Best Adjustable Dumbbells Reviews


The humble dumbbell is the everyman’s free weight. It has had a long history and continues to be an indispensable piece of workout equipment both at home and at the gym. But that doesn’t mean they can’t be improved upon. Now, these workout essentials are available in an assortment of shapes and styles.

But among these, the adjustable variety appears to offer the most value for money, with all the modern conveniences and unique benefits that they bring. But this leaves the question: what are the best adjustable dumbbells in the market today? Well, without further ado, we’ve compiled the top three models for this year.

Bowflex SelectTech 552

Bowflex took the idea of adjustable dumbbells to great new heights with their quick dial adjustment system. Among their offerings, the SelectTech 552 has received the most favorable reviews from customers with its cost-effective and space-saving benefits. With a twist of the dial, you can switch to your desired weight in seconds.

As you may already have figured out by the name, each hand will let you start from a weight of 5 pounds all the way to 52 pounds. The small increments of 2.5 pounds (from 5 to 25 pounds) and 5 pounds (from 25 to 50) also ensure that you get effective progress minus the strain caused by adding weights too quickly. You can also read our detailed review of Bowflex SelectTech 552 adjustable dumbbells.

PowerBlock Elite 50

PowerBlock is another innovator in the field of fitness with their selectorized dumbbells that offer higher load-bearing capabilities. Instead of using a dial mechanism, these employ a simple pin-and-lever adjustment system for changing weights rapidly. They typically come in four different versions: Classic, Elite, SportBlock, and Personal Trainer, which all share the same aesthetics, but have different poundage.

The Elite 50 is the most popular of the bunch and offers a beginner-friendly weight range of 5 to 50 pounds. What’s more is they’re not just ideal for newbies, but for intermediate and advanced weight-lifters too, as the weight limit is expandable to a whopping 130 pounds at max. Additionally, the box-like design will let you use the dumbbells as push-up bars, which adds a whole new dimension to your training program.

You can read our full review of the PowerBlock Elite 50.

Bayou Fitness Adjustable Dumbbell

The Bayou Fitness adjustable dumbbell can be bought as a single or in a pair. It uses a similar concept as the SelectTech 552 and Elite 50, and it comes with its own housing base so that it does not roll around on the floor. With a weight range from 10 to 50 pounds, you have plenty of scope to do a lot of different exercises with this dumbbell, and grow with it as you improve your strength.

Universal Power Pack 445

Like the other models in this list, the Power Pak 445 will let save you save plenty of space, as it eliminates the need to purchase multiple dumbbells or separate plates and bars. It uses a dial-a-weight system similar to the SelectTechs, and can replace as many as 18 individual dumbbells.

The solid steel handles are coated in thermoplastic rubber to allow a comfortable and steady grip, while the weights are wrapped in thick foam to prevent them from scratching or denting your floors when dropped. This set is also the most cost-efficient of the three, as it comes bundled with a dedicated rack that holds your weights at an ideal height and keeps them organized when not in use.

Now that you have an idea about the best adjustable dumbbells, it’s time to get out there and see which one can give the most bang for your buck. Remember that while these models all have their fair share of benefits, the choice will still boil down to your specific fitness goals, personal preferences, and of course, your budget. You can read our full review of the Universal Power Pack 445.

Yes4All Adjustable Dumbbells


If you’re looking for some serious strength training without shelling out a hefty amount of money, Yes4All is the way to go. Boasting of solid chrome handles for comfortable gripping, spin lock star collars, and cast iron plates, it’s one of the better ones you’ll find in the under $50 range. Coming with a secure fit, they’re quite a good option for beginners as well.

Being rust resistant and durable are some of the other things that make them a truly value for money product given their incredibly low price.

So, who are dumbbells for?

It isn’t really surprising that dumbbells have become one of the most important fitness equipment, thanks to helping one achieve a wide range of fitness goals. The versatility they come with is surely something that has managed to impress quite a lot of fitness enthusiasts throughout the world, and made them as popular as they are today. From simply toning up your body to losing weight to building massive muscles, working out with dumbbells is the way to go.

Also, as probably some of you already know, there are a wide range of exercises you could follow using dumbbells. They all help one achieve different fitness goals, something that can be so relieving given that not many other fitness equipments manage to do that. They can be used to get your entire body in shape rather than just focusing on a particular part of your body, as well.

What’s more is, you can’t even give yourself excuses such as having less time, having to go to the gym to workout, and so on. You can exercise at the comfort of your home using just a pair of dumbbells. Also, there are tons of different types of exercises out there, which are simple enough to do on your own using the dumbbells. So there’s hardly anything that should stop you from exercising now. Can’t get any better than this, can it?

Let us now move on to taking a look at who exactly can consider using dumbbells for their fitness needs.

People looking to balance their body

Some people have a rather imbalanced body. Some of their body parts may boast of being strong and in perfect shape, while some others might seem far from being in a really healthy state. Sometimes, it may be just natural. However, there are also cases in which the person has fallen prey to performing exercises focused at improving only a single or a few specific parts of the body. Such exercises always tend to result in strength imbalances, and it’s surprisingly common nowadays, what with all the misconceptions about different types of workouts out there.

Hence, people who have such an imbalanced body may look forward to strike the perfect balance by going with some specific exercises using dumbbells. After all, using dumbbells is a great way to train some specific parts of your body, and get rid of all the strength imbalances it’s currently going through. There are a few highly effective dumbbell workouts that help you do it, and surprisingly enough, they’re usually incredibly simple.

People looking to get their body in shape

This is a common issue as well. A surprisingly high number of people throughout the world complain about not being in shape. There can be a lot of reasons for this though, but regardless of what they’re, dumbbell exercises are here to help you with that as well.

There are quite a few dumbbell exercises that seem to be focusing solely on getting your body in shape. Again, they’re usually very easy to follow, and may start showing pleasantly surprising results in as less as just a few weeks.

People looking to lose weight

Oh, and what about people looking to shell out a good few pounds off their body? They’d love dumbbell exercises too. To a lot of people’s surprise, dumbbells aren’t just for building massive bicep muscles. As mentioned above, there is a wide range of fitness goals you can achieve using them, and losing weight is no exception.

There are some specific exercises using dumbbells for losing weight as well. It’s usually recommended to start small, and probably even try different exercises over a course of every few days to see which ones work the best for you.

Those who’re still using barbells

Well, no offense meant to those who love working out using barbells, but dumbbells surely offer quite a few significant advantages over them, and hence can be considered by those who’re still sticking to barbells.

One of such advantages is the versatility. Dumbbells are far more versatile than barbells ever could be, and this is something that makes them a much better fitness equipment.

On the other hand, not all types of exercises one can do using dumbbells can be done using barbells, and that alone can be a reason for a lot of people to replace their fitness equipment from the latter to the former. As for the other advantages, you’ll probably only get a feel of the overall difference if you decide to go with dumbbells for a few days at the least.

Almost everyone!

Hey, you don’t have to fall under any specific category, including the ones mentioned above, to go ahead and work towards staying fit using dumbbells. There are some general dumbbell exercises as well intended for everyone intending to stay fit and in good shape.

What’s so special about dumbbells?

Well, there’s so much more to talk about dumbbells. However, one of the important things you might want to know about is the advantages they offer. Surely, you’ve already gone through quite a few above, but they are usually for some specific people looking for some specific solutions. The ones mentioned below are some of the most crucial advantages of using dumbbells for almost everyone who decides to give them a go.

Doesn’t require more space or time

One of the biggest issues associated with most of the fitness equipment is the space and time requirements. Also, a lot of them may need another equipment too, sometimes even more than one, to workout using them. This can mean a lot of expenses as well.

Also, such equipments usually require a lot of space. Now though it may be fine with some, it may just not be practical for some others. After all, not everyone can have a separate room to keep all their fitness toys, and here’s where dumbbells can be such a great option if you’re looking to workout at home.

Furthermore, unlike most of the other fitness equipments, they don’t even require one to spend a lot of time exercising with them. However, they probably help you achieve the same, if not better results.

These factors clearly give them an upper hand over their other counterparts, as one wouldn’t have to disrupt their life in any way for being able to workout at the convenience of their home.

They help one achieve some serious strength

Well, if you’re looking to grow stronger, there may not be many better options out there than exercising with dumbbells. They’re a great way to grow stronger, and given the number of people who achieve that using dumbbells, it hardly needs to be proved.

A lot of people also turn to dumbbells for growing the muscles to a great extent, and hence it’s no surprise they’re tremendously popular for helping one grow their muscles significantly.

A wide range of exercises can be done using them

Most of the other fitness equipments allow one to only use them for a specific purpose, and usually, one can only use them for doing a particular exercise. On the other hand, dumbbells can be used to do a wide range of exercises, and therefore, achieve a wide range of fitness goals.

It’s also probably worth mentioning that dumbbells can be used to perform literally all the exercises you can do with barbells. However, it’s obviously not the other way round. You can’t do all the exercises with barbells which you can using dumbbells, such as single-arm and alternating-arm exercises. You’d actually have a huge number of exercises to look forward to, using dumbbells.

Low cost

Well, this is a more practical benefit of working out using dumbbells. They’re incredibly cheaper when compared to their other counterparts, who’re usually priced many folds the price they’re offered at. This, coupled with the fact that despite being tremendously expensive, other fitness equipments can be used to perform only a single type of exercise, makes them way less favorable option than dumbbells. Dumbbells are instead available at a very cheap price and can be used for performing way more exercises.

They’re safer

Dumbbells hold a lot of surprises for you as far as the advantages they offer are concerned. They pretty much seem to be offering the very best of almost everything, and safety isn’t an exception either. They’re considered to be a lot safer than barbells, not to mention the other complicated fitness equipments. This is especially true when it comes to exercises such as the one-leg squats or lateral box crossovers. You can’t put the barbells down while following these exercises as easily as dumbbells, and this is where they again seem to be having that much needed edge.

Things to keep in mind while shopping for dumbbells

Anyway, enough about the advantages now, you probably now know the rewards of getting yourself a pair of dumbbells. So let us now move on to discovering some of the important things to keep in mind while deciding on a particular set of dumbbells.

Deciding on the type of dumbbells you want to go for

There are different types of dumbbells out there, almost all intended for achieving different goals. Here’s some of the most common and popular types of dumbbells and what they’re best for:

  • Adjustable dumbbells: These dumbbells come with a metal bar surrounded with weight discs at both the ends that can be easily adjusted by taking them on and off the outer portions of the dumbbells using the clips. They’re believed to be a great option for strength training as well as growing muscles.
  • Fixed-weight dumbbells: As the name suggests, they come rather fixed with the weight discs, and you can’t adjust them. They’re best suited for simply toning up your body.
  • Aerobic/plastic-coated dumbbells: They usually weigh just around 1-3 pounds, and come with a plastic coating allowing easy gripping. They’re usually the recommended option for losing weight as well as those who’re looking to start out with exercising using dumbbells.

What type of workouts you’ll be following?

You might also want to decide on the type of workout you’re looking to do with your dumbbells, as the size tends to differ for different workouts. Some of the common workouts are:

  • Chest workout
  • Bicep workout
  • Back and triceps workout
  • Shoulders workout
  • Quadriceps workout
  • Triceps workout

So for example, as quads are much bigger than biceps, you’d have to go for a heavier pair of dumbbells for strengthening them than the latter.

Deciding on the weight you can lift

It’s something you need to be careful with, and not overestimate yourself. Doing so may result in some serious injury as well as other complications. Usually, one is recommended to start small, and gradually increase the weight in order to find out the maximum weight they’re comfortable with lifting. This may usually be around 1 to 10 pounds. However, if you’re looking to build some strength or muscle volume, the weight you might want to lift will probably be in the range of 15 to 40 lbs.

The price factor

The pricing of dumbbells varies widely, depending on the quality, size and other factors. You might also want to consider if you’ll just be buying a pair or two of dumbbells or want to own a small collection. As far as the most affordable ones are concerned, you can find quite a lot of decent ones for as low as well under $50.

Deciding on the material

This also includes the quality. The adjustable dumbbells are made up of metal. If they come in contact with too much water or humidity, they’re bound to rust. However, thanks to their engraved crosspatch, they’re quite easier to grip.

On the other hand, the plastic and rubber coated ones won’t rust, but may require weightlifting gloves to grip them properly when your hands get sweaty.

A Final Word

Dumbbells are by far the most flexible workout equipments money can buy. It’s not just about the flexibility alone, either. They’re also beginner-friendly, and absolutely safe for almost everyone unless you are picking too heavy dumbbells for you. So, if you’re just moving up from free weights, dumbbells can be great option for you. The prices are usually really cheap compared to various other fitness accessories, and that helps the dumbbells generate a really high bang for the buck.

Among the three main types of dumbbells, the adjustable variant is by far the most versatile, as well as value for money. Not to forget they’re fairly new in the market. All these reasons make buying a pair of adjustable dumbbells a no brainer for anyone looking to get started with resistance training.

Best Wrestling Shoes Reviews

Wrestling, as a form of combat, is as old as mankind. Surprisingly, many of the moves and holds that we practice today have not changed one bit from the ancient times. They are exact as in some archaeological reliefs found in Egypt and France. So what has changed, in the period of nearly 15000 years of wrestling? It has changed its motives. Now, more than ever, wrestling is an entertainment sport, rather than a way to fix conflicts (however, that is most definitely still on the table). And in its journey from the mud arenas to the ring, there is one more modification that this sport has acquired- the wrestling shoes. Like any other amateur and professional sport, wrestling too has its specialized active gear, and the shoes are an important component.

They have to be extremely light and flexible. While wearing them, the wrestler should feel as if he is barefoot, so that the movement is free and unhindered, but At the same time, giving enough traction to the wrestler. They also provide support to the ankles. They are high topped for the ankle support. Another feature of wrestling shoes is that they have high arches which allow the wrestler to stay on their toes more. Your footwork becomes faster and agiler when you are constantly on your toes.

Best Wrestling Shoes Review

Adidas Mens HVC Wrestling Shoes

The HVC wrestling shoes are eye-catching and at the same time, extremely comfortable. Alongside that, there are overlays of two more materials, one of which is synthetic suede and another is synthetic leather. These help in making the shoes more durable and yet keeping them light weight. There is also a single layer of mesh for added breathability and endurance. There is another layer of protection for the tied up laces. There is an elasticized lace cover, which uses Velcro to secure your laces once tied. This prevents distractions and accidents, and makes the look sleeker. The cover strap is built for a cozy fit and improves the adjustability of the shoe by increasing the tension in the foot.

The outsole runs along the entire length of the shoe, giving you better grip and traction while standing on the mat. The sole is made of rubber and gives superior grip to you for your bouts. They give you perfect comfort because all the materials used are high quality and Adidas delivers on its promise of excellence in active wear. They are ideal for both training as well as competition. However, while training, you might want to avoid extremely hard ground, they work fine in the ring, though. They are light weight so you do not feel as if you are dragged down by heavy foot gear and allow for agility, at the same time, ensuring superior mat contact and grip.

They are highly practical and yet the signature Adidas triple strip adds a dash of glamor to the whole thing. Add to that, the texture of the suede and other features and we have a great combo of style and performance. However, you are advised to make yourself sure of the shoe size before buying because wrestling shoes fit a bit different than the regular ones.

ASICS Men’s Aggressor 3 Wrestling Shoe

The Aggressor line of ASICS wrestling shoes has been a favorite since long. They are really good shoes that keep on improving with every new version. The aggressor 3 is made of synthetic material and is breathable and, at the same time, durable as well. The upper part of the shoe is made from suede ecsaine and has been redesigned to look super classy, and also makes for a great fit and comfort. The tongue is made from mesh for superior breathability. Another added and improved upon feature is the lace garage.

