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First of all, thanks for visiting my site!

I’m Sean, a fitness enthusiast. Resistance training is my favorite area of any fitness training program. I’ve been exercising using weights since eight years ago, now. So, I’ve gained much experience as well as exposure to plenty of different fitness regimes and equipments in the process.

Really, the only reason I created BodyAndGear was for helping people who’re just starting out with fitness programs and bodybuilding.

We strive to offer thorough reviews on gym equipments, fitness accessories and fitness in general. We also publish tons of beginner-friendly guides, fitness tips and other advice from time to time.

Here’s what our Editorial Team looks like:

  • Sean Clark – Editor-in-Chief
  • Thomas Hughes – Associate Editor
  • Amanda White – Associate Editor
  • Mason D. KellyWriter on Steroids
  • Tania RoyReviews Specialist

We’re all based in the States, and work remotely on the site. We publish basically three types of content:

  • Guides, Tutorials, How-to type of articles or any other informative stuff about fitness, bodybuilding etc.
  • In-depth, and I mean REALLY thorough, product reviews (dumbbells, fitness gears, weight racks etc.).
  • Blog posts that may be useful to beginners as well as people with an intermediate-level of knowledge about fitness training.

One of the major factors to consider when you’re buying fitness equipments is scalability. Sure, 20lb dumbbells might be the only dumbbells you would need for a month or two, but what happens when you need to scale that weight up? That’s why you can’t spend too much money on any single particular thing. But spending too less on anything can also be bad for your progress, as you only get what you pay for.

The right way to go about these things is to strike the perfect balance between cost and usability — and that’s where we come to your rescue. With our detailed guides, in-depth reviews and always available personalized suggestions at your disposal, you can be very sure that you’ll always be on the right track towards your fitness goals.

Let me be frank with you, I wasn’t a born fitness geek or anything. In fact, no one is a master of anything by default. I learned, and kept learning, through the years. In the process, I made several mistakes, till reaching a point when I feel confident enough about my fitness decisions and no longer have to regret about any of them. I don’t want you to be making the same mistakes as I did when I started out. That’s the sole inspiration behind me creating this website.

My personal experience dealing with other fitness enthusiasts like me tells me that getting involved in fitness, and buying equipments, happens rather suddenly for most people. In most cases, they don’t know what they’re buying/doing. If you’ve found the site useful, I’d be really thankful if you spread the word about it among your friends and maybe on social media.

Have any question? Want to ask me something? Don’t be afraid to! Feel free to shoot me an email: admin [@] bodyandgear.com

Hope you’ve found B&G helpful. 🙂 Let me know your feedback.