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When it comes to exercise, one can just never go far enough. So what’s the fastest way to lose 500 calories an hour? Take a guess. The answer is the indoor spin bike. The indoor spin bike has slowly become an integral part of cardio workouts without which, most sessions remain incomplete. And considering the number of calories you burn there, I don’t see why a fitness conscious person would wish to skip that. There are far too many advantages of using the spin bike to count. For instance, you wouldn’t have to worry about traffic, you could choose from a variety of modes to exercise and they also do not require you to have trainers. All in all, it’s worthwhile to consider using the bike for its safety, convenient and great performance.

Reasons You Should Buy a Spin Bike

Indoor cycling bikes such as spinning bikes are an integral part of gyms. People who can’t afford to visit exercise classes on a regular basis but still want to stay in shape can create an indoor-gym by purchasing an indoor cycling bike. It is an excellent fitness equipment and allows users to prepare a workout schedule according to their convenience. The indoor cycle manufacturers sensed the nerve of the customers and came up with a series of cutting edge indoor cycles loaded with exciting features, stylish designs and compact size. Each bike is designed for a specific set of tasks. A bike that is created exclusively for light exercise is not fit for professional athletes.

Many people commit a mistake by thinking of spinning bikes as a generic term for indoor cycling bikes. Note that the terms Spin, Spinning, Spinner etc. are coined and copyrighted by Mad Dogg Athletics since 1990. Stationary bikes of this particular brand became so popular among the fitness fanatics that indoor cycling bikes started getting referred as spinning bikes all over the place. The copyrighted term Spinning denotes a specific workout program that focuses on improving endurance and body strength. I will try to stick to the term “indoor cycling bikes” for the most of this round-up. Hopefully, after going through this guide and the individual spin bike reviews, you will be able to choose the best spine bike for your specific needs.

If used correctly, some experts estimate that you could burn up to 900 calories on the bike. If you have had the opportunity to visit a modern gym, you would be surprised to see the amount of people using the Spin bike to derive the maximum. And while it is always cheaper to go to a gym than buying a bike, there are some benefits of owning a personal Spin bike.

Firstly, in the wake of its stupendous popularity, there is always the chance that you might be left waiting on the gym bench.

Secondly, the spin bikes ensure that the user sweats a lot while working out on it. What is more disgusting than inheriting a sweat mopped bike at the Gym?

Lastly, convenience is the key. A spin bike at home is more convenient than a real road bike as you can use it while catching up on your daily new or soap opera. There will be absolutely no one to disturb your workout sessions and you will be able to conduct them with ease.

However, you might note that buying a spin bike would be obviously a long term decision and therefore, you would need to consider carefully before investing. This is especially difficult when you see that the price of spin bikes varies over a large range. The good news is that because of this range, there is always something to cater to every kind of need and fit any kind of budget. There are a variety of ways to arrive at the conclusive decision of which bike to buy, I have tried to make this article one of the easiest and the most reliable of them all.

Aspects to Consider

Reputed brand like Spinning bikes offers state-of-the-art customization options. Being able to adjust the handlebars, seat height, position is a real big deal. The device should be flexible enough to conform to your body weight, height, intensity of the workout and provide maximum comfort by lessening stress from the joints.

You should always have a close inspection of the flywheel while searching for the best indoor cycling bike for yourself. Spinning bikes can be easily recognized by their finely polished, heavy weighted metallic flywheels which give fantastic resistance during rigorous workout sessions. It devises the sensation of riding a real bike. The forward momentum helps to keep the machine steady and balanced while you make fast movements, which is why spinning bikes are such a huge hit among fitness fanatics.

What distinguishes an ordinary indoor cycling bike from an advanced model is a crystal clear LCD display. You can keep a track of RPM (Revolutions Per Minute), level of resistance, enforced power, trip distance, and more, in the middle of exercising. It motivates you to push your envelop and achieve your ultimate fitness goals. Monitoring the workout statistics also makes sure you don’t overdo your capacity in order to gain quick results.

You should carefully check the resistance of the wheels of the indoor cycling bike before taking any decision. After all, what’s the point of workout if you can’t adjust the difficulty level as per requirement? You can reduce the pace when you are in a mood of light exercise and increase it when you are up for shedding some real sweat.

Adjustable pedals will help you to continue your Spinning for a longer period of time by providing great flexibility to your body. For a powerful bike ride, you also require racing style handlebars which allow you to shift gears easily.

One of the most important things to keep in mind while choosing the best indoor cycling bike for you is the weight capacity. The bike should be suitable for your body weight. Otherwise, you will face a tough time maintaining balance on it. I would suggest a model that can effortlessly sustain at least a 260 lb. weight. Light weight machines will only result in jerky motions.