The aggressor 3 offers extraordinary comfort for the wrestler on the move. The duo rubber sole has molded teeth on the sole that gives better balance and agility and also speed. The dual benefits of great grip and even greater flexibility make it a top choice for any wrestler who is serious about his game.

Although they are a bit steep, there are quite a few reasons as to why they are such a favorite. They are super comfortable and you cannot hope to find a better fit. This is not just a personal opinion, practically, everyone that I train with it has high praises of these shoes and they live up to them. They are also very durable and will give good results on the investment. The grip they provide is exceptional. Especially, the side grips which makes traction possible even when you are not perpendicular to the ground. For a sport like wrestling that involves so many positions and stances, this is a blessing. So they are durable, fit well and provide great grip. They tick off all the boxes in my requirement list and more.

ASICS Men’s Split Second 9 Wrestling Shoe

The Split Seconds from ASICS are a great shoe for a wrestler on a budget. They are moderately priced and provide a great experience. I have used a pair as a training-only pair and was highly satisfied with what I had. The material is both synthetic and mesh, combining durability and strength with breathability and comfort- a win-win situation. They are split soled shoes, meaning that they make for greater speed and agility. They are good for wrestlers who are very quick on their feet and very sure of their movement. The split sole allows the wrestler to move as if he/she is barefoot. This is very good, especially in quick-paced matches where every nanosecond matters and your movement should be quick as lightening.

The mesh upper which is extremely breathable helps in keeping your foot cool and sweat free. Perfection can never be achieved without comfort. They are good for wrestlers with flat feet and also help in keeping you on your toes. Since the split sole divides the area of the heel and balls from the area of the toes, the strain on your arch is minimal and you will not feel the pain of plantar fasciitis. Also they are very flexible, and the split sole does not hinder the movement of the feet in the least. Their grip on the mat is also commendable. They are a good recommendation for those who suffer from flat feet and overall a sturdy and dynamic specimen.

Adidas Wrestling Men’s Combat Speed 4 Wrestling Shoe

These shoes are a dream come true for the wrestling teams on the lookout for shoes that would match their team colors. These come in 27 different color combinations, and I don’t know about you, but the flaunter in me just did a mental jig. Variety is not the only thing that this shoe has to offer. These shoes are super-duper light, and the ones who have used them swear that they fit them like a glove, or in this case, like a sock. The mesh provides breathability and the leather gives support and durability. The complete shoe is a combination of mesh, single layered body, suede leather upper and synthetic leather wherever required. The outsole is made of split-suede and makes the best possible grip and allows you a great traction on the mat.

There are 3 TPU strips in the middle of the shoe that add to the integral support system, consisting of a strap in the upper part of the shoe, alongside the paneling. These two combined gives your foot the better-quality support it craves in a bout. It gives you the stability and the confidence to perform your best, without worrying much on the balance point of things. The mesh body allows the air to flow and helps to keep your feet cool.

The midsole has their patented EVA technology, which provides an arch to your foot and keeps you on your toes, ready for an aggressive attack. The grip of this shoe on the mat never falters and there is an added Velcro support at the ankle. The Velcro enclosure secures the laces so that they do not come in the way of your performance. These shoes have been recommended to me by many for their fit and their support. And after trying them, I have to say that they live up to the expectations.

Features of Wrestling Shoes

  • Lightness- They have to be extremely light and flexible. While wearing them the wrestler should feel as if he is bare foot, so that the movement is relaxed for better flexibility.
  • Traction- The wrestlers need good traction so that they can stay on their feet. The primary objective of wrestling shoes is to allow for friction between the player’s feet and the mat.
  • Ankle Support- Wrestling shoes are high topped so as to provide ankle support to the wrestler. Ankle related injuries are quite inevitable in this sport and therefore, I’d advise you to look for a shoe with ample ankle support.
  • High arches- Good wrestling shoes should have high arches. Why high arches? Because it helps enhancing your feet’s agility, resulting in faster movements.


Things to Keep in Mind While Shopping for Wrestling Shoes

Although you barely run in wrestling (read: do not) as compared to other sports, yet, surprisingly enough, shoes are a very important part of wrestling. The right kind of shows will let you move freely and at the same time provide necessary traction. Right footwork can either make or break the match point, and your grip on the ground is the crucial factor between winning and losing. You have to be very careful while choosing your wrestling shoes. Here are a few things you need to keep in mind to select the best shoes for you.

  • Split Soled or Not– Wrestling shoes are of two kinds. Split soles and non-Split soles- the former have a full-length split in the sole, where it is made up of two different pieces of rubber. It mimics the natural movement of the foot better and is good for speed. The other one has one single piece of rubber along the entire length and breadth of the sole. It might be slower but is far more durable because no part of the sole’s less sturdy material is exposed. If you are low on a budget and not too much into competitive wrestling, the latter should work just fine for you.
  • First-Timers– If you’ve never bought a pair before, it would be a good idea to observe, and if possible, try on the shoes of other friends or teammates. You can try out different kinds of shoes to see which one works for you. You will also get an idea about the sizing differences in different brands, and get a better idea of what specific size from a particular brand fits you well.
  • Another sole related topic is spiked or not. On one hand, the spiked shoes are far better for traction and grip, but on the other hand, they make balancing a tad bit difficult. Are you sure enough of your balance to take the risk? Varies from person to person.
  • Material of the shoes ranges from mesh to leather. Mesh is lighter and more breathable, and is good for you if you tend to sweat a lot. Leather is more durable and protective. Again, it may vary according to personal choices and you should try different varieties before settling down for one. Synthetic materials are the latest innovation in the field and incorporate both the traditional materials to give you the best of both worlds.

You can also have two pairs of shoes at a time, one for practice and the other for matches. Let the practice ones face the daily grind, and keep the better ones safe for matches. After a season, you can discard the now (hopefully) worn down practice ones, make the match shoes your new practice shoes, and buy a fresh pair for your matches. One thing is of paramount importance, do not buy a shoe unless if you are completely satisfied with it.


Wrestling shoes should be thought of as an investment. They are as important to a wrestler as learning a new move. Although they might be a bit expensive, they are necessary all the same. And any wrestler serious about his training should choose his shoes very carefully. But, just being expensive does not necessarily translate to being the best. You ought to do your homework before investing in a pair. As the more time you spend on the training mat, the sooner you will wear out your shoes, there is not much point in going for the really expensive pair. They will wear down regardless the price if you train hard in them. Do not hesitate to exchange or return a pair if it does not meet your expectations. Your performance depends on your gear and you should not take any chances with it. Hope this guide helps you in finding the perfect pair to fit your needs.

Best Mountain Bike Reviews

Mountain bikes are not meant for a specific kind of terrain, rather they are extraordinarily multipurpose bikes which can be ridden on in all kinds of terrains. They come with suspension and higher capacity tires in comparison to your common bikes. These features permit them to offer comfort and increase traction even if you are on bumpy cross-country paths. There are several variations of mountain bikes, depending upon the wheel size, frame geometry, as well as the degree of frame suspension. Selecting the proper mountain bike for the sort of riding that you want to do will play a vital role in your performance and comfort. This is what this buying guide will do for you.

Best Mountain Bikes for You

Diamondback Overdrive Sport 29er Mountain Bike – Nashbar Exclusive

This bike is meant for beginners, yet it comes with a plethora of features. Its pricing is quite reasonable and easily affordable. It has been designed in such a way that it can meet a number of biking demands. You can simply use it in the manner of a mountain bike, or for the purpose of commuting. You can even take this bike for fun riding around your neighborhood.

An aluminum alloy frame, which is handmade, and with light weight and strong tubing, is used in the construction of this bike. Don’t let its feather-light construction fool you into thinking that it won’t be suitable for rough paths. It has an exceptionally strong framework which can readily keep up with the needs of relatively rocky mountain trails. Its Shimano components, which comprise of an Acera rear derailleur and Altus shifters, guarantee longevity and a smooth swinging.In addition to that, the bike gives you supplementary stopping power and a better control through its Shimano hydraulic disc brakes.

A steep head tube angle and a short bottom bracket elevation offer the experience of an awesome ride on even flowy paths as well as uphill. You will not come across any issues in converting the wheels to tubeless. There is nothing decorative about the X4 components, but they are quite efficient at their job. Contrarily, the mechanical disc brakes will require you to spend more energy in pushing it down. But it is also true that they are a lot more powerful than any of the V-brakes or cheap oil. Clean the fork after riding and your bike will work fabulously!

Mongoose Impasse Dual Full Suspension Bicycle (29-Inch)

This one is among those few bikes in the industry that bring together performance, comfort, and style to provide you the definitive experience of riding a mountain bike. The one feature that makes it stand out from all other bikes is its 29” wheels. It is perhaps the biggest size in this market and various attributes make it a particularly lucrative deal. One such attribute is that the big wheels are perfect for producing an enhanced momentum in the bike, especially when you are on loose grounds or uphill. This, in turn, requires a reduced effort on your part for handling such terrains.

The bike’s dual suspension feature also makes it a unique product. It has suspension forks on its front wheels as well as the rear wheels which make for a convenient ride on rugged territories. The forks on the front side pad your upper arms shield them from the shocks that you are bound to receive on bumpy terrains. Working in harmony with the front forks, the rear forks also protect your lower body by absorbing the shocks directed towards those parts of your body.

Its motorized disc brakes, present on both sides of the bike, offer a great amount of safety in relation to other mountain bikes. They are a lot more efficient as compared to the linear pull brakes. Moreover, these brakes are powerful enough to give you a wholesome stoppage in risky conditions. This hands over to you a complete mastery over the bike in situations of any emergencies, all while still certifying your security throughout the whole ride.

Schwinn High Timber Men’s 18 Mountain Bike

This is one tough, sprightly and resilient bike, offering you a way to explore the hidden wanderer inside you without having to go for a pricey model. It is comprised of alloy brakes, 26” alloy wheels, SRAM grip shifters, 21-speed drivetrain, SR Suntour suspension fork, and a steel frame. Its high timber warrants you a smooth ride, quick braking, easy shifting, comfort, stability, and a responsive handling.

All of us have crashed our mountain bikes at one point or the other. You could either have been practicing moves that were above your pay grade, you could have been on an incredibly bumpy terrain, or your bike itself was difficult to handle. The latter is the most common cause behind bike crashes. This is precisely the reason that Schwinn has come out with a bike which features SR Suntour Suspension and a steel mountain frame. This helps in smoothing over the bumps, resulting in a better handling of the bike as well as the terrain you are on.

If you are one of those who loves to skim up and down the slopes, and over a taxing terrain, then one thing most important to you are the gearing of the bike. This mountain bike has SRAM grip shifters, an alloy crank, and a 21 speed Shimano rear derailleur – all necessary things for swift and efficient gear changes when you’re out cruising. The bike might require a few component replacements and adjustments at first, but that doesn’t mean that it is not a fine quality and reliable bike which will stay with you for a long time.

26″ wheel Roadmaster Granite Peak Men’s Mountain Bike

This bike possesses all the 3 elements that are vital in any good quality mountain bike – reliable brakes, efficient shifting, and a good suspension. Its front suspension forks cushions you from the jolts of unexpected drops or bumps in the road. When you are riding a long distance, this will mitigate the pressure on your lower back, which is the shock absorber for your body. The tires too play a role in dampening the effects of such hazard on the roads.

Just swipe your hand, and you will find that the SRAM drive twist shifters have moved in the blink of your eye. Changing gears is completed efficiently, and you get 18 variations in the speeds, with their wide array of gears, via the 3 part mountain crank. It comes with linear pull brakes, which are also popular by the term V-brake. They offer a dependable stopping power and can adapt quite easily.

A big advantage with this bike is that it can fit almost all kinds of riders. Its handlebars and seat can be lowered as much as possible. This offers the even someone as short in height as a mere 5 foot 4 inches the possibility of having a comfortable ride. By corollary, a taller rider can be accommodated as well by simply elevating the handlebars and seat as much as you can. This bike may not be suitable for the purposes of a competitive and serious bike racer. Also keep in mind that the seat can get a little uncomfortable if you are planning a long distance ride. However, this bike still is a very good alternative for average riding.

Diamondback Bicycles 2016 Overdrive Hard Tail Complete Mountain Bike

This bike provides you with a safe riding experience without putting a dent in your pocket. Its ingeniously designed rammed aluminum frame is a favorite with a lot of long distance riders due to its sturdiness and strength. It is readily accessible and quite budget friendly. Another reason for its popularity is that it is a very lightweight material, which is why it is the best option in the manufacturing of mountain bikes.

This bike comes with 24-speed changers from Shimano. This is an especially useful feature if you will be using your bike for competitions and sporting. The shifts in gear are a complement for the vast size of the wheels which enhances the performance of the bike as a whole.

Hydraulic disk brakes are being used by more and more manufacturers now, over the linear pull brakes. The latter are unproductive, so they are going out of fashion. They were liable to malfunctioning in wet or muddy circumstances. Disk brakes, on the other hand, are way better as they do not rely on the current weather conditions. This bike is one such model that has benefitted from this change.

The huge wheels of the bike, 29 inches to be exact, are crucial in raising the level of the bike above ground, according to the rider’s comfort. They also result in an increased traction, the force of which is required to cross over the bumpy surfaces. The steel suspension forks, located on the front side, also improve your comfort specifically over rough terrains, such that your body feels no shocks from the ride. The saddle can be adapted to different heights, so a lot of people can consider buying this bike.

This bike does not have a dual suspension, meaning there are no rear suspension forks. This reduces your comfort while riding by a big margin as your lower body will feel all riding shocks. Another limitation is that its big wheels could be an obstruction for short people. But considering the price and quality of this bike, such small matters can be compromised with.

Schwinn Protocol 1.0 Men’s Mountain Bike

This bike can be your companion on any and all of your mountain biking escapades. If you’re up for a challenging ride, you will have enormous power, a smooth ride, and maximum control over your bike. Most of its features are the same as any other mountain bike, and still, this is a bike unlike any other. Read on to know why!

It is equipped with an aluminum dual suspension frame, and the steel rear triangle provides it additional support. It has a solid framework that is resistant to rust and has the capacity to carry heavy riders without bowing down under their weight. The structure also offers an efficient ride, so that daredevil bikers can handle off-roading easily.

This bike gives you an unbelievable gearing with its Shimano EF-50 trigger shifters. They make swift, precise and efficient gear changes, and function in harmony with the Shimano Altus rear derailleur. You get a peak control over all kinds of territories as well as a progressive power. Whether you are off to work or venturing on new paths, you will have a range of 24 different speeds to choose from.

It is also popular for its top notch rims and tires that maintain a good level of traction in all circumstances. The knobby tires have an amazing grip whereas its doubly fortified alloy rims are light and strong.

Your new Schwinn bike might need a little bit of fine tuning. The seat is a tiny bit hard and there’s no place to store a water bottle or a hand pump. Even though it’s only an entry-level mountain bike, it can fulfill all of your demands – be it off-roading or riding on paved roads.  

Alton Mammoth Fat-Tire Bike

Gone are the days when you had to feel awkward about having a fat bike! Today you’re simply missing out if you haven’t got a fat bike. You can choose from a lot of fat bikes out there, but the Alton bike stands out from the rest. This bike has been designed keeping in mind that passionate cyclist who also wants to experience the versatility found on a mountain bike. It warrants you a consistent fun in whatever terrain you drop it into!

It has an alloy frame of 26 inches, weighing about 36lbs. It may not be the lightest weight frame found in the market today, but it’s not at all hard to maneuver and control the bike. One advantage this frame has in relation to the lighter ones is that it is much more stable and sturdy. Therefore, it can support both heavy and light riders in an equally good manner.

The gearing of a bike determines your speed at every point of your ride which makes it a very significant aspect in mountain bikes. This bike has Shimano Tourney 7-speed rear derailleur which works in conjunction with the 44T alloy crank arm and the Shimano 7-speed shift lever. These components give you the required speed while you are cutting through trails and tracks. The suave shifters change rapidly the moment you feel like adjusting your speed.

