Best Cross Training Shoes Reviews

If your fitness workout regime includes a lot of activities, cross training shoes are an ideal match with your workout. They are an excellent choice for your gym training. You could jog for 40 minutes on the treadmill and then switch to resistance training. The next day you might want to take on the elliptical for 40 minutes and then switch to aerobics after that. You could go for a mile long walk on the weekend and engage in basketball in your driveway. The same shoe can be used for a number of such activities that need a lot of downward force on the feet. Having the best among cross training shoes is, therefore, crucial to perform every one of these activities.

Best Cross Training Shoes for Men

New Balance MX20v4 Cross Training Shoe

New Balance prides itself on manufacturing shoes that fit, and I must say, that is true for this model. This yellow and blue shoe is an optimal fit as well as has a trendy appearance due to its no-sew design. Its does not weigh too much, thus giving you all the benefits that come with a light shoe. The foam in the midsole is lighter than what you may find in your average shoes, but have no doubts – it is just as protective and durable. The outsole is a Vibram variety, which is equipped for durability as well as traction. Rather than the typical 12 mm drop from heel to toe, this shoe only has a 4mm drop.

These shoes are meant to be used during your gym training. If you use them for what they are intended to do, they will last a good long while. They provide a reliable stability for your cardio workouts and weight training. Their main aim is to make you feel like you’re barefoot while still giving you stability. Remember not to use the shoes for roadwork as they don’t do too well on alfresco surfaces. You can use a sport specific shoe to complete all your outdoor chores.

You will undoubtedly be impressed by the way this cross trainer snugs your foot and provides a decent back to front and lateral stability. You could find yourself so absolutely relaxed in this shoe that you would want to add them to your daily wear. They provide enough support for working all day while still preventing leg and foot problems.

ASICS Gel Fortius TR Cross Training Shoe

These cross trainers have been designed with short distance running, rope climbing, weight lifting, and weight training in mind. They are a mesh shoe which comes with an AirMesh upper. Your feet will be padded by its gel cushioning and toe reinforcement. You may not find too much padding due to it being a low profile shoe, but the gel will mold to the contours of your foot. The pair is light to carry and you will get the feeling of being barefoot, while your knees and feet will be protected by the gel.

It has good traction with its AHAR rubber outsole, which makes it particularly convenient if you engage in kickboxing and weight training. Stability is crucial for the swift foot movements that are required in running, lunges, jumps, and squats, and this shoe does a good job at it.

It looks good in its yellow and black. If you feel and look good in your gym wearing these, you might even feel like not taking them off at all. But they are not meant for outdoor use. Their mesh is cooling and open, so if you happen to be outside and there is even the slightest drizzle, your feet will get wet immediately. They do help you avoid knee pain while you are working out.

Their only limitation is that if you have wide feet, the ASICS Gel Fortius shoe tends to get a bit narrow and is not available in wider sizes. However, buying a half size larger than yours should do the trick for at least some of you.

ASICS Gel Craze TR Cross Training Shoe

Crafted with specially imported and manmade material, this is another winning shoe. They are provide good shock absorption and enough breathability for a cool and comfortable experience. Even though it does not weigh too much, this shoe from ASICS carries a lot of versatility. Bounce-back is enhanced by its lightweight SpEVA midsole. This material is used in many of the shoes by ASICS as it keeps the midsole from breaking down.

Another pioneering feature is its flex grooves called Fluid Axis which are anatomically correct. Translated into common language, it means that when you are wearing it, the shoe will recognize your position and load and then adjust and react accordingly. Along with its gel padding on the rear side, this shoe also has the required flexibility for performing well in any activity at the gym. You can also depend on its ability to provide stability and traction.

Its style, comfort, and light weight will tempt you to use them in the form of a casual shoe. However, the one drawback that is common in all ASICS shoes is their narrowness. Like with most cross trainers, they are meant for indoor usage only. You will be disappointed if you try to wear them for long distance running or any other outdoor activity.

They are ideal for physical education teachers and boot camp leaders. After years of coaching others, you will start experiencing frequent discomfort in your knees and foot. That pain will be relieved to a great extent with this cross training shoe. These are a few of the features that make these shoes unique in the market.

Inov 8 F Lite 195 Cross Training Shoe

These shoes are well loved by athletes. This fabric shoe comes equipped with a rubber sole which has a Rope-Tec reinforcement for protection against rope burns. Created with the adhesive rubber outsole at the centre and sides offers a perfect grip and firmness while you are doing your fitness workout.

They weigh lightly, along with a 3mm drop. This means that you will barely even notice that you have any shoes on at all. They are available in various color variants and an awesome style. The Meta-Flex technology provides a groovy surface in the front of the outsole and this feature adds natural gait to your excercise.