The distance between the pedals and your legs will decide your comfort level while working out. Most quality bikes offer vertical seat adjustment. You can position the seat in multiple directions as well. Spin bikes have a cool water bottle holder which lets you stay fresh and hydrated throughout the workout.

Also look out for special features like MP3 jack, padded seats etc. that will help you to remain focused on your targets better.

Features in an Indoor Bike

Bike Computer

In an age dominated by the Internet, it would be prudent to consider the use of the computer. Though typically a feature of high-end indoor bikes- the computer helps track your workout regime, pedaling time and distance. This is particularly helpful when it comes to maintaining and checking on your workout schedules and to occasionally challenge yourself to beat your personal best distance. However, the computer is not imperative for an efficient workout, it, however, remains an extremely useful tool to increase workout efficiency.

Adjustable Pedals

From lanky legs to short ones, legs and their ability to not reach or overreach the pedals could spoil any workout session. That is why it is important that the pedals and the height of the bike are adjustable. This allows everyone in your house to use it irrespective of their height or foot size.

Simulation Consideration

Some bikes tend to use metal alloy wheels which, when turned, give the impression of a real-life outdoor cycling experience. This simulation also helps you have heavy workout sessions and leads to an increased calorie loss.

Water Bottle Holder

Sometimes, it is the smallest of features that make the greatest of difference. A simple water bottle holder could be the game changer. Indeed, during exercise, it’s important to keep your body hydrated so that you don’t get muscle cramps. A water bottle holder is not only thus convenient but also a sign of a well-made spin bike.

Advantages of Indoor Cycling

Indoor cycling, while being extremely effective as an exercise, takes the pressures of your knees. So while jogging could be a problem for people with weak joints, cycling is most certainly not. In contrast, running or jogging after a while becomes a problem as it puts various muscles under stress.

Nothing effectively increases cardiovascular function like indoor cycling. It facilitates the building of strong leg and arm muscles and helps reduce heart diseases and other health problems, thus, allowing you to lead a healthy life.

On an average, you tend to burn between 400 and 1500 calories per session on the Spin bike. This means that your workout session cancels out a major meal of the day. The cycling increases your metabolism rate and ensures that you keep on burning calories after the session.

Exercise has been scientifically proven to reduce depression and lighten the mood. The endorphins are released into your body when you are exercising, stimulate and revitalize you. And soon you would be asking for more. However, know your limits and don’t overdo your regime or over exert yourself.

While this is something you may not have considered, Spin cycling ensures that you have a full body workout. Impossible as that may sound, consider that while your feet are pedaling, your arm muscles maintain position gripping the handle and even your back muscles are required to maintain their posture.

Pedaling on indoor cycling bikes is a brilliant exercise for enhancing your fitness level. You will find numerous indoor cycling workout program videos over the internet. All you have to do is to put on a pair of workout shoes, play the video and follow the moves carefully. Saving time and energy are not the only purposes served by indoor cycle bikes. While vagaries of weather such as heavy rain, storm, scorching heat can force you to skip your gym session for a day or two, you can enjoy cycling in front of your television set at the comfort of your own home.

Indoor cycling is the fitness mantra of many celebrity body builders and athletes. According to gym instructors and fitness experts, indoor cycling is an excellent exercise for weight loss, improving cardiovascular system, lungs capacity and strength. It is also efficient for keeping the lower muscles toned and increasing speed. Cycling (both indoor and outdoor) are recommended for people of every age as it enhances the blood circulation and blood oxygenation, balances the level of cholesterol, thus keeping diseases like fatigue, heart diseases and arthritis at bay.

Activities like indoor cycling help you to work your entire body, not just the leg muscles. The user can alter the resistance level, enjoy riding in slow motion or increase the difficulty at different points. The amount of calorie you burn per workout session depends on factors such as your gender, weight, health condition, age and workout intensity. People who would like to opt for intensive workout for rapid muscle build-up will find Spinning bikes particularly beneficial for gaining adequate stamina.

The Best Spin Bikes Reviewed

Before getting into a detailed discussion on spin bikes, their advantages and essential features, let me give you quick round-ups of the top spin bike models to help you shed those extra pounds without rushing to the gym every morning.

Keiser M3 Plus Indoor Cycle

Years of tireless research and development are what brought a company like Keiser to the top, and when I’m reviewing the M3 Plus (stylized as M3+) spin bike, I can assure that this is the very best you can get for the price you’ve to pay. This cycle is perhaps the projection of a dynamics that every professional fitness junkie dreams of, and its minimalist futuristic design, coupled with a revolutionary magnetic resistance technology makes for a lightweight, noiseless, sturdy and everlasting product. Even if a bike like this one makes you invest a little more than the average market, it’s worth every penny out of your pocket.