It comes with Promax disc brakes due to their reliability and efficiency. They function very well even in muddy and wet situations. You never need to worry about your brakes failing! The only drawback is that the seat and bell might need replacing, but that doesn’t cost too much.

Diamondback Laurito Hardtail Complete Mountain Bike

Diamondback has certainly made a reputation for itself by giving out such a wide range of perfect bikes to choose from. The quality, cost, efficiency, and durability of its bikes are what make them so awesome a riding experience.

The quality of its tires and 27.5-inch wheels makes sure that you have an easy and convenient ride in various kinds of terrains. The huge wheels provide such an amazing grip to the surface that it can handle any kind of weight. This bike from Diamondback can deal with cracks, dirt, gravel, and debris in any territory, thus offering you luxurious rides for long durations. The shipping weight of this bike is around 40 pounds, so you can carry it with ease if you ever need to walk in a rough terrain. You can even pack it up easily for transporting it somewhere.

You need to be increased comfort if you are planning to ride long distances. This can be readily accomplished by simply adjusting your seat to whatever size you desire. This also makes it ideal for riders of any height. A saddle wider than is usually found in bikes also increases your comfort during long rides. In addition, it comes with powerful linear brakes that can be applied pretty confidently whenever the need arises. Their mechanical disc allows them to respond with haste when you want to take a break.

This is an incredible bike for short and long trips alike. You can choose from a number of sizes and colors, depending upon your needs.

Which Is the Right Mountain Bike for You?

I know it can get pretty confusing to decide upon the one mountain bike that fits all your needs from the numerous options available these days. Downhill if you are crazy about riding without a care in the world, free ride if you don’t want to push your way all through downhill, cross country if you want speed, or all mountain if you can’t make up your mind. So here I am to help you choose the right one!

Cross Country Mountain Bikes: The cross country variety is thoroughbreds, being the lightest in weight and the smoothest in pedaling. These are created for routes that are long distance and more walking trail style. Despite the lightness of their weight, they can deal with a considerable amount of bumpy surfaces. They are a great option if you like getting competitive or would simply prefer a racier bike.

But it is not built for big downhills. Although it can make big drops and jumps, it won’t be as comfortable as you might expect. Cross country bikes incline towards a comparatively shorter suspension and are less bouncy as a result. This will lead the shocks right to your butt in a markedly rough manner. And have no doubt, you will feel it once you cross the jump. But then you can be off and ride in no time once again before the big suspension frames cease bouncing.

All Mountain Bikes: These bikes came on to the scene when customized trail centers gained a lot of ground. It is an ideal choice if you want an easy ride uphill, but later want to go hard on the downhills. Their weight is a pay grade above the cross country ones, so you might find it a bit harder in comparison to pushing them up while on an uphill trail. They are still made for pedaling, thus the name All Mountain Bikes. So they are ideal for those trails where the uphill journey is not too taxing for you.

A larger suspension and tougher frame give it extra weight. Your jumps and drops are absorbed to a significant amount by the suspension, thus, enabling you to maintain your speed throughout the trail. You can easily get through the hard bends, and all that added travel just adds fun to your journey. You will realize the difference between ending your ride with chattering teeth plus shivering, painful forearms and coming to a standstill with a smiling face and a blasé air.

Free Ride Mountain Bikes: These are the kind of bikes you want if you feel like having a full-on downwards rig. They have the schematics for countering any downhill path and the power to keep you from getting hit by a deck because of a shattered frame. Just so you can accommodate, these bikes can go uphill as well.

These bikes give you heavy tubes and a big-ass suspension, yet the wheels are lighter than your typical downhill bike. This is possible as one of the major things keeping you from giving your best is the rotational weight of a bike wheel. Hence, it is the best zone to cut down on so as to give you enhanced acceleration and pedaling. So if you want to just attack the trails, a free ride mountain bike is your answer.

Downhill Mountain Bikes: The opposite of a cross country rider is the universe of a downhiller. This is a species that avoids the uphill like greens are avoided by the fat kids. If you aspire to be a downhiller one day, you need to have a slight concern for your own safety and a predilection for XXXL clothes. They are only built for one single thing – remaining in a single piece in the bumpiest of terrains. They can get through extreme drops and make humongous jumps feel like nothing – all because of a great suspension which absorbs all those shocks.

Never even try to get one of these hulking fiends to go uphill unless you want to get a heart attack. But take it downhill, and you will experience a gliding, silky and smooth comfort along with the confidence to strike anything.

Types of Mountain Bike Suspension

Rigid: These bikes do not come with any suspension so they are not that popular a choice. They take lesser maintenance and come very cheap, but it would be preferable to have a bike with a good suspension for a better comfort level. A lot of fat bikes are rigid as bikers feel that the low tire pressure and the wide tires give all the cushion required to soak up all the bumps along the trail.

Hardtail: They derive their name from the fact that they feature a suspension fork on the front side for absorbing the shocks on the front wheel, but none on the rear side of the bike. They are generally more affordable as compared to bikes that come with full suspension and have a lesser amount of moving parts. This converts into lesser maintenance. Very often hardtails have the capacity to padlock the front fork if you want a completely rigid bike.

Cross-country bikers are generally more inclined towards these due to the fact that they offer a direr direct power transfer between the rear tire and the pedal stroke. They are super easy to manage on an all mountain trail. Their affordability and simpler maintenance make them the ideal alternative for all kinds of mountain biking, except the serious downhill trails.

Full Suspension: These are available in a lot of varieties. The basic idea behind this feature is (for both the sides of the bike) to cushion you from the shocks of a rough terrain. This enhances the traction and provides you a more exciting and forgiving ride. These bikes absorb much of the trail chatter and bumps along your way, but they can also sometimes “bob” so that you will some bit from the energy transfer if you are climbing uphill. That is why almost all full suspension rigs come with the option of locking out the rear suspension so that there can be a better power transfer and a smoother climbing experience.

Wheel Size of Mountain Bikes

All adult sized bikes came with 26-inch wheels until not so long ago. This size is still available, but when you go to a bike store now and ask about mountain bikes, they are very likely to ask you which size wheel you want.

27.5 inches: These bikes give you the best from both the worlds of the usual 26-inch wheels and the 29ers. They roll over surfaces more easily as compared to 26-inch wheels, while being more maneuverable in relation to 29ers. These wheels are often a part of both hardtail and full suspension rigs.

29ers: Wheels 29 inches in size do prove to be a bit slower in acceleration, but when they begin moving you will be able to cover significantly more terrain and far more easily than if you are on a 26-inch wheels bike. They are better for long distance rides as they maintain a high level of momentum and their attack angle is higher. So the wheels pass over trail hurdles smoothly. They are quite in fashion for the cross country bikers. And they are fitted with full suspension, hardtail, and rigid rigs.

Mountain Bike Frame Materials

The frame of a bike has a wide influence – over its price, riding quality, longevity, strength and weight. The most ordinary material used in the manufacturing of mountain bike frames is an aluminum alloy. Expensive models come with a lighter aluminum frame due to the manufacturer expending more effort and money during material selection, manufacturing process, and the tubing design.

Carbon fiber, titanium, and steel can also be used as a frame material. Inexpensive and sturdy, steel provides a smooth riding experience but is quite heavy for a bike. Strong and light, titanium is quite expensive for mountain bikes, unless they are quite a high end. Carbon fiber is used very often for all mountain bikes, high-end trail, fat bikes, and cross-country bikes due its light weight and strength. However, it is relatively pricey due to its requirements of a labor-intensive manufacturing process.

Mountain Bike Gears

If you multiply the number of front chain rings with a number of cogs on the cartridge, you will have the number of gears on a bike. Mountain bikes come with a wide array of gears, ranging from single speed to more than 30 gears. But things get complicated once you account for the various permutations and combinations of teeth numbers, cogs, and chain rings.

But the only things that you need to consider are your fitness degree and the kind of terrain you will be riding on. You need to go for more gears if you will be climbing up a number of steep hills and find it a challenge. On the other hand, if you’re an experienced rider or if you only bike on even surfaces, you can do with only a few gears which keep your bike light in addition. This is because you will not require a lot of low gears to go up on a hill.

These bikes conventionally feature 2 or 3 chain rings in order to offer a variety of simpler gears for climbing. But now mountain bikes with a wide ranged cartridge of 9 to 11 cogs and single chain rings are quite in trend. Single chain ring bikes are simpler and lighter.

Final Verdict

Whatever your budget may be, you can always find a reasonably priced mountain bike that meets your riding and lifestyle demands. Apart from the brand and price, another important feature to consider is whether to go for a full suspension or a hardtail bike. Factors like your riding surface, riding style, budget and individual choice can assist you in determining the right kind of mountain bike for yourself. Happy biking!

Best Road Bike Reviews

Have you ever felt the wind flow right past your ears, while you are whooshing past objects? I am sure most of you have, and even if you have not, believe me when I say this. It is an exhilarating experience!

Constant pedalling in order to create as much distance as you can from the people and objects that surround you, the swift manoeuvres that you make while dodging a passing car or taking the next turn to your destination, the ease with which the light body of your vehicle submits to your every whim and fancy is something that a road bike delivers with ease.

Road bikes, often referred to as racing bicycles, are machines that work wonders by giving you more than your fair share of exercise and comfort accompanied by an ease of access. The etymology of this beast can be easily traced to the terrain it is supposed to be used upon – the road.

These bikes attract individuals who take interest in competitive sports, fitness enthusiasts and those who go around cities for a cause.  However, these bikes are not to be confused with the ones that are meant for mountaineering, commuting, and other activities.  

And the Journey Begins

Road Bikes, as you can see above, fulfill a large variety of objectives and goals. Racing, exercising while commuting to and from work, casually wanting to discover the town or seeking to have an adventure, these bikes will help you fulfill whatever you want! I have recently realized that the bike is literally nothing if we do not count the different parts that constitute the whole.

Without the cranks, cassettes, brake pads, frame and fork, there is no bike. Special attention needs to be paid to all of these parts of the bike. These pivotal parts do not stop after you have purchased the vehicle, it is a permanent factor throughout the time you own the bike and choose to ride it. The parts need to be maintained, taken care of and whenever the need arises, be upgraded.

The Defining Features

The Frame

Optimized for running smoothly on paved platforms, the body of this vehicle is crafted out of components that are absolutely light. Carbon and Aluminium are generally used to make the frame of a road bike. Butted aluminum tubes are an important addition.  They are lighter, have thicker ends and handle a lot of stress that falls on the joints.

Carbon fiber frames are great too. The fiber can be easily manipulated to ascertain the properties this frame should have. Alloys that do not compromise the overall weight of the bike are often used too. Titanium and Steel are favored as well.

The frame is probably the most important part of the bike, this one remains with you as long as you have the vehicle. It is also a non-upgradable part. Thus, it requires much more attention while buying than the rest. Make a smart move here, because you might be sticking with this one for quite some time! Sloping and flat top tubes along with short seat posts become an important part of the frame. I would recommend you to buy one whose frame fits your size and height for smooth riding.  

Handle Bars

A dropped or a curled handlebar is an identifying feature of the road bikes, although some of them do offer ones that are flat. The dropped handlebar is accompanied by a number of benefits. While climbing steep terrains, the tops can be held on to for a better grip. Hoods on the handlebars are covers for the brakes, they are also used in order to stretch out while riding.  The curls at the bottom allow a better position to be taken when you want to speed things up!


Generally, road bikes are provided with dual-Pivot brakes/ traditional rim brakes. These brakes do not have a lot of mud clearance, but are cheap, require less maintenance and can be upgraded easily. Disc brakes are the alternative. They do their job honestly on both wet and dry terrains. Slightly higher on the maintenance level, these brakes can be a great addition for people who like to discover the unexplored!


Road bikes come with narrow wheels. Unlike mountain bikes, these ones use a lesser number of spokes. Lighter wheels rotate much easily because of having to deal with less mass. Rims are deeper and wider, keeping in mind the aerodynamics that is deemed necessary for such a vehicle to run smoothly.

The idea is that wider and deeper rims allow for a much more hassle-free ride as well as take better care of the flat tire situation. This particular appendage comes at quite a price and it is not feasible to keep changing it day in and day out. In my experience, extensive research on wheels is not harmful. It has not only helped me avoid a couple of terrible accidents but has also managed to keep my bike maintenance cost to a minimum.


In order to maintain rolling resistance, tires are narrower and often fit with a center stripe. This also allows the bike to run at high pressures and speed! New discoveries and findings in aerodynamics make this a constant process. 23mm wide tires were the standard that biker community upheld, but now everyone is moving towards a more comfortable 25mm and 26mm ones. Racers find such tires useful in their manner of providing great turning capabilities and their ability to absorb shock.


One of the defining parts of a bike’s comfort level is the seat that comes along with it! Sparsely padded, long and pointed, the seats on a road bike are quite often perceived as uncomfortable. It is always better to stick with this rather than opt for the soft and cushiony ones.   The soft and cushiony seats are not suitable for long hours of travel. Because of the nature of the activity that follows a road bike, you should not mess around with the one thing that you rest on.

My advice to you would be to check out the width of the seat that is being offered and ask for another one if it does not suit your hip.

Cassettes and Chain Sets

The two important features which define the number of gears that road bikes will have are these. Chainsets are located in the frontal part and can have up to three chain rings. Different combinations are available for different activities.  The 53-tooth outer ring and 39-tooth inner ring combination is preferred by people who like to race. I like the 50-34 teeth compact chainring combo, it helps me to pick up pace easily whenever I want to!

The Cassettes are attached to the rear wheel and usually have up to 11 sprockets. The number of sprockets in a cassette affects the gear ratio used by an individual while cycling.

More sprockets would help a racer speed up quickly, and would also help riders pace steep terrains easily.  More teeth present in the cassette indicate lower gears on the bottom which makes it easier to cycle up hills.  However, in the chainset, a lesser number of teeth indicates lower gear available up front.

Group Set

A more direct method in looking at the transmission and brakes of your road bike would be to notice the group set that is specified in your bike’s description.  Shimano, Campagnolo, and SRAM are the most prominent names in this category. Each level or model in a group set is set according to the price, weight and performance of the bike.

Sora, Tiagra, 105, Ultegra, Dura Ace and Shimano Di2, for example, are 5 levels of group sets that Shimano manufactures on the basis of the aforementioned categories.

Veloce, Athena, Chorus, Record and Super Record are different products of Campagnolo. Apex, Rival, Force and Red are group sets offered by SRAM. All groupset manufacturers try to make sure that the gear transmission and braking pattern do not have to be accessed differently. The left gear-shift manages the change in the front, whereas the right one operates the cassette. Shimano and Campagnolo offer electronic versions of their models for easier shifting too.

I would suggest that you take a look at all of these technical things that will help you decide which road bike would be suitable for you according to your needs. It is necessary to keep ourselves up to date so that we do not get entangled in the web of unnecessary problems.

A higher-end group set, which houses powerful brakes as well as better gear controls and usage, in my opinion, would be the best choice for someone who loves to race. Imagine how all the extra effort you had to put in for the last 4 laps in a race is simplified to a great extent! Would that not feel amazing?

Apart from the technical specifications, you should also stress upon the look and feel factor while choosing the best road bike to accompany you in your adventure and pleasure rides.

Apt Size and Fit

Buying a road bike just because it is a bargain or because it has the best specs in the market is not a wise move. Apart from all the technical issues listed above, there are a couple of other things that should be kept in mind while taking the call. It took me a long time to decide the size of my first bike.

The size and fit of a road bike are very important because of the continuous usage both rider and vehicle have to go through. Being in the same position for a considerable amount of time is something that most of your activities would possibly account for. Thus, sticking to a weird position on your bike, for long periods of time, can lead to pains and aches rising from muscle and spine injuries. Damage to the posture and certain bodily parts is absolutely unavoidable in scenarios like this.

