it won’t be a problem if you are moderately tall. Also, you have to buy the attachments separately and that could be a little saddening.

Marcy Utility Flat Bench

We move on from the fancy side of the market to the utilitarian side, and the plebeian Mercy SB-315 is a sturdy, well-built utility work bench that proves to be perfect for light exercise. This is a utility bench and does not come with a safety rack and other components which you might find in an average model. Made from 14 gauge steel, this utility bench can support a maximum weight of 300lbs. The assembly is super fast and will not cost you hours. Within a negotiable price range, this is a product on which users can trust.

Body – Solid Powerline FID Folding

For those of you who are just too eager to act upon a workout routine, the Body – solid Powerline comes preassembled and is determined not to cause you any trouble in the portability department. There’s a reason why this weight bench is the only foldable bench on the list. As ready as it gets, this product also packs durability and comfort and seven adjustment options including the decline. This work bench gets a straight A in the field of portability, and comes with wheels and the lifesaving option of folding and packing so that the users can install and uninstall it whenever needed. However, there is a complaint that the cushion comes off very easily. If you dream high but suffer from space constraints, this could be the perfect option for you.


The basics are the key and the work bench is the foundation to any exercise session. The work bench, as I already pointed out, not only increase the efficiency of your workout but also allows your trainer a greater hand at guiding you through the subtle nuances of cardio exercises. So, like any product when the basic question of whether a personal work bench is worth the investment in money and space arises, I would recommend that you procure one of these. A work bench is, after all, one of the basic things that you need to buy to get those muscles bulging and chiseled ! So what are you waiting for? Go, get one today!

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