However, as you may have guessed, this is not for everyone – only the serious minded should look for this product. With this giant in your home, you could get into fitness training with ease and lose weight in no time. 24 levels of magnetic resistance in the bike make sure that everyone, from a novice to a professional athlete, gets the right amount of exercise. The experience of changing levels is seamless and there isn’t any jerking.

This bike is also programmed to mimic real world motion, so burning fat becomes easy. However, while exercising, it makes sure that your pleasant daybreak mood does not get affected by annoying and disturbing noises, because the components that make noise in other bikes have been trashed to make a bike which looks just apt and self-content.

Another thing that steals the show is the computer attached to it with Bluetooth wireless technology. This, here, is another level of awesomeness altogether.  There is a computer interface at the frontal deck, where you can change magnetic resistance levels and keep track of your exercise. You can also sync it to your personal android or apple phone, and check the amount of fat you burnt, and things like that.

This, my friend, is where muscle meets brain. The amount of distance between two pedals (or, commonly, the Q Factor) is a tricky part, and while it should be low, too low could cause muscle pain. Q factor of the M3 plus hits a perfect 197mm, a result of long period of research. So, if you are dedicated to weight loss and want to completely rely on a spinning bike, M3 plus would be your bargain. For a couple hundred extra bucks, you get a great reliable bike which will hardly disappoint you, let alone cause you trouble.

Sunny Health and Fitness pro SF-B901

Sometimes, you don’t need another fancy spinning bike with packed luxury features and cutting edge computer console – it’s true, that sometimes, you just need a bike. The best thing about Sunny Health and Fitness pro is that it’s readily affordable and won’t burn a hole in your pocket. In an amount much less than a computer interfaced fancy indoor cycles, you get an efficient and reliable machine which makes sure that the most important thing that comes out of the machine is exercise. This is just about it.

Doesn’t matter if you are just a rookie or professional or just want to use some casual exercise to stay fit, this machine is a no-frills, hard-hitting option for any biking enthusiast. An ideal budget bike, this is basic, lightweight and no diggity and the 40lb flywheel helps to enhance the result of a workout.

However, even if lightweight, it doesn’t feel cheap – on the contrary, when assembled, this makes for a sturdy, durable and efficient product. The assembly is easy, and if you’re not hulk, the framework is permanent and long-lasting. Flywheels are a component in spinning bikes directly responsible for your cardio improvement, and a comparatively heavy flywheel provides better exercise.

The only drawback, perhaps, is the missing computerized features, though I can’t exactly say that they are a necessity for your workout. You sure can lose some fat with or without them, and if you are the guy who means business, then this makes for a long term investment at a cheap bargain.

Sole Fitness SB700

Sole fitness SB700 is a spinning bike trusted by the professionals of the industry. You could walk into any gym, health club or fitness training center and you would find one of these. If you don’t want to empty your pockets but still want to buy something trendy and efficient, this might be a compatible choice. The 48 pounds gigantic flywheel helps to achieve an effortless yet efficient experience. The manufacturers also kept in mind the aspect of extra comfort and seat cushioning and carefully designed handles for a reluctant grip. It supports weight up to 300lbs, so overweight users should not have problems with their machine.

A state-of-the-art computer interface helps the user to track useful data while working out, like RPM, distance, time, speed and calories burnt, and also possess the ability to monitor the pulse rate through an external device.

The only thing that might puzzle you is how to assemble it, because with a good number of components, it gets a little messy. However, there’s a guidebook that comes with the pack to help you out, and you can always consult Youtube tutorials. Apart from that, with a lifetime guarantee, the SB700 stays with you for life, and you will never regret buying it.

Schwinn IC Pro Indoor Cycling Bike

This model will appeal to veteran fitness lovers and novices alike. The Schwinn IC Pro has been ergonomically built to give to a real bike riding experience by mimicking the impact on wheels. It is an ideal equipment for long hours of intensive workout. It is equipped with cold fogged crank arms and cartridge bottom brackets, offers a great range of resistance level including linear increase which makes it capable to withstand heavy Exercycle Program.

It has an ideal 300 lbs. weight capacity and excellent adjustment of seats, handlebars, aft and fore saddles. The machine is 106 pounds in weight and measures almost 50 inches x 22.5 inches x 50 inches and. The impressive racing bike geometry, the 43 pound sturdy flywheels are its biggest plus points. You can customize your settings quickly, change the gears with ease in the middle of the exercise. The stainless corrosion-preventing pins can be tightened to maximize the comfort and security on the sliding tube.

Diamondback Fitness 510lc Indoor Cycles

With a terrific computer console and cutting edge technology that regulates and improves upon your workout routine, the 510lc is a true charmer. While the 32-pound flywheel gives you a casual, open air feeling, the 14 automated workout presets make sure that you’re getting your daily dose of exercise. And with heavyweight support, this is as comfortable as it gets for the overweight users to lose some fat.