Bikes are generally measured keeping in mind the size or length of the seat tube. The measurement is often presented in centimeters. Some companies categorize sizes in small, medium and large. It is always advisable to look at the size chart provided by the companies minutely, take a call and then try the bike out once before buying the product.

However, here are two things that will help you immensely in order to select the perfect size, keep on reading:


The conventional, entire body measurement is not what I intend to draw focus on in this arena.  The distance that is left between the upper tube of the bike and your genital area while you are not seated is what matters here. It is advisable that you leave at least a space of 2 inches or more, else during emergency circumstances, you might find yourself in a lot of pain! It becomes very important to test this measure out not only because of the potential awkward painful situations but also because of the control that one should reserve over the bike.

Stretching Arms

If the distance between your genital area and the top tube along with your overall height becomes the reason for your dilemma while making a choice between two sizes of bikes, then I have a solution.

The amount of ‘arms and the upper portion of the body’ stretching you have to do in order to be comfortably seated as well enjoy the ride should become your decisive factor while selecting the best road bike money can offer. With the curled handlebar, road bikes emphasize quite a lot on your ability to access these with ease. If you are not able to use the handlebars properly, even while being parallel to the top tube, it is not a good investment. It goes without saying that with a restricted access there, you would not be able to maneuver the bike properly and face lots of problems trying to control it. You can blindly skip such horrible options.

If the reach of your arms (arm span) is longer than the body, then you should opt for the bike having a larger size. This means that you would not have to bend a lot and put yourself in an uncomfortable position, your arms can easily run the show. If your height is significantly more than the reach of your arms (arm span) then a short sized bike would be a better choice. Your body would not face difficulties in bending to a certain extent and on top of that, the handlebar can be easily accessed as well.

Other Crucial Factors to Keep in Mind

It is not only the size that makes a difference but also how different parts of the bike fit your comfort and needs. The seat can be easily adjusted and changed, the material set to the users fancy. The position of the seat and the height on which you have to sit and paddle is also something to worry about. Handlebars, in this scenario, can be custom made, lowered and raised. Putting spacers right on the steering tube is a simple solution to such a problem.

Stems with increased length for maintaining proper reach is easily available. Bike-fit services are in practice to handle problems of such nature. My take on this is that you should always know what you want, how you are expecting your bike to perform. All the features necessary to fit the bill should be present in the vehicle prior to the purchase. It saves you a whole lot of money, time and stops your precious bike from coming under the hammer on a regular basis.

You must always remember that even if the price is sky-high, and the bike looks extremely wonderful with out-of-the-world specifications, it would do you practically no good if it does not fit you. It is always advisable to go to a shop, get yourself sized and then purchase the bike.

Helmet, gloves, kneecaps and elbow caps are investments that should be made. Clipless pedals, glasses, and shoes are also an interesting set of objects to obtain. A Puncture repair kit, locks, and lights are a must if you are going to spend a lot of time on the road.

Reviews of the Best Road Bikes of 2016

Bianchi Allroad 105

Weighing at 10.25 kg, the Bianchi Allroad has a triple- butted aluminum frame with options for a carbon or an aluminum fork. The dropper post function allows you to have more clearance on the saddle. Even on difficult terrains, the lever can be easily reached and worked with.

The Shimano 105 gear set and the Shimano BR-RS785 brake set give this road bike a tremendous edge over others on off-roads. 35mm Kenda Medium Tyres and the Reparto Corse DRAW 1.9 Disc provide greater clearance on rocky surfaces. Nonetheless, its performance on the tarmac is relatively low because of its tires weight.

Specialized Allez E5 Sport

With the D’Aluisio Smartweld technology being used for its aluminum frame, this entry level bike does wonders on the road. A Shimano Sora group set which houses derailleur, the cranks, and the brake levers and 25c tires provide a comfortable, fast paced and controlled experience. The Allez E5, because of its aluminum frame, provides ample road feedback for you to understand the situation and condition of your wheels! The bike takes some time to get up and going about speed but performs greatly once that point is reached.

Specialized has added the 25c Espoir sport on both the wheels, a puncture resistant film that stops most of the dreaded flat tire situations. With the 11-32t gearing range with the 50-34t crank in the frontal part, the machine clicks easily to shift gears and move up the speeding ladder. All in all, a comfortable ride, with custom made seats, a tube that allows riders to stretch their backs, an aluminum frame that absorbs most of the shocks and a slick handlebar, the Allez E5 sport can easily turn out to be a good investment.

Giant Defy 3

A road bike that focuses on daily usage, and does not try to fight it out with others on grounds of speed and weight, the Giant Defy 3 delivers everything it promises. Fitted with a Shimano Sora nine-speed transmission, the 50/34t system and the sprockets on the rear wheel tend to work just fine in tandem. It is easy to cover steep terrains with the 11-32t cassette at the back. The brakes (Tektro Calipers) are a little low in terms of performance.

It takes a little more time to bring the bike to a halt. However, this does not mean that the bike is absolutely out of control, the brakes do not perform as per the expectations. Giant supplies its own tires, S-R4, which is made from good rubber compounds in order to offer better grip on the tarmac. The saddle and the bar tape are sufficiently padded for comfort. It might not be the fanciest of bikes, but it does its job quite well.

Merida Ride 200

Let me tell you, powering up this bike requires a lot of pedaling which is not good. However, this happens to be one of the few bikes that focus more on the position of the rider than the overall acceleration. If you suffer from terrible back or neck aches, you would not need to spend a lot trying to re-configure this bike as, to my utmost delight, it does not force you to ride in extremely uncomfortable positions.

Merida ‘Rite Lite’ aluminum, a customized metal, is used to make the frame and carbon is used for its fork. Both of these things help the bike and its rider from wasting a large chunk of energy, as well as to make the bike a lot sturdier. The Shimano Octalink crank is combined with the Shimano Sora nine speed gearing. It has a relatively slow gear shift mechanism up front which is covered up by the fantastic plastic chain-catcher that prevents drops! If you prefer cruising without compromising heavily on comfort, this is the one for you!

Focus Cayo Al Sora

Triple butted alloy frame along with a full carbon tapered fork and an internal cable routing makes this one of the lightest bikes for its price in the market and offers the rider an insane amount of control. The vehicle has a low geometry and allows for better handling controls, once you lower the handlebars.

The Shimano Sora Gearing set changes gears easily. Equipped with a 50/34t crank and an 11-28t cassette, the bike is provided with a huge array of possible combinations for a desirable ride. Schwalbe Lugano 25c tires, along with a high spoke count make the wheels more durable.  The Tektro brakes are not up to the mark but do not compromise on safety. The Cayo Al Sora is a good find for individuals who want to race.

Trek 1.2

The Crank that features in this bike is a 50/34T, square tapered FSA model.  A Shimano HG400 with an 11-28T set and 9 speeds is the cassette that accompanies the Crank.  It is pretty easy to shift gears on this crank and the 11-28t cassette stands out as one that is not only useful for new riders to get their hands on but is equally efficient in terms of dropping gears, climbing steep and hilly terrains.

The 23mm/c tires provide a larger clearance, while the bladed spokes make the wheel look extremely fancy. This tire set incurs losses because of the less volume of air it can hold, leading to incapability in absorbing shocks on the road as well as facing problems while cornering in momentum. The Tektro dual pivot performs poorly in this model. It adds to the problem faced during cornering. All of these issues aren’t intense enough to be a deal-breaker, rather they can be fixed easily by upgrading each of the parts.

Cannondale CAAD12 105

Awarded Bike of the Year 2016 by both Cycling Plus and Bike Radar, this is probably one of the most dependable machines in the market.  Sculpted from aluminum alloy, CAAD12, is extremely light and beats both Shimano and Ultegra in the weight category because of its advanced hollow-forged alloy construction. The frame and fork together manage to keep steady on rough roads and deliver the right amount of feedback to the rider.

A Mavic Aksium wheelset accompanied by 25mm/c Schwalbe Lugano tires makes sure that the rider does not face troubles while cornering by pressing down and creating more friction amongst other things. A Cannondale Si-52/36t for the Crank and an 11/28t cassette make transmissions to both higher and lower gears easier. Weighing 8.1 kg, this road bike is nothing short of a wonder!

Cervelo R2 105

Boasting of a frameset that is similar to the one present in the Paris-Roubaix winning R3 model, the Cervelo R2 105 delivers quality through a trickle-down effect. The feedback received from the road is perfect. Every contour, hole, and disruption are easily felt on the bike and maneuvering it is not tough at all. Standing on the pedals and making the right turns increases the acceleration of the device manifold.

The Shimano RS010 wheelset and Vittoria Rubino tires help in doing all of the above as well as maintain velocity throughout the ride. The Gossamer Pro Bike Callipers work efficiently to pull rough stops and make firm finishes.  An FSA Gossamer crankset and Shimano 105 shifters along with derailleur combine beautifully and allow riders to shift gears and pick up the pace easily.

Lapierre Xelius SL600

A Tapered full carbon fork, a carbon frame that claims to be 850g complete internal cabling and a press-fit bottom bracket make the Xelius SL600 a good specimen of modern day bikes. The seat cluster arrangement is quite amazing. The top tube splits three ways with the upper section curving up to touch the seat tube and the rest of the two parts pass on each side of the seat tube. It gives the seat much more strength and durability than a lot of others.

The rear absorbs much more bumps in a better manner, even if the geometry of this bike is racy. Xelius SL600 makes climbing steep terrains fun, as if it does not take a lot of energy from you! It also comprises of  Mavic Ksyrium Elite wheelset, moreover, the width has been increased to 17mm and the 4D rim milling process lets the bike gather a lot of street creed.

A full Ultegra groupset minus the cassette and chain gives the bike an amazing amount of power.

BMC GranFondo GF01

A ‘Compliance’ seat post, Shimano RX-31wheels and an alloy cockpit account for GF01’s bump absorbing mechanism. It is responsive even on rough surfaces and manages to give proper road feedback to the riders. The GF01 fancies a total Shimano group set, starting from cranks to cassettes and chains to brakes. The wheelset, as mentioned above, also belongs to Shimano. A 50/32t crank combined with an 11/32 t cassette makes riding this bike smooth, both in hilly steep terrains, rocky uneven surfaces or for that matter, plain unperturbed tarmac.

The cables are placed externally, making it easier for them to be changed in case you feel like having an electronic gear-kit. ‘Tuned Compliance Concept’ is a system devised by BMC to provide both stiffness and comfort. The bump absorption mechanism mentioned above dropped seat stays, and the customized top tubes are all a part of it. The Granfondo GF01, thus, is a good investment to make.

Wrapping up the Road Bikes Saga

Someone who does not take care of the bike properly will often enough face problems. I suggest all of you to always keep in mind that the initial parts provided by the company are not to last a lifetime. They should be upgraded while keeping in mind the requirements and the condition of the existing parts. It is important that you care for your bike like it is another human being, it will definitely give all the love back double folded.

Last but not the least, you must have noticed throughout the reviews listed above that how the stiffness of the frame is important and has been stressed on multiple times. It is important that you pay enough attention to this, so that while you are gliding through the streets like a free bird, you do not fall prey to sudden disruptions. Have a great time hunting bikes and finally putting it out there on the road to experience the thrill!

Best Weightlifting Shoes Reviews

Every shoe is designed keeping a specific purpose in mind and what is seen to be a commonly made mistake is that we tend to use the same pair of shoe for every task. Are you into weightlifting sessions and your old shoes wear and tear very quickly? Then it is time for you to get yourself a new pair of shoes that have been engineered especially for weight lift training and will definitely take your performance to a whole new level. Also, it is advisable to invest once in a good pair of shoes that will last you a long time instead of buying cheap ones that you’ll have to replace repeatedly.

What is So Special about Weightlifting Shoes?

Before buying a pair of shoes, it is important to know how weightlifting shoes are different from others and some of their features. Weightlifting shoes have a very little amount of cushioning and do not compress even when a lot of pressure is applied to them. As a result, they allow the wearer to pull the weights much higher so that they can be easily lifted. Also, these shoes have a raised heel which improves your posture while squatting, making it much more upright and correct. These shoes are much more stable and provide the much-needed support while lifting heavy weights.

The best thing about these shoes is that they allow the wearer to produce a lot of force because they stay in place even when pushed really hard. So, while doing any weightlifting activity or squats or deadlifts, these shoes are ideal. They also activate more muscle which, in turn, improves your performance. The right pair of shoes will manage all your force and see to that it goes in the right direction without any wastage.

Cons of Using Other Shoes for Weightlifting

In case someone uses some other shoes such as running shoes while doing weight lift training, then they are subjecting themselves to unnecessary hazards. These are some of the problems one can face if not using the right shoes for a specific sport are listed below.

  •   Instability: Walking shoes come with a lot of cushioning that provides additional comfort and doesn’t let the wearer tire out easily. Even though this is a great feature, it is not at all desirable in a weightlifting shoe as you are looking for stability. And if the shoes have cushioning then it will be really hard to predict their behavior which in turn won’t allow you to control the technique and lift weights properly.
  •    Energy Loss: If the soles of the shoes will absorb all the force you apply towards the floor then it won’t be directed towards lifting the weights. Consequently, even if you give it your best shot, you won’t be able to get the desired result as you’ll lose your power and strength unnecessarily. If the lining of the sole has air or gel, it will reduce the impact which is not what you want while weightlifting.
  •    The Risk of Injury: When you lift heavy weight, you need as much stability and support as you can get. If your ankle and heel aren’t secure, it will become really hard to balance the weight. And in such a sport, taking all safety measures is mandatory.

Now that I have established how necessary it is to buy the right shoes, not only for a better performance but also to save oneself from any foot injury, let us take a look at the things that will help you buy the best shoes for yourself.

Buying Guide

In order to buy the perfect pair of shoes for your weightlifting regime, you must keep a few features in mind that will help you in making the right purchase. But you needn’t worry as I have done the research for you and below I will list all the things you should look at carefully.