. These shoes have been designed by experts for the purpose of off-road running are therefore quite flexible.

Inov 8, a company based in Britain, is now among the quickest rising brands throughout the U.S. It is quite durable and provides comfort for all cross training activities and recreational usage in addition. Rather than being only created for the gym like most other cross trainers, these shoes can do a reasonably good job in a lot of environments and terrains. You will fall in love with the way these shoes stretch and adapt to your unique foot.

PUMA Voltaic 5 Cross Training Shoe

This shoe is suitable for almost all training exercises, including running. This is a heavier shoe in relation to the others listed here. Comfort and a good backing are provided by the padded collar and tongue. Firmness and traction on the track are offered by its rubber outsole.

A padded sockliner gives you the best comfort and the lace closure wraps the shoes around your feet snugly. It is further provided with a TPU toe cap with reflective panels that gives you the extra protection on a rough ride.

This shoe’s style deserves some attention. The primary aim of Puma is to give you fashion, lifestyle, and of course sport, all in one shoe. While a lot of you would buy it for the luxury they offer your feet while training, some of you might also fall for their looks.

Unlike other cross trainers which are flatter and lighter, these shoes perform well even in long distance running. But the tough sole is still not to be used for running on the road for more than thrice a week, and only for 2 to 3 miles at a time. They are of course ideal for your regular gym while you do your cardio workout and lifting training. You will have the required amount of stability during your leg presses and squats. These shoes are also good for bikers as their width is a perfect fit for the pedal. Whether you are a nurse on a 16-hour shift or a soccer referee on the field all day, your feet will have optimum protection.

You will need to buy half a size larger as these too are narrow and small, just like all the others. Some of you might find them a little behind in arch support. However, these are not so great drawbacks as to warrant a rejection altogether.

How to Choose Your Cross Training Shoes

Arch: After you’re done exercising, if you experience ache in your feet, you definitely don’t have a shoe that corresponds to your foot contours. Study your feet and determine what kind of feet you have – high arched or flat footed. You can even ask the store staff to help you out in this. It would be best to go for a sole that has a lot of cushioning if your arches are normal to high. Seek out a neutral or stable shoe if your feet are relatively flat, as they maintain the natural position of your feet.

Uppers: The firms and supportive cover around the top of your toes and feet are the primary attributes you need to look for before finalizing your cross training shoe. You want a pair that will support you throughout but also has a material that is breathable. You necessarily need a breathable shoe if your feet sweat a lot while exercising. You can contemplate buying one with a leather upper if you require supplementary support. Cross training shoes are made with the aim of supporting all kinds of movement, ranging from the Zumba class to aerobics. So before you make your final decision, try to imitate them and make sure you’re comfortable in all of them. Your knees and ankles should feel that they are properly backed up.

Traction: Slipping up smack in the middle of your group exercise session is obviously the last thing you ever want to happen to you. Neither would it be a pleasant experience to skid right off of your treadmill. That is why cross trainers generally come with more traction than your average running or walking shoe. Try to twist on your feet’s balls and shifting from one side to the other while trying on different pairs of shoes. If the shoes feel like they are gripping the ground under you, you have found the right pair.

Different Kinds of Athletic Footwear

Walking Shoes: These have springy soles and are particularly designed for the promotion of an easy natural walking movement. Its cushioning is designed in such a manner that it will absorb around 1.5 times the weight of your body, irrespective of what size is your shoe. They are manufactured from a light and breathable material, like mesh. This feature will make walkers particularly grateful as sweaty feet become uncomfortable in no time. The best kind of shoes for walking are tread shoes, as they are relatively less deep and have an all-around grip.

Cross Training Shoes: They are supposed to offer added versatility for walking and for engaging in court sports like basketball and tennis. They typically have a firm support for the sides but don’t have a lot of padding, in case you are planning to for long runs.

Running Shoes: The aim of these shoes is to absorb heavy-duty impacts, and up to thrice of your body weight. They offer a considerable amount of lateral stability so as to regulate pronation. Their heels are higher and relatively heavily cushioned. They achieve the possible forward grip through their specifically designed sides and treads. Trail running shoes come with embedded solid guards that protect you from the bruising caused by any sharp rocks that you may encounter along your way. They are not as elastic as walking shoes.

Final Verdict

All the cross trainers reviewed above will provide you an excellent cushioning and support while you do your cross training. Just remember to buy a half size larger than you normally do so that the fitting doesn’t become an issue, and you’re all set for your workout. You will need to replace your pair of cross trainers every 80 to 100 exercise hours so that they don’t wear out and start giving you discomfort rather than comfort. Happy cross training!

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