Schwinn AC Performance Plus Indoor Cycles

AC really stands for Authentic Cycling, and this spinning bike by Schwinn is all about the premium authentic cycling experience. With supremely adjustable, lightweight and rust free body, is combined a magnetic resistance braking system with six brakes – something which ultimately results in a seemingly real-time biking experience. With a price tag that hurts you bad, Schwinn AC Performance plus is more about delivering an overwhelming experience rather than simply losing weight.

Sunny Health & Fitness Belt Drive Indoor Cycling Bike

It’s one of the best options available in the market if you are looking for a budget-friendly indoor cycle with great features. It’s fully adjustable handlebar, seats, unique belt drive mechanism provide a smooth workout experience. It is powered by an obdurate steel frame that keeps the bike stable during your energetic moves and a crank that easily conforms to the body weight of the user. Furthermore, it has an exceptionally swift mobility that enables you to carry the machine in any corner of the room without any trouble.

The 49 lbs. mighty flywheel can withstand extreme tension levels. Another highlight of the product is its weight capacity, it can efficiently accommodate overweight individuals. The sleek structure allows the athletes to strengthen their hips, upper body muscles fruitfully. The metal bottle holder helps you to sip on your favourite health drink time to time and pull your stamina notches higher.

Schwinn IC2 Bike

It comes in a stylish black tone and ultra-cool, compact design that generates the experience of outdoor biking in your very own home gym. You can customize the level of challenges, ranging from an uphill thrill ride to a downhill smooth sprint. Thumbs up to the superior quality grip, sturdy frame and heavy weight flywheel.

The thickly padded seat, corrosion-resistant steel tubing, advanced LCD monitor that shows real time workout stats and easy storage make it a highly sought after indoor cycling bike among workout enthusiasts.

Phoenix 98623 Revolution Cycle Pro II Exercise Bike

Phoenix 98623 Revolution Cycle Pro II is giving a tough competition to its rival counterparts for its flawless structure and direct-drive resistance system which allows placid fore and aft movement. A 39.6 lbs. flywheel stabilizes the bike and gives extraordinary fluidity while riding in rapid pace. The quick-stop brake system prevents the wheels from spinning as soon as you stop paddling.

There is also a tension knob which lets you regulate the tension level. The transport wheels add to the mobility of the 115 pounds machine. This product is exclusively crafted for professionals who need to train their shoulders, upper and lower muscles by exceeding the challenges.

Keiser M3i Indoor Cycle

Keiser M3i is packed with stunning technical features for trained professionals, albeit it is an expensive set but being one of the most advanced indoor cycling bikes for the moment, it does worth every bit of it. In this 45’’ long, 85 lbs. heavy indoor cycle, you will find Bluetooth wireless which can be connected to cell phone and tablets. Computer can transmit the workout stats to a receiver for projection on screen.

It has a fantastic resistance that will help you to experience the thrill of riding and lose weight rapidly at the same time. The cyclist can select the preferred type of ride including downhill sprint, hill climbing. The amazing impact-minimizing system controls the pulsating effect while you indulge in rigorous workout. Its stylish yet compact design doesn’t lend much of space in your room and can easily accommodate a user of 300 lbs. body weight. The latest black model has an added red flywheel guard.

Sole SB900 Exercise Bike

This spectacular indoor cycling bike has a spectacular design. This brand has managed to hold on a grip on the domestic as well as international market despite of its high price. The model is equipped with easy-to-use handlebars, thickly padded seats, bottle holder, and MP3 dock. The smooth transition of resistance level gives the user a silent yet energetic ride. The heavy-duty steel frame makes SB900 an efficient light indoor cycling bike.

You can adjust the seat horizontally or vertically according to increase your comfort level. Last but not the least, it has a backlit LCD monitor that displays accurate RPM, calories burned, speed and time elapsed. If you think that’s all, let me tell you, it’s not. It also includes a chest strap to keep a record of your heart rate. With a massive weight capacity of 300 pounds, it becomes a perfect fitness tool for heavy weight athletes.

The Final Verdict

The key to find a right indoor cycling bike or a spinning bike is researching with patience. Indoor cycles are some of the most popular exercise equipment around the world. But even the most reliable companies often fail to stand up to the expectation.

Indoor cycles or spin bikes provide the user with comfortable and efficient exercise while they remain at home. When buying a spin bike, you have to keep in mind about the factors like flywheel weight, comfort, grip, seat, and the computerized features. Not everything matters for everyone, and while some would need a heavy flywheel, some would be worried about whether the machine is capable enough to support overweight bodies. So, make sure what you want in your personal spin bike, keep in mind the budget and act accordingly.

All in all, the products mentioned above are some of the most popular choices for thousands of people. They have truly stood the test of time, to surface as the undisputed leaders in the spin bikes category. If this guide on spin bike reviews has been helpful to you in any way, let me know by posting a comment below.

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