  •    Fit: If it fits perfectly, then buy it. When it comes to shoes, nothing is more important than getting the right fit. It should feel as if it has been designed only for your feet and it should neither be too tight nor too loose. When you are lifting weights, you should feel really comfortable because only then you will be able to deliver a good performance. If the shoe is too tight or it is too narrow then you will feel restricted and uneasy and as a result won’t be able to focus on the workout. On the other hand, if it too loose, your feet might move too much inside the shoe and the heel can also lift which can become very distractingly. So you must know your exact shoe size and then buy a pair that fits you perfectly.
  •    Type of Weightlifting: It is really important for you to know what kind of weightlifting you’ll be doing most of the time. Because only then you can decide which shoes are perfectly suited to your needs. For instance, if you are doing Olympic weightlifting then you should buy shoes that are designed specifically for that purpose. In case, you are a power lifter then there are various companies such as Adidas and Reebok that offer powerlifter shoes. Or if you are going to do cross training, then you should select shoes that you are comfortable in, while doing different types of exercises and trying new workout regimes.
  •    Material: After you know the type of weight training you will be doing primarily, the next thing of note is the material used in the shoes. You must not compromise on the quality of material used in the construction because that will determine its longevity. Leather and synthetic material are a good option as they are lightweight and also durable, so they will last you for more than one season. If the material is of not good quality, then you might be able to buy the shoes for a reasonable price but that won’t be a wise decision for the longer run. So, even if it seems like an investment once, it is much better to go for a good quality product that can be worn again and again.
  •    Weight: While doing weightlifting, you do not want anything that pulls you down. And a pair of heavy, bulky shoes would do exactly that. It is essential that you go for lightweight shoes that are very comfortable. In fact, most weightlifting shoes are designed using materials that provide durability without having too much weight. Synthetic materials and polymers are usually used in such shoes as they are comparatively lighter materials. Synthetic leather is also a good option as it lasts long and is quite tough. Some shoes have a special designing in their midsoles, such as a die-cut design that allows the sole to be lightweight and provides a comfortable grip as well. Even the heel should be non-compressible but light so that it doesn’t add to the overall weight of the shoes.
  •    Foot Flex: Contrary to popular belief, there is, in fact, a lot of movement is required in weightlifting. In case you need to catch a weight or a heavy ball, you’ll need to be on your toes, get the weight and then fall back on your heels. Only a shoe that is flexible in the forefront region will be able to allow this sort of movement. And as there is practically no cushioning in these shoes, they can be quite tiring if worn for too long. So, a shoe that is flexible and gives enough room to your feet for the necessary bit of n movement would be absolutely perfect. Finally, also keep in mind that the heel of your foot must be securely placed and shouldn’t lift while exercising.
  •    Comfort: This brings me to the next feature which is actually a pre-requisite for most shoes. Only more so for weightlifting shoes as it is undoubtedly a tedious sport. And here I am talking about hours and hours of training sessions and if you have to be on your feet for long periods of time, then having a comfortable footwear is a must. Also, while weight training, you will be required to do some warm-up exercises as part of your daily routine and for that you will require shoes that provide stability and comfort simultaneously. Especially while doing squats, the majority of the weight comes on the toes and after that on the heel, so only stable shoes will be able to bear the pressure without any compression.
  •    Stability: If you are a serious weight lifter then you will undoubtedly know the importance of stability in shoes. When you’re lifting so much weight above your head then you must be cautious about keeping your feet in place. The Adidas and Nike shoes in this review have been known to provide the best stability possible and as a result, they are quite popular among lifters. Most shoes have a dual closure above the laces that ensure proper stability and support. Also, if the lining is single throughout then it is much better and the lesser the cushioning, the better it is suited for weightlifting.
  •    Durability: If you want shoes that last you more than one season then you should take a look at the material and design to make sure that they can withstand all that pressure. Synthetic leather can last a long time and won’t undergo much wear and tear. If the shoes have softer materials, they might feel more comfortable initially but won’t last a long time. Sturdier materials have a longer break-in period but will eventually be better in the long run as they will last you a long time.
  •    Olympian and Power Lifts: If you are preparing for the Olympian weightlifting competition then two lifts: snatch and clean and jerk, are what you will have to do. Both these require a lot of movement so you will want a shoe that can easily accommodate all the added weight and pressure that your feet will undergo. And you are doing the power lifts then the main focus will be on deadlift and back squat. For these movements of the body, all the weight should be equally distributed throughout the body. This will only be possible when you have shoes that can support not just your weight but also the weight that you have lifted high in the air. And in case you bend down, then again enough support should be given to your ankles so they don’t twist.
  •    Appearance: Even though this is the last one on my list, it cannot be ignored. You should buy shoes that look good on you because if you feel good, chances are that you will be able to perform better. Also, if your entire look is cool and chic, it will be an added boost to your confidence which would further help to improve your performance. If you like subtle shades then the Pendlay trainer is a good option, whereas if you are looking for bright colorful shoes, then the Reebok CrossFit lifter is a really good choice.

Now that you all about the things that are important for making a good purchase, I will review some of best products on the market to narrow down the search for you.

Reviews of the Best Weightlifting Shoes of 2016

Adidas Performance Adipower Weightlifting Trainer Shoe

On top of my list is this amazing weightlifting shoe from Adidas that provides just the right amount of stability and support that you’ll need during your training session. These have been specifically designed for workout sessions, so they are lightweight and very comfortable. The leather on the upper part of the shoe is coated with PU to provide additional support and comfort. The instep strap has an adjustable hook and loop design for convenience. The outsole is made of rubber, therefore anti-slip, reducing the risk of foot injury. In the outsole, there are vent-flow openings as well for breathability as it allows air to enter the shoe and dry sweat. Additionally, there is a power strap on top of the laces to keep your feet securely inside the shoe whiling lifting heavy weights. These durable shoes are true-to-size and will fit your feet snugly.

Inov-8 Men’s Fastlift 335 Weight-Lifting Shoe

Next one on the list is this lightweight shoe made of nylon which is extremely flexible still provides quite a lot of stability. The sole is made of rubber and is anti-slip, its meta-Flex system makes it extremely comfortable. It has a mesh lining for ventilation and it comes in three different colors so you can have your pick. It also has a molded footbed of 3mm which provides underfoot comfort. It sports the EHC and Power Trussa technologies that ensure additional support and stability, especially in the heel and mid-foot region. The heels of these shoes are very solid and sturdy, ideal for a good weightlifting session. The materials used in its construction are of prime quality and if you care to invest in these stylish shoes, then they will surely last you a long time.

Reebok Men’s Crossfit Lifter Plus 2.0 Running Shoe

Available in as many as 16 different colors, these swank shoes will make you look smart and at the same time provide the superior grip required for lifting. Made of full-grain leather, they have an anti-slip rubber sole and a flex grooved outsole. Sporting the heat-activated U-form technology, these will mold to your feet just as if they are designed only for you. A manual is included in the package with detailed instruction about the baking process so that the perfect space is created in them for your feet.

Covering the laces are two hook and loop closures so that your feet remain in place even when you lift very heavy weights. It also has an anti-friction lining to keep your feet happy and comfortable. These shoes are extremely well constructed with a solid heel that doesn’t easily compress even when pressure is applied.

Nike Men’s Romaleos Weightlifting Shoes

Made entirely of synthetic material, these funky shoes from Nike are so durable that they can withstand even the toughest weightlifting sessions. Being very lightweight and flexible, they have been designed in such a way that your feet get the perfect support and stability. The upper part has an integrated lacing which is covered by two hook and loop closures to keep your feet securely in place and restrict too much movement within the shoe.

On top of the shoe, there is an elastic, allowing for better flexibility. Two separate outsoles are included in the package: a stiff one for weightlifting tournaments and a softer one that can be used for training. The heel is made of contoured TPU which ensures a better fit and the flat rubber outsoles prevent wear and tear. These shoes come in 7 vibrant colors and even though they are a little expensive, definitely worth trying.

Adidas Drehkraft Weightlifting Shoes

These swanky shoes from Adidas sport the Boa Closure system which ensures a snug fit and can be easily adjusted as and when required. Its designing is such that the entire platform remains stable and allows you to give a much better performance while lifting. The upper part of the shoes is made of synthetic material due to which they are lightweight and very comfortable. The heel has been specifically configured to give maximum stability without adding bulk to the shoes.

The mid-sole has a die-cut wedge to keep your feet securely in place. It has an attractive outer design with three stripes that also supply durable support. Finally, the Adiweartm outsole makes sure that floor contact is consistent and equal pressure is distributed throughout the length. If you are into serious weightlifting, then you must take a look at these shoes that incorporate the latest technological advancements for a better performance.

Amber Crossmaxxe Men’s V1.0 Olympic Weight Lifting Shoes

This pair of shoes has been specifically designed for Olympic weightlifting training and is extremely solid and sturdy. The upper part has a mesh pattern and it is constructed of synthetic leather, therefore, it is lightweight and durable at the same time. These shoes are reasonably priced and their size runs 40% larger than normal fits but you needn’t worry about that because in case the shoes don’t fit you perfectly, they can be immediately exchanged for a different size. It has a comfortable lining and two instep straps that will keep your feet secure and snug. There is also a weight distribution plate that offers more support and the midsole wedge has a die-cut design and also a traction pattern for a superior grip. The one-inch heel is quite sturdy and works well for workouts.

2013 Pendlay Do-Win Crossfit Weightlifting Shoes – Men’s Gray Weight Power Lifting Shoe

Last but not the least on my list are these leather shoes from Pendlay that feature a single sole design throughout their length which makes them strong and flexible at the same time. The best thing about these shoes is that they come with a 90-day warranty, so in case there is any wear or tear, they can easily be replaced within the warranty period. The height of the heel is ¾ inches which is ideal for Olympic lifting.

It sports a heavy duty nylon mesh throughout the structure which allows for considerable breathability and comfort. Their fit runs half a smaller than a regular running shoe, so keep that in mind before buying. In case you get the wrong size, the company will easily exchange the product for a different one. There are available in three different color combinations, so you can buy one that complements your personality.


In this review, I have tried to throw light upon all the features that determine the quality and longevity of a good quality lifting shoe. Considering the range of options and models that are available in the market, choosing the right shoes can be quite a task. Never do the mistake of wearing running or canvas or some other shoes while doing weight lift training. You should buy shoes that been engineered for this purpose so that they will make your performance and take it up a notch. That is why I have reviewed some of the best products on the market that you must check out. Hoping all this will help you in making the right purchase and you will be able to buy the best shoes for yourself.

Best Power Rack & Squat Rack Reviews

If you are conscientious about your exercise, to keep up your continued progress, a power rack is often the missing key. Of course, you can easily avail one at your local gym, but often you may not find one there. If you want to invest in a home gym, though, as such, a power rack is an important purchase that you could make. One of the best advantages of a power rack is that, during weight lifting, while a having a spotter is ideal, it is not absolutely necessary.

A power rack is basically a cage with four posts and two horizontal bar catchers on either side that allows the use of a barbell without any issues. It allows a wide range of exercises- from bench presses to squats.

It is further important that you do not hit the dreaded plateau. A plateau is a stage when the improvement in muscle mass for rigorous exercises is stunted and to overcome this, further loads have to be added. You can go to the gym and take help from a spotter or call a friend over for help. But power racks are built for the very purpose of providing an independent workout session.

These power racks are equipped with safety bars. You could lift as much as you want without worrying about dropping it. Such as, while bench pressing, if you set the bars just above your chest, you do not have to worry if you pull a muscle and drop the barbell. Further, when using barbell squats, you can just position the bars at the proper level so that in case you get pinned, you can just fall forwards and crawl out.

Thus, while it is recommended to analyze your own limits while weight lifting, an extra safety net could never go amiss. It is often the case that the fear of dropping the bars does not allow to further your training. There is always that niggling worry at the back of your mind. Weight lifting is meant to be beneficial for both the body and mind and if you are serious about it, you will want to further your training with every session. A power rack offers you that safety.

How to Choose a Power Rack?

The power rack is often the most important part of your fitness regimen and for that, not only it should be sturdy, it should also offer you the flexibility for a wider range of exercises and should be able to hold a larger weight capacity. The weight capacity should be decided by your lifting goals. As such, it is worth spulrging a bit on one.

The ones with dip bar attachments can give your arms the best workouts. In case your power rack does not have a dip bar, you could purchase a dip station. Moreover, some of the racks have built in storage for weights that help with organising your gym and save your time that you could spend on setting up the weights.

However, while choosing a power rack, there are some factors to consider, not the least of which is space. You would require a ceiling high enough so that you can lift your head enough for chin ups and pull ups. Further, it would be wise to compare the dimensions of the power rack with the space that you have available before making the purchase. Not just the cage itself, you would require room for the other equipment including weights. The barbells themselves are of Olympic size. There will be several accessories as well that you would need along with a power rack. It would be inconvenient to have your weights rubbing against the walls.

Further, you would have to determine the size that you will purchase. The size of your squat cage should have ample room for you. The perfectly sized rack is different for a man taller than 6’3” than for a woman shorter than 5’5”.

You might have to further consider whether your power rack can be anchored to the floor. This option is not always available, so the safety issues should be determined. Often, instead, the power racks are equipped with a stabilizer. This may seem annoying at times and you should probably consider whether you want it or not. When it comes to adjustments, some power racks use pins for the safety system while others may not have that advantage. These pins are meant to halt the motion of the bar in case you accidently let go of it.

You should conduct a thorough research before making your purchase avoid facing these issues later.

Some of the Best Choices for Power Racks:

Considering all these features that are available and have to be considered, I have categorized some of the most convenient choices.

Atlas Power Rack Squat Deadlift Cage with Bench Racks


For a price this reasonable, it is usually difficult to find a power rack built this sturdy. With a walk-in design, this rack offers lots of space for the lifter to perform a wide range of exercises including squats, bench press, military press, curls, shrugs and more. This mammoth design has a weight of about 137 pounds and has a weight capacity of eight hundred pounds.

This model is built of twelve gauge steel and the pull-up bar above allows a lot of positions; 28 in total, including kipping pull-ups, walking pull ups, standard pull-ups, etc. It has a length of 83 inches with the inside space being 26 inches. The safety bar is adjustable and this is convenient as both tall and short lifters can arrange it accordingly.

This also helps if you lose control of the bar. Further, this allows exercised using both free weight and body weight and the cage is often used for squats. Besides, various exercises can be performed both within and outside the cage, including, lose-grip bench press, rack upright row, inverted row, etc.

However, the heavier design makes shipping a bit difficult and the huge form takes up a lot of space as well. Moreover, the welding on the J-hooks is a bit rough, making a scraping sound when the metal is racked.

This model is perfect for a home gym. It’s sturdy frame is tastefully designed and offers a complete value for money.


PowerLine PPR200X Power Rack


Designed for moderate users, this rack can allow for 18 positions and weighs 136 pounds. It has a walk-in design with the dimensions of 44 x 82 x 46 inches that allows for ample space and which can room a variety of weights and free movement as well. Further, this model has two heat-tempered lift offs and saber-style safety bars.

The design is pretty stable and the user can do a large range of exercises like bench press, barbell shrug, overhead presses etc. Further, this brand has added some modifications like a lateral pull down attachment as well that can be purchased separately.

However, this model is not meant for serious heavy lifters. The weight capacity is not that high. The quality of the paint is low as well as it begins to fade away.

But for the average user, it can be easily stationed at your home. It is efficient in the sense that you can have your workout sessions at your own place and time and not have to wait for a spotter or a friend who would do that for you.


Valor Fitness BD-7 Power Rack with Lat Pull Attachment


This power rack could easily beat the weight machines at the gyms due to its safety bars that have been added and allows the users to complete their workout by themselves. The cage itself is made of two gauge steel with dimensions of two by two inches. It has a sturdy model with four plate storage plates at the back, one on either side. The pegs are eight inches long and can hold two plates with ease.

The bars themselves have seventeen different adjustable positions. But the best part is that this rack offers far more than just basic workout features. Other than the usual weight lifting, the bars are very adjustable, it has a chin-up bar. You can have a heavy work out and exercise even those muscles that have not been trained with the basics like rack-rail leg raise, many kinds of chin-ups like air walking and upside down crunches.

However, the weight capacity is only five hundred pounds and that is not appropriate for serious weight lifters. Valor further has several modifications that can be bought separately. But some features like the lap bar , bar pads and the pull-up bar as well have a knurled design for better comfort.

This one is good for a heavy abs workout and for partial reps as well. But for the low weight capacity, the safety features, as mentioned and even the options are amazing.


Cap Barbell Power Rack Exercise Stand


The Cap barbell is pretty entry level and is safe and functional but has features for which it can be used as a resistance training tool as well. It offers a variety of racking positions and the ones at the lower level offers superior support for bench presses. With a slimmer design, it is convenient if you have a shortage of space and funds. Despite being pretty basic, it has enough features for upper and lower body workouts, including a set of adjustable barbell support that offers many preset positions in the two primary uprights.

You can use the reinforced crossbar at the top for pull ups and chin ups and as an efficient anchor point for resistance training bands, abs straps or training rings as well. This even has a couple of weight plate stands that can store your barbells, but more importantly, they add weight to the rack to prevent it from tipping over.

The welded tube seams made of 12 and 14 gauge steel provides it with stability during unracking. The close hole positioning allows easy positioning of the uprights along any length and height. You can cover your bicep curls, upright rows, shrugs and barbell rows with the lower settings and the higher ones for squats and overhead presses.

However, the lack of safety rails, that can support the bar if you let go of it, is an issue. Further, to balance the rack extra support is required. This model is convenient for a lot of uses but is missing out on major support issues. If you can adjust to that, this provides a really good workout on a very low budget


Titan T-3 Series HD Power Rack Squat DeadLift Lift Cage Bench Stand Cross Fit


With a weight capacity of about 1000 pounds, this model is extraordinary with a sturdy but large design. The 11gauge steel and the 5/8” hardware is built to provide the utmost safety requirements. At the front, there is a pull up bar fixed so that you can sit at the center. This is helpful in the distribution of weight. The guide holes drilled into the rack supports lets you adjust the bars by 1” increment. This also offers a lot more positions to the weight plate pegs added at the base.

It provides a free-standing squat rack that, with some maneuvering can be used for overhead presses. The ample space between the uprights can be used to position a bench to do so, and it can also aid in flat, decline and incline bench presses. The J-hook bar supports that can be added either externally or internally can be utilized for several lower body workouts as well, like the stiff- legged deadlift, barbell lunges, and even back squat and front squats.

There are very few cons to this model, which is an improvement from its previous version in terms of weight capacity and other factors. Overall, despite the rather large frame which is not very space convenient, it is one of the best models for power racks that are available.



A power rack provides the versatility of exercises as have been mentioned and offers better stability and safety as well. It helps to maintain a proper physique and is very easy for independent use. Even though the size is an issue when it comes to power racks, it can be adjusted and the pros of using a rack far outweigh the cons. For muscle builders and weight lifters, these are a really handy purchase and are far more convenient than regular trips to the gym and the long waits for using each equipment.

Best Bike Lock Reviews

When it comes to bike locks, failure to find the perfect one could cost you dearly. And by that, I do mean losing your beloved bike. Firstly, there is nothing such as an unbreakable lock. Each and every lock can be broken. However, locks do come with varying degrees of durability that depend on a variety of factors. Another thing that is worth keeping in mind is that the strength always comes at the compromise of being impractical. For instance, the stronger your lock is the heavier it tends to be, this means that the lock becomes a bother to carry around. Also, it becomes expensive. Therefore, what you need is a best of both worlds, an amalgamation of durability and strength.

The sad fact remains that Bike theft remains of the most common crimes in the city and if your bike is stolen, there are thin chances of you ever seeing it again. However, for a problem so serious, I find that people tend to use cables and cheap U locks, that is same as not putting anything at all. The shocking ignorance surrounding this could be mostly dispelled to by reading on. So, dear reader, read on to find out how to protect your bike.

Some Suggested Bicycle Locks

Here’s a list of some of the better locks you can buy in the market. All of these locks are highly rated, reliable and durable. There are the best sellers in their own league and though you may buy locks other than these. I earnestly recommend you to go through them.

Kryptonite New York Fahgettaboudit U-Lock, 18mm

Fahgettaboudit is really a midland Philadelphia accent rendition of a popularly known phrase, ‘Forget about it’ and it’s for sure that this lock will make all your worries go away. The idea is once you secure your personal bicycles and other vehicles with this U-lock, you will literally forget about it and have supreme peace of mind. Bolt-cutters and hacksaws would be proven hopeless in front of this lock, because this is one of the most unbreakable bicycle locks that you might have come across, and the specially crafted steel alloy makes sure that thieves keep away. Wow, that is something, isn’t it?

This bicycle lock uses advanced double deadlock design, and disk cylinder technology, making it very hard for the thieves to pick or to cut the lock and have access to the bicycle. It’s also oversized and comes with three keys, including one with high-intensity light for using it in the dark so that there is no problem regarding locking and unlocking, even when no source of light is around.

Abus Locks U 64 Mini Futura Bike Lock

There are many products on the market which boast of safety and the market is growing rapidly, too, so there are more and more locks making new promises. But these locks, in most cases, fail to meet one primary criterion- which is that it has to be lightweight. The effective ones cost a little more, and the thinner locks don’t deliver the kind of security and even if they come cheap, they don’t possess that kind of resistance against theft devices. It’s a mini lock, and ABUS makes sure that mini becomes a keyword – despite being a super safe lock on this list, it’s astonishingly lightweight and doesn’t take a lot of effort to lock or carry. Not just that, but ABUS offers you a choice between a wider shackle or, if lightweight is your key, a slimmer counterpart as well. The U shaped lock further claims a specially reinforced material that build up its shackle.

The locking system is easy, and the drill protected design particular to this lock keeps it safe from all kinds of activities like tampering, destruction or theft.

The size is effectively small and foldable to make it conveniently fit at one side of your pocket.

Kryptonite 999515 Black 12mm x 39″ (1210) New York Chain and Evolution Series-4 Orange 14mm Disc Lock

Though it has a long and intimidating name and is quite frankly not recommended by many due to it being a chain lock, before you get all judgemental, consider the facts. This lock is flexible, durable and the chain, contrary to the popular belief, cannot be cut open easily. Even a hacksaw shall not be able to cut the hardened steel chain that this lock so fashionably sports. The chain is heavy and so is the lock.

The lock that the Kryptonite 999515 has is one of the heaviest bike locks around and true to its weight it does provide an unmatched amount of durability. There are a few cons though, the weight of the chain and the lock make it a tad difficult for the lock to be carried around. However, if you are looking at hardcore locks aimed at security then look no further. Your choice has arrived.

New York Fahgettaboudit Mini

The New York Mini maybe small when it comes to size but let me assure you that it is as safe as it gets. Not to be fooled by its small and petite size, the New York Mini is a very durable and safe lock. Unlike similar sized locks that tend to be flimsy, the Mini is very heavy. Its small size however, makes it extremely easy to carry it about and with no accompanying frames, the weight isn’t much of a bother. So, if you live in an area that ranks high in terms of security risk, I would definitely recommend this beauty.

Master Lock 8200D Street Cuffs Lock

The Master Lock 8200D are hand cuffs, but for your bikes. These designer, trendy locks however, are equipped with the best security at their price. They are made from hardened steel that makes it extremely difficult to cut through them. They are extremely light and can be folded and carried around easily. The small size of the Master Lock 8200D makes it very difficult to cut the lock without damaging the frame. This ensures that your bike is safe and you are tension free.

What to Look For in a Strong Lock?

While looking for a string lock, there are some things that you should consider features that make a lock a tad bit unbreakable. Here are a few:

The first thing that you need to decide when you buy a lock is the type of lock. The two most secure types of lock are the U locks and chains. When both are of good quality, they form a good combo. However, let me strictly warn you not to use a cable lock. Cable locks offer the worst type of security and can be easily broken using bolt cutters.

The second thing that you would consider is the materials that comprise these locks. The more expensive materials used are usually hardened steel. The hardened steel, though expensive, comes with its share of advantages because such steel cannot be cut by hacksaw and bolt cutters. However, cheaper bicycle locks tend to use alloys that offer lesser protection and can be easily cut.

Features in a Strong Lock

Traditionally there have always been two types of bicycle locks – cable and shackle. The shackle locks were once considered to be the more reliable of the two. However, with modern technology, even shackles have turned out to be reliable as cables. So it all comes down to these few factors to decide what you want.


The heavier of your bike locks could weigh up to a whopping 3kg, which is quite a significant amount of weight carrying it about on your bicycle. Though the weight of the lock may reassure you of its safety, you may not want to carry it about every day. This remains a very personal choice like your choice of the lock.


Certified Testing

There are many independent agencies such as Sold Secure that allow certification of security. This certification allows a certain amount of credibility to the locks and time and again. The agencies classify locks into three categories – Gold, Silver, and Bronze.


If you are living in a damp or wet climate, there is always the chance that your bicycle may be subject to rain and other forms of precipitation. Granted that it is too much to expect waterproof sealing around the keyhole areas, precautions of that order are always thumbs up.

Ease of Using

How easily and efficiently the lock can be used is always significant when it comes to actually buying the lock. An easy reminder is that locks that can be used with one hand are always preferred. The harder it is to use your lock, the more you’ll not want to lock it and trust me, that’s not a good habit to cultivate.

Different Types of Lock and Their Pros and Cons

U lock

A U lock is so named because of its padlock shaped structure. The U lock is popular because it maintains a subtle balance between practical use and durability. General users have found them easier to use than the conventional chain locks, while still being highly protective. The U lock tends to be less flexible than the chain lock and therefore, locking maybe a problem. The size also could be a possible hindrance to carrying it around.

Chain Lock

Chain locks follow an easy concept, there’s a chain and there’s a lock. You wrap the chain around a secure object and lock your bike along with it. Chains are comparatively easy to tie around things as compared to the more uptight U lock. Though it has its obvious advantages, the chain is a heavy thing to carry about. Sometimes, even heavier than the U lock. My advice would be to use a chain lock only when your bike is to be locked away to a place for a long place of time. The chain lock is a bit more expensive than the U lock and you if you are seriously considering buying a chain lock, then do take into consideration the problem of portability.

Folding Locks

The folding lock is a comparatively newer entrant in this genre. It is the miracle of riveting that allows the creation of such a lock. The folding lock consists of a series of metal plates held together by rivets. These rivets can then be moved about and used to create the sort of structure one could use to tie a bike. There are, however, quite a few issues with the lock. Granted that the lock is way lighter than most of its traditional counterparts and it offers a way better security at least on paper. However, the lock is complex to use and there seems to be quite an issue with using them. Also, I personally doubt the quality of the locks available in the market currently under this category. However, this category being almost nascent, is expected to see growth in coming years and so shall have better locks.

Cable Locks

While I don’t really wish to review or recommend them, let me mention them for the information’s sake. The cable locks are usually made of steel wires put in a tube. They can be easily cut in a matter of seconds and offers almost zero protection. Whatever you do, don’t use these types of locks. Yes, they are cheap. But they come at a heavy cost later.


A bicycle is an extremely important part of your daily life, not to mention a very lovable one. People share a special bond with their bikes, some would even consider it akin to what we share with our pets and it is truly a heartbreaking if your bicycle happens to get stolen. One look at people who have come to report stolen bicycles will make you change your mind if you didn’t intend on buying a lock. Now, this article is by no means exhaustive, however, what it does give you is a basic idea if you are uninitiated to bike locks. Dear reader, you have probably spent a whole lot of time and money to buy that dream bicycle of yours. So yes, now that you have chosen your best travel companion, it time you chose the best lock to protect it. Because safety matters and your bicycle deserves the best.

Best Cross Training Shoes Reviews

If your fitness workout regime includes a lot of activities, cross training shoes are an ideal match with your workout. They are an excellent choice for your gym training. You could jog for 40 minutes on the treadmill and then switch to resistance training. The next day you might want to take on the elliptical for 40 minutes and then switch to aerobics after that. You could go for a mile long walk on the weekend and engage in basketball in your driveway. The same shoe can be used for a number of such activities that need a lot of downward force on the feet. Having the best among cross training shoes is, therefore, crucial to perform every one of these activities.

Best Cross Training Shoes for Men

New Balance MX20v4 Cross Training Shoe

New Balance prides itself on manufacturing shoes that fit, and I must say, that is true for this model. This yellow and blue shoe is an optimal fit as well as has a trendy appearance due to its no-sew design. Its does not weigh too much, thus giving you all the benefits that come with a light shoe. The foam in the midsole is lighter than what you may find in your average shoes, but have no doubts – it is just as protective and durable. The outsole is a Vibram variety, which is equipped for durability as well as traction. Rather than the typical 12 mm drop from heel to toe, this shoe only has a 4mm drop.

These shoes are meant to be used during your gym training. If you use them for what they are intended to do, they will last a good long while. They provide a reliable stability for your cardio workouts and weight training. Their main aim is to make you feel like you’re barefoot while still giving you stability. Remember not to use the shoes for roadwork as they don’t do too well on alfresco surfaces. You can use a sport specific shoe to complete all your outdoor chores.

You will undoubtedly be impressed by the way this cross trainer snugs your foot and provides a decent back to front and lateral stability. You could find yourself so absolutely relaxed in this shoe that you would want to add them to your daily wear. They provide enough support for working all day while still preventing leg and foot problems.

ASICS Gel Fortius TR Cross Training Shoe

These cross trainers have been designed with short distance running, rope climbing, weight lifting, and weight training in mind. They are a mesh shoe which comes with an AirMesh upper. Your feet will be padded by its gel cushioning and toe reinforcement. You may not find too much padding due to it being a low profile shoe, but the gel will mold to the contours of your foot. The pair is light to carry and you will get the feeling of being barefoot, while your knees and feet will be protected by the gel.

It has good traction with its AHAR rubber outsole, which makes it particularly convenient if you engage in kickboxing and weight training. Stability is crucial for the swift foot movements that are required in running, lunges, jumps, and squats, and this shoe does a good job at it.

It looks good in its yellow and black. If you feel and look good in your gym wearing these, you might even feel like not taking them off at all. But they are not meant for outdoor use. Their mesh is cooling and open, so if you happen to be outside and there is even the slightest drizzle, your feet will get wet immediately. They do help you avoid knee pain while you are working out.

Their only limitation is that if you have wide feet, the ASICS Gel Fortius shoe tends to get a bit narrow and is not available in wider sizes. However, buying a half size larger than yours should do the trick for at least some of you.

ASICS Gel Craze TR Cross Training Shoe

Crafted with specially imported and manmade material, this is another winning shoe. They are provide good shock absorption and enough breathability for a cool and comfortable experience. Even though it does not weigh too much, this shoe from ASICS carries a lot of versatility. Bounce-back is enhanced by its lightweight SpEVA midsole. This material is used in many of the shoes by ASICS as it keeps the midsole from breaking down.

Another pioneering feature is its flex grooves called Fluid Axis which are anatomically correct. Translated into common language, it means that when you are wearing it, the shoe will recognize your position and load and then adjust and react accordingly. Along with its gel padding on the rear side, this shoe also has the required flexibility for performing well in any activity at the gym. You can also depend on its ability to provide stability and traction.

Its style, comfort, and light weight will tempt you to use them in the form of a casual shoe. However, the one drawback that is common in all ASICS shoes is their narrowness. Like with most cross trainers, they are meant for indoor usage only. You will be disappointed if you try to wear them for long distance running or any other outdoor activity.

They are ideal for physical education teachers and boot camp leaders. After years of coaching others, you will start experiencing frequent discomfort in your knees and foot. That pain will be relieved to a great extent with this cross training shoe. These are a few of the features that make these shoes unique in the market.

Inov 8 F Lite 195 Cross Training Shoe

These shoes are well loved by athletes. This fabric shoe comes equipped with a rubber sole which has a Rope-Tec reinforcement for protection against rope burns. Created with the adhesive rubber outsole at the centre and sides offers a perfect grip and firmness while you are doing your fitness workout.

They weigh lightly, along with a 3mm drop. This means that you will barely even notice that you have any shoes on at all. They are available in various color variants and an awesome style. The Meta-Flex technology provides a groovy surface in the front of the outsole and this feature adds natural gait to your excercise.

. These shoes have been designed by experts for the purpose of off-road running are therefore quite flexible.

Inov 8, a company based in Britain, is now among the quickest rising brands throughout the U.S. It is quite durable and provides comfort for all cross training activities and recreational usage in addition. Rather than being only created for the gym like most other cross trainers, these shoes can do a reasonably good job in a lot of environments and terrains. You will fall in love with the way these shoes stretch and adapt to your unique foot.

PUMA Voltaic 5 Cross Training Shoe

This shoe is suitable for almost all training exercises, including running. This is a heavier shoe in relation to the others listed here. Comfort and a good backing are provided by the padded collar and tongue. Firmness and traction on the track are offered by its rubber outsole.

A padded sockliner gives you the best comfort and the lace closure wraps the shoes around your feet snugly. It is further provided with a TPU toe cap with reflective panels that gives you the extra protection on a rough ride.

This shoe’s style deserves some attention. The primary aim of Puma is to give you fashion, lifestyle, and of course sport, all in one shoe. While a lot of you would buy it for the luxury they offer your feet while training, some of you might also fall for their looks.

Unlike other cross trainers which are flatter and lighter, these shoes perform well even in long distance running. But the tough sole is still not to be used for running on the road for more than thrice a week, and only for 2 to 3 miles at a time. They are of course ideal for your regular gym while you do your cardio workout and lifting training. You will have the required amount of stability during your leg presses and squats. These shoes are also good for bikers as their width is a perfect fit for the pedal. Whether you are a nurse on a 16-hour shift or a soccer referee on the field all day, your feet will have optimum protection.

You will need to buy half a size larger as these too are narrow and small, just like all the others. Some of you might find them a little behind in arch support. However, these are not so great drawbacks as to warrant a rejection altogether.

How to Choose Your Cross Training Shoes

Arch: After you’re done exercising, if you experience ache in your feet, you definitely don’t have a shoe that corresponds to your foot contours. Study your feet and determine what kind of feet you have – high arched or flat footed. You can even ask the store staff to help you out in this. It would be best to go for a sole that has a lot of cushioning if your arches are normal to high. Seek out a neutral or stable shoe if your feet are relatively flat, as they maintain the natural position of your feet.

Uppers: The firms and supportive cover around the top of your toes and feet are the primary attributes you need to look for before finalizing your cross training shoe. You want a pair that will support you throughout but also has a material that is breathable. You necessarily need a breathable shoe if your feet sweat a lot while exercising. You can contemplate buying one with a leather upper if you require supplementary support. Cross training shoes are made with the aim of supporting all kinds of movement, ranging from the Zumba class to aerobics. So before you make your final decision, try to imitate them and make sure you’re comfortable in all of them. Your knees and ankles should feel that they are properly backed up.

Traction: Slipping up smack in the middle of your group exercise session is obviously the last thing you ever want to happen to you. Neither would it be a pleasant experience to skid right off of your treadmill. That is why cross trainers generally come with more traction than your average running or walking shoe. Try to twist on your feet’s balls and shifting from one side to the other while trying on different pairs of shoes. If the shoes feel like they are gripping the ground under you, you have found the right pair.

Different Kinds of Athletic Footwear

Walking Shoes: These have springy soles and are particularly designed for the promotion of an easy natural walking movement. Its cushioning is designed in such a manner that it will absorb around 1.5 times the weight of your body, irrespective of what size is your shoe. They are manufactured from a light and breathable material, like mesh. This feature will make walkers particularly grateful as sweaty feet become uncomfortable in no time. The best kind of shoes for walking are tread shoes, as they are relatively less deep and have an all-around grip.

Cross Training Shoes: They are supposed to offer added versatility for walking and for engaging in court sports like basketball and tennis. They typically have a firm support for the sides but don’t have a lot of padding, in case you are planning to for long runs.

Running Shoes: The aim of these shoes is to absorb heavy-duty impacts, and up to thrice of your body weight. They offer a considerable amount of lateral stability so as to regulate pronation. Their heels are higher and relatively heavily cushioned. They achieve the possible forward grip through their specifically designed sides and treads. Trail running shoes come with embedded solid guards that protect you from the bruising caused by any sharp rocks that you may encounter along your way. They are not as elastic as walking shoes.

Final Verdict

All the cross trainers reviewed above will provide you an excellent cushioning and support while you do your cross training. Just remember to buy a half size larger than you normally do so that the fitting doesn’t become an issue, and you’re all set for your workout. You will need to replace your pair of cross trainers every 80 to 100 exercise hours so that they don’t wear out and start giving you discomfort rather than comfort. Happy cross training!

Best Spin Bike Reviews

When it comes to exercise, one can just never go far enough. So what’s the fastest way to lose 500 calories an hour? Take a guess. The answer is the indoor spin bike. The indoor spin bike has slowly become an integral part of cardio workouts without which, most sessions remain incomplete. And considering the number of calories you burn there, I don’t see why a fitness conscious person would wish to skip that. There are far too many advantages of using the spin bike to count. For instance, you wouldn’t have to worry about traffic, you could choose from a variety of modes to exercise and they also do not require you to have trainers. All in all, it’s worthwhile to consider using the bike for its safety, convenient and great performance.

Reasons You Should Buy a Spin Bike

Indoor cycling bikes such as spinning bikes are an integral part of gyms. People who can’t afford to visit exercise classes on a regular basis but still want to stay in shape can create an indoor-gym by purchasing an indoor cycling bike. It is an excellent fitness equipment and allows users to prepare a workout schedule according to their convenience. The indoor cycle manufacturers sensed the nerve of the customers and came up with a series of cutting edge indoor cycles loaded with exciting features, stylish designs and compact size. Each bike is designed for a specific set of tasks. A bike that is created exclusively for light exercise is not fit for professional athletes.

Many people commit a mistake by thinking of spinning bikes as a generic term for indoor cycling bikes. Note that the terms Spin, Spinning, Spinner etc. are coined and copyrighted by Mad Dogg Athletics since 1990. Stationary bikes of this particular brand became so popular among the fitness fanatics that indoor cycling bikes started getting referred as spinning bikes all over the place. The copyrighted term Spinning denotes a specific workout program that focuses on improving endurance and body strength. I will try to stick to the term “indoor cycling bikes” for the most of this round-up. Hopefully, after going through this guide and the individual spin bike reviews, you will be able to choose the best spine bike for your specific needs.

If used correctly, some experts estimate that you could burn up to 900 calories on the bike. If you have had the opportunity to visit a modern gym, you would be surprised to see the amount of people using the Spin bike to derive the maximum. And while it is always cheaper to go to a gym than buying a bike, there are some benefits of owning a personal Spin bike.

Firstly, in the wake of its stupendous popularity, there is always the chance that you might be left waiting on the gym bench.

Secondly, the spin bikes ensure that the user sweats a lot while working out on it. What is more disgusting than inheriting a sweat mopped bike at the Gym?

Lastly, convenience is the key. A spin bike at home is more convenient than a real road bike as you can use it while catching up on your daily new or soap opera. There will be absolutely no one to disturb your workout sessions and you will be able to conduct them with ease.

However, you might note that buying a spin bike would be obviously a long term decision and therefore, you would need to consider carefully before investing. This is especially difficult when you see that the price of spin bikes varies over a large range. The good news is that because of this range, there is always something to cater to every kind of need and fit any kind of budget. There are a variety of ways to arrive at the conclusive decision of which bike to buy, I have tried to make this article one of the easiest and the most reliable of them all.

Aspects to Consider

Reputed brand like Spinning bikes offers state-of-the-art customization options. Being able to adjust the handlebars, seat height, position is a real big deal. The device should be flexible enough to conform to your body weight, height, intensity of the workout and provide maximum comfort by lessening stress from the joints.

You should always have a close inspection of the flywheel while searching for the best indoor cycling bike for yourself. Spinning bikes can be easily recognized by their finely polished, heavy weighted metallic flywheels which give fantastic resistance during rigorous workout sessions. It devises the sensation of riding a real bike. The forward momentum helps to keep the machine steady and balanced while you make fast movements, which is why spinning bikes are such a huge hit among fitness fanatics.

What distinguishes an ordinary indoor cycling bike from an advanced model is a crystal clear LCD display. You can keep a track of RPM (Revolutions Per Minute), level of resistance, enforced power, trip distance, and more, in the middle of exercising. It motivates you to push your envelop and achieve your ultimate fitness goals. Monitoring the workout statistics also makes sure you don’t overdo your capacity in order to gain quick results.

You should carefully check the resistance of the wheels of the indoor cycling bike before taking any decision. After all, what’s the point of workout if you can’t adjust the difficulty level as per requirement? You can reduce the pace when you are in a mood of light exercise and increase it when you are up for shedding some real sweat.

Adjustable pedals will help you to continue your Spinning for a longer period of time by providing great flexibility to your body. For a powerful bike ride, you also require racing style handlebars which allow you to shift gears easily.

One of the most important things to keep in mind while choosing the best indoor cycling bike for you is the weight capacity. The bike should be suitable for your body weight. Otherwise, you will face a tough time maintaining balance on it. I would suggest a model that can effortlessly sustain at least a 260 lb. weight. Light weight machines will only result in jerky motions.

The distance between the pedals and your legs will decide your comfort level while working out. Most quality bikes offer vertical seat adjustment. You can position the seat in multiple directions as well. Spin bikes have a cool water bottle holder which lets you stay fresh and hydrated throughout the workout.

Also look out for special features like MP3 jack, padded seats etc. that will help you to remain focused on your targets better.

Features in an Indoor Bike

Bike Computer

In an age dominated by the Internet, it would be prudent to consider the use of the computer. Though typically a feature of high-end indoor bikes- the computer helps track your workout regime, pedaling time and distance. This is particularly helpful when it comes to maintaining and checking on your workout schedules and to occasionally challenge yourself to beat your personal best distance. However, the computer is not imperative for an efficient workout, it, however, remains an extremely useful tool to increase workout efficiency.

Adjustable Pedals

From lanky legs to short ones, legs and their ability to not reach or overreach the pedals could spoil any workout session. That is why it is important that the pedals and the height of the bike are adjustable. This allows everyone in your house to use it irrespective of their height or foot size.

Simulation Consideration

Some bikes tend to use metal alloy wheels which, when turned, give the impression of a real-life outdoor cycling experience. This simulation also helps you have heavy workout sessions and leads to an increased calorie loss.

Water Bottle Holder

Sometimes, it is the smallest of features that make the greatest of difference. A simple water bottle holder could be the game changer. Indeed, during exercise, it’s important to keep your body hydrated so that you don’t get muscle cramps. A water bottle holder is not only thus convenient but also a sign of a well-made spin bike.

Advantages of Indoor Cycling

Indoor cycling, while being extremely effective as an exercise, takes the pressures of your knees. So while jogging could be a problem for people with weak joints, cycling is most certainly not. In contrast, running or jogging after a while becomes a problem as it puts various muscles under stress.

Nothing effectively increases cardiovascular function like indoor cycling. It facilitates the building of strong leg and arm muscles and helps reduce heart diseases and other health problems, thus, allowing you to lead a healthy life.

On an average, you tend to burn between 400 and 1500 calories per session on the Spin bike. This means that your workout session cancels out a major meal of the day. The cycling increases your metabolism rate and ensures that you keep on burning calories after the session.

Exercise has been scientifically proven to reduce depression and lighten the mood. The endorphins are released into your body when you are exercising, stimulate and revitalize you. And soon you would be asking for more. However, know your limits and don’t overdo your regime or over exert yourself.

While this is something you may not have considered, Spin cycling ensures that you have a full body workout. Impossible as that may sound, consider that while your feet are pedaling, your arm muscles maintain position gripping the handle and even your back muscles are required to maintain their posture.

Pedaling on indoor cycling bikes is a brilliant exercise for enhancing your fitness level. You will find numerous indoor cycling workout program videos over the internet. All you have to do is to put on a pair of workout shoes, play the video and follow the moves carefully. Saving time and energy are not the only purposes served by indoor cycle bikes. While vagaries of weather such as heavy rain, storm, scorching heat can force you to skip your gym session for a day or two, you can enjoy cycling in front of your television set at the comfort of your own home.

Indoor cycling is the fitness mantra of many celebrity body builders and athletes. According to gym instructors and fitness experts, indoor cycling is an excellent exercise for weight loss, improving cardiovascular system, lungs capacity and strength. It is also efficient for keeping the lower muscles toned and increasing speed. Cycling (both indoor and outdoor) are recommended for people of every age as it enhances the blood circulation and blood oxygenation, balances the level of cholesterol, thus keeping diseases like fatigue, heart diseases and arthritis at bay.

Activities like indoor cycling help you to work your entire body, not just the leg muscles. The user can alter the resistance level, enjoy riding in slow motion or increase the difficulty at different points. The amount of calorie you burn per workout session depends on factors such as your gender, weight, health condition, age and workout intensity. People who would like to opt for intensive workout for rapid muscle build-up will find Spinning bikes particularly beneficial for gaining adequate stamina.

The Best Spin Bikes Reviewed

Before getting into a detailed discussion on spin bikes, their advantages and essential features, let me give you quick round-ups of the top spin bike models to help you shed those extra pounds without rushing to the gym every morning.

Keiser M3 Plus Indoor Cycle

Years of tireless research and development are what brought a company like Keiser to the top, and when I’m reviewing the M3 Plus (stylized as M3+) spin bike, I can assure that this is the very best you can get for the price you’ve to pay. This cycle is perhaps the projection of a dynamics that every professional fitness junkie dreams of, and its minimalist futuristic design, coupled with a revolutionary magnetic resistance technology makes for a lightweight, noiseless, sturdy and everlasting product. Even if a bike like this one makes you invest a little more than the average market, it’s worth every penny out of your pocket.

However, as you may have guessed, this is not for everyone – only the serious minded should look for this product. With this giant in your home, you could get into fitness training with ease and lose weight in no time. 24 levels of magnetic resistance in the bike make sure that everyone, from a novice to a professional athlete, gets the right amount of exercise. The experience of changing levels is seamless and there isn’t any jerking.

This bike is also programmed to mimic real world motion, so burning fat becomes easy. However, while exercising, it makes sure that your pleasant daybreak mood does not get affected by annoying and disturbing noises, because the components that make noise in other bikes have been trashed to make a bike which looks just apt and self-content.

Another thing that steals the show is the computer attached to it with Bluetooth wireless technology. This, here, is another level of awesomeness altogether.  There is a computer interface at the frontal deck, where you can change magnetic resistance levels and keep track of your exercise. You can also sync it to your personal android or apple phone, and check the amount of fat you burnt, and things like that.

This, my friend, is where muscle meets brain. The amount of distance between two pedals (or, commonly, the Q Factor) is a tricky part, and while it should be low, too low could cause muscle pain. Q factor of the M3 plus hits a perfect 197mm, a result of long period of research. So, if you are dedicated to weight loss and want to completely rely on a spinning bike, M3 plus would be your bargain. For a couple hundred extra bucks, you get a great reliable bike which will hardly disappoint you, let alone cause you trouble.

Sunny Health and Fitness pro SF-B901

Sometimes, you don’t need another fancy spinning bike with packed luxury features and cutting edge computer console – it’s true, that sometimes, you just need a bike. The best thing about Sunny Health and Fitness pro is that it’s readily affordable and won’t burn a hole in your pocket. In an amount much less than a computer interfaced fancy indoor cycles, you get an efficient and reliable machine which makes sure that the most important thing that comes out of the machine is exercise. This is just about it.

Doesn’t matter if you are just a rookie or professional or just want to use some casual exercise to stay fit, this machine is a no-frills, hard-hitting option for any biking enthusiast. An ideal budget bike, this is basic, lightweight and no diggity and the 40lb flywheel helps to enhance the result of a workout.

However, even if lightweight, it doesn’t feel cheap – on the contrary, when assembled, this makes for a sturdy, durable and efficient product. The assembly is easy, and if you’re not hulk, the framework is permanent and long-lasting. Flywheels are a component in spinning bikes directly responsible for your cardio improvement, and a comparatively heavy flywheel provides better exercise.

The only drawback, perhaps, is the missing computerized features, though I can’t exactly say that they are a necessity for your workout. You sure can lose some fat with or without them, and if you are the guy who means business, then this makes for a long term investment at a cheap bargain.

Sole Fitness SB700

Sole fitness SB700 is a spinning bike trusted by the professionals of the industry. You could walk into any gym, health club or fitness training center and you would find one of these. If you don’t want to empty your pockets but still want to buy something trendy and efficient, this might be a compatible choice. The 48 pounds gigantic flywheel helps to achieve an effortless yet efficient experience. The manufacturers also kept in mind the aspect of extra comfort and seat cushioning and carefully designed handles for a reluctant grip. It supports weight up to 300lbs, so overweight users should not have problems with their machine.

A state-of-the-art computer interface helps the user to track useful data while working out, like RPM, distance, time, speed and calories burnt, and also possess the ability to monitor the pulse rate through an external device.

The only thing that might puzzle you is how to assemble it, because with a good number of components, it gets a little messy. However, there’s a guidebook that comes with the pack to help you out, and you can always consult Youtube tutorials. Apart from that, with a lifetime guarantee, the SB700 stays with you for life, and you will never regret buying it.

Schwinn IC Pro Indoor Cycling Bike

This model will appeal to veteran fitness lovers and novices alike. The Schwinn IC Pro has been ergonomically built to give to a real bike riding experience by mimicking the impact on wheels. It is an ideal equipment for long hours of intensive workout. It is equipped with cold fogged crank arms and cartridge bottom brackets, offers a great range of resistance level including linear increase which makes it capable to withstand heavy Exercycle Program.

It has an ideal 300 lbs. weight capacity and excellent adjustment of seats, handlebars, aft and fore saddles. The machine is 106 pounds in weight and measures almost 50 inches x 22.5 inches x 50 inches and. The impressive racing bike geometry, the 43 pound sturdy flywheels are its biggest plus points. You can customize your settings quickly, change the gears with ease in the middle of the exercise. The stainless corrosion-preventing pins can be tightened to maximize the comfort and security on the sliding tube.

Diamondback Fitness 510lc Indoor Cycles

With a terrific computer console and cutting edge technology that regulates and improves upon your workout routine, the 510lc is a true charmer. While the 32-pound flywheel gives you a casual, open air feeling, the 14 automated workout presets make sure that you’re getting your daily dose of exercise. And with heavyweight support, this is as comfortable as it gets for the overweight users to lose some fat.

Schwinn AC Performance Plus Indoor Cycles

AC really stands for Authentic Cycling, and this spinning bike by Schwinn is all about the premium authentic cycling experience. With supremely adjustable, lightweight and rust free body, is combined a magnetic resistance braking system with six brakes – something which ultimately results in a seemingly real-time biking experience. With a price tag that hurts you bad, Schwinn AC Performance plus is more about delivering an overwhelming experience rather than simply losing weight.

Sunny Health & Fitness Belt Drive Indoor Cycling Bike

It’s one of the best options available in the market if you are looking for a budget-friendly indoor cycle with great features. It’s fully adjustable handlebar, seats, unique belt drive mechanism provide a smooth workout experience. It is powered by an obdurate steel frame that keeps the bike stable during your energetic moves and a crank that easily conforms to the body weight of the user. Furthermore, it has an exceptionally swift mobility that enables you to carry the machine in any corner of the room without any trouble.

The 49 lbs. mighty flywheel can withstand extreme tension levels. Another highlight of the product is its weight capacity, it can efficiently accommodate overweight individuals. The sleek structure allows the athletes to strengthen their hips, upper body muscles fruitfully. The metal bottle holder helps you to sip on your favourite health drink time to time and pull your stamina notches higher.

Schwinn IC2 Bike

It comes in a stylish black tone and ultra-cool, compact design that generates the experience of outdoor biking in your very own home gym. You can customize the level of challenges, ranging from an uphill thrill ride to a downhill smooth sprint. Thumbs up to the superior quality grip, sturdy frame and heavy weight flywheel.

The thickly padded seat, corrosion-resistant steel tubing, advanced LCD monitor that shows real time workout stats and easy storage make it a highly sought after indoor cycling bike among workout enthusiasts.

Phoenix 98623 Revolution Cycle Pro II Exercise Bike

Phoenix 98623 Revolution Cycle Pro II is giving a tough competition to its rival counterparts for its flawless structure and direct-drive resistance system which allows placid fore and aft movement. A 39.6 lbs. flywheel stabilizes the bike and gives extraordinary fluidity while riding in rapid pace. The quick-stop brake system prevents the wheels from spinning as soon as you stop paddling.

There is also a tension knob which lets you regulate the tension level. The transport wheels add to the mobility of the 115 pounds machine. This product is exclusively crafted for professionals who need to train their shoulders, upper and lower muscles by exceeding the challenges.

Keiser M3i Indoor Cycle

Keiser M3i is packed with stunning technical features for trained professionals, albeit it is an expensive set but being one of the most advanced indoor cycling bikes for the moment, it does worth every bit of it. In this 45’’ long, 85 lbs. heavy indoor cycle, you will find Bluetooth wireless which can be connected to cell phone and tablets. Computer can transmit the workout stats to a receiver for projection on screen.

It has a fantastic resistance that will help you to experience the thrill of riding and lose weight rapidly at the same time. The cyclist can select the preferred type of ride including downhill sprint, hill climbing. The amazing impact-minimizing system controls the pulsating effect while you indulge in rigorous workout. Its stylish yet compact design doesn’t lend much of space in your room and can easily accommodate a user of 300 lbs. body weight. The latest black model has an added red flywheel guard.

Sole SB900 Exercise Bike

This spectacular indoor cycling bike has a spectacular design. This brand has managed to hold on a grip on the domestic as well as international market despite of its high price. The model is equipped with easy-to-use handlebars, thickly padded seats, bottle holder, and MP3 dock. The smooth transition of resistance level gives the user a silent yet energetic ride. The heavy-duty steel frame makes SB900 an efficient light indoor cycling bike.

You can adjust the seat horizontally or vertically according to increase your comfort level. Last but not the least, it has a backlit LCD monitor that displays accurate RPM, calories burned, speed and time elapsed. If you think that’s all, let me tell you, it’s not. It also includes a chest strap to keep a record of your heart rate. With a massive weight capacity of 300 pounds, it becomes a perfect fitness tool for heavy weight athletes.

The Final Verdict

The key to find a right indoor cycling bike or a spinning bike is researching with patience. Indoor cycles are some of the most popular exercise equipment around the world. But even the most reliable companies often fail to stand up to the expectation.

Indoor cycles or spin bikes provide the user with comfortable and efficient exercise while they remain at home. When buying a spin bike, you have to keep in mind about the factors like flywheel weight, comfort, grip, seat, and the computerized features. Not everything matters for everyone, and while some would need a heavy flywheel, some would be worried about whether the machine is capable enough to support overweight bodies. So, make sure what you want in your personal spin bike, keep in mind the budget and act accordingly.

All in all, the products mentioned above are some of the most popular choices for thousands of people. They have truly stood the test of time, to surface as the undisputed leaders in the spin bikes category. If this guide on spin bike reviews has been helpful to you in any way, let me know by posting a comment below.

Best Trail Running Shoes Reviews

The activity which is termed ‘running’ is nothing new to mankind. Running has been an old buddy, thanks to our fight-or-flight instinct. However, unlike the pre-historic times, people in recent times do not just run while hunting. Running proves to be an effective exercise to stay fit. Running can be of two types – road running or trail running. Trail running is different from road running in the sense that when you trail run, you run on terrains other than the road. Trail run could mean running on any trail except the road, be it a mountainous track or the ocean bed (which is physically quite impossible but you get the point!).

What Are Trail Running Shoes? Why Are They Different from Running Shoes?

Also known as Fell or Mountain running; trail running is primarily considered to be an extreme sport which includes running and hiking over rugged, wet or muddy/dirt trails. And as hikers would know, you need the right kind of shoes for such events. Climbing, hiking or running over a rocky or rough terrain needs specially designed shoes which have the right kind of grooves and traction to improve friction between the surface and the shoe itself, hence, improving the grip. These shoes are very different from your regular sports or road running shoes. They have an advanced sole design, one that has knob-like projections on the sole.

Trail run can be held on softer terrains too like meadows or grassy areas and hence, do not need the kind of extra cushioning that Road running shoes require. Running over grassy areas do not impart the same kind of shock to the feet as does tarmac (for which road running shoes extra shock absorbent cushioning). Unlike road running shoes, trail running shoes tend to be low to the ground which provides the runner with more stability while running on uneven terrains. Such additional features of a trail running shoe make it more suitable for hiking or running on uneven surfaces than for road running purposes.

What features to consider while buying the Best Trail Running shoe?

Before you even start thinking about your off-road running jig, take some time off to choose the right kind of shoes for the purpose. Choosing the right shoes for yourself includes a lot of things to consider. To begin with, start with the essential features of the shoe itself. As a trail shoe, it is essential that the sole has a healthy grip. The first thing you will do while choosing the shoes is looking for tread patterns on the sole. The more aggressive the lugs are, the more the shoes stand a chance of providing you better stability.

The stability factor prevents your feet from slipping or losing hold. The next thing that comes to mind while having to choose a shoe is to check whether or not the shoe in itself provides comfort and protection to your feet. While running your feet is prone to feel the impact and jerk from stiff terrains, uneven ground or even roots etc., many trail shoes provide protective features to counter the injury that might be inflicted on the feet while trail running, and such shoes top the list of desirability. So look for shoes with stiffer soles, hidden plates and protective toe counters that promise to keep your toe and feet tucked up in comfort. Also as a protective measure, choose a shoe with a snug fit. Wearing a pair of oversized, loose running shoes can be hazardous. Your foot is prone to pronation when you use loosely fitting shoes. Once you have ensured the presence of the above mention features, you may want to choose a pair that has a pitched sense of taste and style to it. Why keep fashion limited to your trail running gear when you can have a stylish pair of shoes as well? There are a lot many pairs in the market that not just give you the required grip with effective protective features but are quite tasteful too. This very article discusses a few such Trail running shoe models, so hold tight and keep reading.

What Kind of Trail Running Shoes Is Best Suited for You?

The answer to this question is relative and solely depends on you and your preferences. However, a little knowledge on the various kinds of shoes and the various kinds of grips and features will help you know better. In the previous section, I had discussed some important feature that should look for before you buy a pair of trail running shoes. Now, since every person has different ways and needs, you may want your pair of shoes to cater to your own specific needs. While the basic idea remains the same (that your shoe has to have a great grip and protect your feet), you have the liberty to look for certain add-ons.

Depending on the needs of different people, shoe companies come up with uncountable variants. For up-tempo runs and races, there are lightweight shoes that don’t bog down your feet. However, such shoes generally provide less support and protection to the feet (in order to make the shoe lighter). If you wish to own a shoe more suited for mountainous or rugged surface trail running, you should look for a shoe with more support, structure, comfort, and grip. On the contrary, a trail running shoe suited for Muddy and wet trails would be expected to furnish soles with spaced out grooves and lugs, so it is easy for you to wash the mud off. Speaking of comfort, you might wonder what kind of shoe liner to opt for?

Again the answer for this lies with you. If you prefer running on wet trails, it is advisable that you opt for waterproof liner unless you want to have a little puddle in your shoe. While running, it is also advisable that you use shoes with breathable and sweat-absorbent liners. Then there are shoes for different foot types, depending on whether you have a flat foot, a normal arched foot or a high arched foot, companies make their shoes available in such varieties as well. Most importantly, just remember whatever you choose, make sure you feel comfortable wearing them.

The Best Trail Running Shoes in Market

Salomon Men’s Speedcross 3

One of my friends owns a pair and as I hear from him, they are probably the best in the market. Since he was such a big fan, I decided to dig deeper and found out more about this model. I have to say, the grip is fantastic, simply fantastic! The broad arrow-shaped lugs placed meticulously on the Contragrip sole provide an excellent grip on almost all terrains, be it a slimy, slippery one or a tough one to scale. In addition to the amazing traction grip, the shoe is beyond comfortable. The shoe hardly makes you feel any impact thanks to the perfect cushioning that protects your foot well enough. Water resistant and stylish- these shoes are available in various hues and this is what makes it one of the most popular trail running shoes in the market.

However, I found out that one of the features of this shoe poses to be both advantageous and disadvantageous on different fronts. The anti-dust mesh liner on the top of the shoe makes it easier for the user to clean the shoe but it also makes the shoe less breathable and hence, a sweaty foot may lead to the shoe catching a peculiar odor. Overall, the shoe has features that go beyond expectations like its Ortholite insoles, EVA midsole and the Sensifit technology makes these shoes a trail runner’s best friend.

New Balance Men’s MT410V4 Trail-Running Shoe

The Company has a history of putting in that extra effort so as to make each of their shoes user- friendly. And so, when it comes to the making of a trail running shoe, New Balance tries to present their meticulously crafted shoes to cater to the needs of trail runners in every sense of the word. Speaking of the model MT410V4, it can be said that this shoe speaks for itself. The traction grip is fit for all kinds of terrains and the comfort factor is great with the midsole featuring a high-performance grade footbed and foam support.

These fashionable pairs come with a rear end pull up strap that let you assist the shoe’s way up your heel. Such superior grip, design and comfort levels may well demand a much higher rate than what these shoes actually cost. So if you are low on your budget but really need a wonderful pair of Trail running shoes, these shoes which cost just as light as they actually are (10.2 ounces only) are just for you, my friend!

Salomon Men’s Speedcross 4 Trail Runner

Back to the kingdom of the mighty shoe company, I am here with another model which deserves an equally well reception like its other sibling. If there was ever a style pageant contest held for trail running shoes, I can wager Speedcross 4 would be the winner, such is the level of its awe-inspiring look and design. The toothy traction lugs juxtaposed with the brightly colored bodice made it a huge success in the market. Speedcross 4 is actually a modestly updated version of the Speedcross 3 version and has been equally well received by trail runners.

As for the performance, it goes without saying that Speedcross 4 has an exceptional traction grip, you just need to put these on and go wherever on earth you want to go – uphill, side hill or downhill! The aggressive and wide arrow shaped lugs make it a shoe with an outrageous amount of grip. Weighing light enough when you consider its above average features, (not as light as minimalistic shoes), this shoe is quite comfortable for the user, the extra two-three ounces that it has more than that of a minimalistic variant, have been put to an advantageous use – the midsole foam support. But quite like the Speedcross 3 variant, this model too lacks the appropriate breathability and ventilation of the shoe. Other than that, the lace up vamp provides the desired snug fit and adds up as a protective feature.

Altra Men’s Superior 2 Running Shoe

After many hours of digging deep, I found out about these shoes and I feel these are a kind of shoes that are worth mentioning due to the fact these may prove to be just the right kind of footwear for a person for whom comfort is the key to a successful and fulfilling run. As reported by many athletes and runners, I found out that this model from the house of Altra has a great comfort factor owing to its features like its light weight is about 8.7 ounces (quite close to the ideal weight of a minimalistic variant), stone guard insoles which are removable and thus, can be cleaned from time to time.

Enhanced traction grip specialised for demanding trails, the InnerFlex midsole technology that prevents the feet from realizing the impact at its worst are also features worth highlighting. All such comfy features make this model a much sought after pair of trail running shoes.

ASICS Men’s Gel-Sonoma 2 Running Shoe

A shoe designed to provide utmost comfort while you are running, the Gel Sonoma’s uniqueness lies in its inclusion of a feature that helps to alleviate shock during an impact and thus, helps to prevent pronation or foot rolling. This feature is nothing bit the inclusion of a gel cushion at the rear end of the shoe. The traction grip sports reverse lugs to support both uphill and downhill motion, while the inclusion of the spEVA midsole helps to improve its bounce back characteristics and reduces the chances of midsole collapse.

The pair weighs not more than 12 ounces which is pretty generic for the specialised varieties. However, the sole made of rubber is not extremely durable and starts to fray after some rough use. Overall, trail running enthusiasts were pretty happy with the Gel-Sonoma and its shock absorbent technology which prove to be quite a relief for the foot when you are running.

Here Lies the Conclusion

Having searched for hours at end, I came up with these pocket and performance friendly trail running shoes. The unique features of each of these shoes set them apart from the rest. However, these are not the only choices out there. So all you need to do is keep in mind what you are looking for and make sure whatever you buy is comfortable enough for your feet and toes. Happy running and hiking to you!